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  1. Agree that the ship has a different feel. This is one reason why I like the Havana cabins. It is a great area outside that isn't too crowded and close to dining and the ocean plaza with entertainment. I only went to a the Lido a few times. Thanks for all the pictures and sharing your cruise.
  2. So if you use sail and sign to buy chips with onboard credit you have to pay a service fee? I guess no service fee on slots when you put card in machine. Can you play slots, cash out and get money to buy chips?
  3. I don't remember it being loud usually just a guitar player not a whole band but I like music playing in the background but not real loud. Yes it was the older ships.
  4. My sister loves beets in her salad too. I can't do it. She will be happy when she finally gets to cruise again.
  5. Gone are the days of entertainment at the casino bar too. I used to like it when they had a person playing guitar and singing and just sitting in the chairs near the bar.
  6. Sorry that happened to you but they should be able to fix it for you since you didn't cancel they did. Hope it works out.
  7. Mine hasn't gone down, guess I booked a good rate to start but nothing like some of you have for your cruise.
  8. I have a reservation at Teppanyaki and just wanted to thank you for the picture of the menu and the food.
  9. Love the shot of Aruba in the distance. Very cool finding the coin.
  10. Our roll call is very quiet. I have to do some research on Curacoa for some shore excursions since they changed our port. I guess during covid we all just need to chill and roll with it.
  11. Thanks everyone. You have made me feel much better. My DH would be very bored sitting around until 3. I also thought about a little later doing the Everglades tour but would much prefer home early to watch some Sunday football.
  12. She and the lady behind her are tired. Rough day!
  13. I am curious about which beach too. I would also like a beach with drink and food options. I wish someone would reply that has some answers.
  14. Thank you. I think I will ask the cabin steward to get rid of the extra bedding. I wonder if there is a drop down bunk or something for the extra bedding. I doubt it will be my favorite either but the price was right and figured we didn't need a balcony with the access to the Havana area.
  15. https://www.nola.com/news/business/article_30975e30-0ff2-11ec-ab8a-e7c55e58a096.html
  16. Do you have any pictures of 5205? I just realized that is the cabin I have booked and it is shaped different than the others. Disappointed to hear that my curling iron may not work. Did you use the hairdryer in the room? Was it any good?
  17. Doesn't look like there is a person on the scientology ship.
  18. Thanks for the report. So much information and disembarkation info is what I am looking for. Sounds like if ship is on time no problem getting to airport early.
  19. So American just changed my flight home from noon to 11:19 from MIA. I am Platinum and was wondering if they were still doing early debarkation for Platinum and if you thought I could make it to MIA on time. I know the ship could be delayed arriving but based on recent trips do you think this is doable. The next flight is not until 3:30 and is $200 more per person. Thank you.
  20. Great find and thanks for sharing it
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