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  1. I have started looking into MSC sailings. I'm looking for a few beginners tips on how to get going. Looking for budget minded. I am diamond on Carnival and 3 star on HAL. I have also sailed NCL, RC, and Disney. I have learned about 'matching' my status. I am a mature lady, probably sailing solo, and east coast works best for me. I have no problem with an inside cabin. Thanks so much.
  2. Good Moring, I'm using Fly to the Fun for my upcoming sailing. Have you ever used FTTF? If you do not get to the port on time what happens? Also I have DOU while playing in the casino. I understand there is not 'bar' in the casino, how does this work? Thanks so much, I'm excited for a newer ship.
  3. Thank you so much. I'm printing right now. Watch my cabin number come in shortly. πŸ™‚
  4. Hi there, I know I may have to wait until tomorrow at the port to get my cabin number. If I do not have the number by EOB today, should I print my boarding pass and luggage tags? Could not getting a cabin number this late in the game be a good omen? I'm booked in a Upper/Lower, and would even like a full size bed as an upgrade. Thanks so much.
  5. I did not see that is the terms of the offer, I looked a few times. πŸ™‚ I'm very happy with my extra 8 night sailing.
  6. I have never looked. Does anyone have any idea when they will be changing the gift?
  7. Inside. Sailing solo next week. I did call the casino folks, and my offer was a one and done. πŸ™‚ I sure would of loved to do a b2b
  8. I received my first 'last minute' offers a few days ago. I did book one sailing. After thinking about it, I tried to make it a b2n as I did have the offer to be able to do it. I was told this offer is only good to be used once. I may have missed that info, but I do not remember seeing that limit. Do you know if its true? Thanks so much.
  9. And you wish to change them, or cancel them, how do you go about it? Thanks
  10. Has anyone use this? If so, how was it? I'm a mature lady, thinking about sailing from NYC, later this year, and I'm having doubts. My flight to NYC would be direct with an arrival about 10 am. I also would use Carnival transfers. Thanks so much. IF you used this and missed the ship, how did that work?
  11. Thank you, It sounds like this might open up more adventures for me. Thanks again.
  12. Hello, Has anyone use the fly to the fun to get to your cruise? Solo cruiser here, and I'm interested in giving this a try. Thanks so much.
  13. Thank you. I sure did not want to get booted off. πŸ™‚ Worse yet pay 2000$. No on insurance, but IF they can't sail I will understand it cost maybe 200. Thanks again.
  14. Hello, I sailing with a family member on there casino offer. (free OV just pay port fees) My family member has gotten ill and may not be able to sail. What is the best thing I can do? We really do not want to cancel, and of course we do not want to lose any money, even though its a little. I'm also not wanting to break the law. I will toss in, I would really still like to go. πŸ™‚ Thanks.
  15. Great question, sorry I do not know the answer. I will be following along. I gotta ask was the offer in His name or yours? That might help others, help you. Good luck.
  16. Hello, IF you were in a Carnival gift bag exchange, what would you enjoy getting? Limit 10.00 Thanks
  17. Hello there CM1984. My cruise was pretty good, I enjoy so about about sailing. I was upset to learn that when I booked I believed it was less money because I booked in advance. This was not true!! I paid 199. When I got on board it was 159. When I spoke to the spa supervisor I was told it cost more because I was guaranteeing my 'space' in the spa. That of course was BS. I asked Him to cancel my 199. and I would rebook at the 159, and I was told it would cost me 50% to cancel. Once again it was BS. 4 of the 10 days I was unable to use the large pool, but this was not Carnivals fault it was because of ruff seas. Also I sailed in a mobility scooter and needed the elevator to get to the spa, and It was closed from time to time. All in all the spa, spa people, spa costs, there lack of ability to resolve things gave me a bad spa experience. I will never use the spa again. Crew was amazing, ship was great, lido food was fair-good. Lines were very long, as the cruise was fully booked and they are short staffed. It was my 73rd birthday cruise, and I was very happy to be on board. Thanks so much, enjoy your sailing.
  18. Good Morning, I am sailing the Magic tomorrow for 10 nights. I have prepaid for the 'spa' package. First time for me, so can you tell me when I can get into the T pool on embarkation day? I know they do tours, but can I use the spa during that time? I'm a solo traveler, and have early dining. How can I request a table for 1? Any idea if I can talk with someone when I board? Thanks so much.
  19. Hello, I'm sailing on the Magic soon, and am thinking about getting a thermal suite pass. Right now the cost for 1 is 196.00 (10) night cruise. Is it best to book before I sail? I believe last year on board for one day it was 40.00 a day. Thanks so much.
  20. Is bacon still one day on, one day off? Thanks.
  21. Sir, you will be just fine! Go and enjoy, life is way to short! πŸ˜€
  22. Good Morning, Last year I sailed on a couple casino offers. It was amazing and I was so thankful. However my offers have stopped coming in. Perhaps I did not spend enough money, one thing for sure is the free drinks were not used. LOL Well soda's only, so that's not it. Perhaps they were just trying to get more folks sailing again. My question, are there still casino offers out there? Perhaps I should contact my HAL guy? I'm a solo traveler and truly happy with a inside cabin. Thanks so much.
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