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  1. Markmom18

    Help me plan for debark morning

    I find it difficult to read your light, small cursive script. It's very pretty though. 🌸🌸 Bobbi
  2. Markmom18

    Passport renewal time

    Add me to the list, just a couple weeks! 🌸🌸 Bobbi
  3. Markmom18

    Anyone ever stayed in 2324 on the Dream?

    Hi, Boy, I really wanted to try a Cove Balcony on my upcoming Dream cruise! But, my understanding was that unless I could get one under the Guest Services Area (Excursion Desk etc) that there would be quite a bit of noise. Coming from the Deck above (the Galley, Main Dining Room & the entertainment/show stage). So, Since the coveted cabins were totally booked, I opted for a Balcony on Deck 8. I always look at the Deck Plans before booking. My understanding after reading the posts here : Cove Balconies (under the carpeted main dining room) are also a good choice. Right? Quiet because of that carpeted floor. I, too, am in the cabin by 10:00pm usually. I bring a fan for the extra coolness it provides and the white noise. I just want to confirm I got the info straight. So, that next cruise I can book that Cove with no surprises. 🌸🌸 Bobbi
  4. Markmom18

    Hotels in Long Beach

    I use Trip Advisor in my planning. I do find the site really helpful. My husband and I used to live in the area. San Pedro for a couple years. Torrance is worth a look, lots of choices & big hotel chains. My husband's business has been in Torrance for 27 years. In past 4 day cruises he has dropped me off at the Carnival Pier and gone back to work. Just a suggestion .... 🌸🌸 Bobbi
  5. Markmom18

    Black Friday sales??

    These 2 items were listed as a bundle, but the Total was the full price. Just a heads up. 🙂
  6. Markmom18

    Black Friday sales??

    I just tried the SHBF15 on 2 excursions. It did not work. I am cruising to the Caribbean. I'm here in So Cal 7:49pm. I'll try again on Black Friday. 🌸🌸Bobbi The Carnival Shuttle is indeed listed in the Excursion Section. I have this and an excursion in Jamaica, that I tried.
  7. Markmom18

    RCL Vs Carnival

    We just cruised the Oasis in August. This was our first ever BIG ship, never felt crowded. I stated before that, even though we're Diamond on RCCL (with the "perks" that I included below) and a Gold on Carnival, my hubby and I prefer the Freedom Class ships on Carnival. It's just our preference. I didn't like having to reserve the shows, before I even get on the ship?! We play it by ear each night. So, yeah, we'll stand in a line, no biggie for goodness sake (again for us, our opinion). We ended up going to the water show, unimpressed! But, like many, if you've seen Cirque Shows the RCCL Shows seem downright amateurish. MY opinion, doesn't have to be anybody else's opinion, are we clear to the nit pickers? The best RCCL cruise was our Alaskan Cruise easily a decade or more ago. Radiance Class I believe. A gorgeous bar area with beautiful gleaming wood, I can't remember the name now. It had a pool table. Just loved it the ship, the windows in the public areas, A+++ cruise experience. LOL cruising Alaska coastline didn't hurt the experience ...💛🛳💨💨. I'm looking forward to the Dream cruise I have in a few months. And looking forward to being back on Carnival! 🌸🌸. Bobbi P.S. Why did I feel I had to defend what I just wrote here?? Because it seems to me that some folks like to verbally "play with" others comments here on the Forums. 😮😳
  8. Markmom18

    Anything close to port????

    I'm also taking the Carnival Shuttle, and would like to stop at this market before boarding the ship. I'm assuming Carnival will take all my luggage from Shuttle to Ship. I'll keep a small bag with me to put my purchases. I'm a visual type person. So, how far is this Cajun Mkt from the Shuttle Drop-Off? Thanks, 🌸🌸 Bobbi
  9. Darn, I always check in early. Well I'm a huge planner, since that's a BIG part of my total vacation experience! 📝🤗. I actually counted and this next cruise I'm going on is my nineteenth, yet not a one Upsell Fairy on Carnival or RCCL. I don't have a clue as to why some folks get offers and some never do. So, I just book the cabin I want. But little magic fairy, IF you ever want to shock the *hi* out of me .....😅 🌸🌸. Bobbi
  10. Markmom18

    Seafood Shack on the Dream?

    Hi, I've noticed something here on the Boards. Some folks just seem to poke in and post anything, it's not helpful nor does it give specific information. Perhaps so they get to "belong" to a 5,000 Post status?? Just a thought ..... 🌸🌸. Bobbi
  11. Markmom18

    Seafood Shack on the Dream?

    I had the fried shrimp & fries on the Freedom in February (Seafood Shack). I thought it was great, tasted like fried shrimp tastes. LOL! My only complaint, it took a really long time. My son & I were the only 2 people at the time. Though it's located at a busy little corner of a pool area on Freedom. He didn't order, was just hanging with me before getting back to work. I'd go again though. 🍤🍤🍤 🌸🌸 Bobbi
  12. Markmom18

    Want to try something new

    Go for another cruise line, or more! No harm. We are Diamond with RCCL, just were on the Oasis in August. Yeah, we get the perks. But now that we no longer drink alcohol, it seemed like the majority of those perks were alcohol relatated. Honestly, we just really love a Carnival Cruise! The timing of events, the staff, the trivia etc. Yeah, our son works for them. But, we started a decade before he was hired. Nothing bad about comparing. If you go on land vacations , I bet you don't go to the same destination every year. Have fun exploring, 🤗🤗 Bobbi
  13. Markmom18

    Carnival Airport Shuttle R/T

    I have confidence the Carnival Shuttle driver will be advised on alternate routes. But, seems like a headache for locals. I've lived in So Cal (Los Angeles suburbs) my entire life. So, I certainly understand & emphasize with the locals who will experience long term road closures--rerouting--etc etc. 🌸🌸 Bobbi
  14. Markmom18

    Carnival Airport Shuttle R/T

    Ok, wait .... so construction NOW through the Summer & Fall 2019?? Bobbi
  15. Markmom18

    New dessert buffet

    I love cake with frosting (think the cake of childhood). Many Carnival desserts have a pudding - like consistency product between the layers of the cake. And also is used as the "frosting". Any chance these new delicious cakes are the old-fashioned kind?