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  1. I guess I’m an oddball, but I enjoy the quizzes! Yes, there are topics where I know the answers, makes me feel smart🤣 🤣! But, I also learn from those quizzes too. I agree with Bury Me At Sea, to each his own. Isn’t it wonderful that we have choices on how to save a few bucks . 😁😁 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  2. Thanks for the info, I didn’t know that. So, nothing is stopping people from L.A. County & any nearby restricted County, to go to Long Beach to Party or Cruise and then go back home? I’ll be blunt, I don’t like that at all. But, rest assured I’m in the miniority. This going to bars & inside events outside your county, then driving home, makes no sense to me. 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  3. Hi, Due to climate change, we tend to get fires year - round now. Traditionally fire season came in the Fall. Growing up it wasn’t unusual to watch the TV News on Thanksgiving & seeing the exhausted fire fighters eating their T-giving Dinner on a rest break from a major situation. If you see the news we are in the Sierra Madre, Monrovia, Arcadia Bobcat Fire Zone. We have been watching them very closely. This morning was mandatory evacuations in our little town & Arcadia, for those homes smack against the Mountains. The Super Tankers were fantastic in the early evening ton
  4. Hi, I live in L.A. County we are presently at Purple. The Most Restricted. Long Beach Cruise Port is also in this County. I’m not predicting when cruising begins herein So Cal. But, we do seem to have a long road ahead of us. Unless our Governor Newsom changes the Stages ..... again. 😃😃 Hey, I finally got my hair cut last week! My last one was in Feb. Good things come to those who wait ....🤣 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  5. I was turning Platinum on my April ‘21 Panorama Cruise .... BC ... Before Covid. That’s been delayed because of cancelled ‘20 cruises, it’s ok though. 🛳🛳
  6. I assume Boarding will be different. A perk that I always use and love (with FTTF) is the Guest Services Line. Works for me. IF we get our room early in these Covid times, ...well that’s good too!
  7. I re-booked a Carnival Cancelled Cruise (December 2020-Inspiration) for aDecember 2021 ( Radiance) out of Long Beach. A B2B 😁😁 Yippie was able to get both FTTF!! 😁😁
  8. Hi, I had a B2B/same cabin/Ocean View booked & paid for this December on the Inspiration. I called Carnival Wednesday to cancel my December and I rebooked the Radiance for early December 2021 —B2B. 🛳🛳 I finished my new booking with : B2B, same Cabin on Empress Balcony for $36 More ... Total Cost for both cruises ... wow!! 🤗🤗 $325 OBC for the 4 Day AND $325 for 3 Day!! $300 is Covid & the $25 us a Carnival Promo. I hope we can actually go ....🙂🙂 My solo Panorama is this coming April ... 🤞🏼 🤞🏼 Bobbi P.S. Jus
  9. If I’m onboard then I’m going to going back to the cabin in awhile. Relax, shower and get ready for dinner in the MDR. At home I have dinner ready between 4:30-5:00pm. My sweet hubby gets home from work by 4:00pm. So, even on land vacations or cruise vacations our body clocks say it’s dinner time. Plus, we like to get that done, so we can catch the early Comedy Club, shows, etc. 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  10. Jamman54, Alrighty . Well, it’s ok. At least I get that TOTAL of $600 OBC 🙂. In April ‘21 I’m booked on the Panorama. We’ll see if she sails .... Bobbi
  11. Hi, Did I read on here that folks who booked Inspiration or Imagination would indeed be first to get the new bookings .... but only to a certain date .... I thought I read it had like an October 2029 Cut Off period. I booked my December 2020 Inspiration B2B Cruise last December. When I received that standard cancel email (we’ve all seen here), it didn’t mention anything about ... Hey, don’t worry c’mon aboard the Radiance .... LOL! Did you get a separate email stating you were on The List? Just wondering how you got the info. Thank You, Bobbi .
  12. As regulars know, our son is a member of Carnival’s Fun Squad. We were literally just talking about going back to work n the ships. He’s heard “buzz” that perhaps when cruises resume, the Crew will NOT be allowed to go into Port. That he said is a major game changer. His Contracts have been 6 Months, talk was that they were adding a month or two to Contracts. Now .... NO getting off the Ship in Ports??? Staying literally onboard for a minimum of 6 months, possibly more?? Mmmmm .... Who knows ?? Just advised him to remember this all new to the whole world. Take a w
  13. 😁 Hey, we have a Fun Squad Employee right here in our house!! 😁 No airfare needed, we could take him via the car (short trip— about 40 minutes). Give Marky Mark a call Carnival, when you are getting close .... 🛳❤️🛳❤️ 🤣🤣 Bobbi (Mark’s Mom❣️)
  14. I do have an April 2021 Panorama booked (prior to Covid-19). Hoping for the best. But, I was also feeling the same for my newly cancelled Inspiration B2B thisDecember. I have a March 2022 booked. That MIGHT be the one 🙏🏼🌌🛳 ...... 🙂🛳🙂 Bobbi
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