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  1. Doh🤣🤣 Oh boy, where is my brain? Of course, ..... 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  2. I also wanted to mention that the rep said there were no more Empress or Verandah Deck Balcony Cabins. There was 1 Extended Aft Balcony listed and I took it. Sept 13th Freedom, out of Galveston. Update: I just went to Carnival site. They have 3 Empress Balcony’s In the Aft, just like what I wanted. Maybe people cancelled .... In case anyone was looking. IDK if they are limiting to 50% capacity. But, they just sold it to me yesterday, and offering more today ... Upper Aft Balcony as well ...
  3. Hi, My late March 2020 cruise was cancelled, so I rebooked for October. In September I had a flight To Idaho to visit my elderly parents. Yesterday I moved my September Idaho trip to October. Then moved my Galveston Freedom Cruise to September. Flipping the 2 trips, trying to do both. 🤔🤔 Yeah.. 😟. If this upcoming Cruise gets cancelled BY CARNIVAL —-which would be the 2nd COVID-19 Cruise of mine getting axed by THE Company —- do I get an additional $600?? 😲 Anybody with first hand experience, no guessing, with info on my question, care to share your experience? Thanks, 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  4. Hi, His first Cruise was out of Florida. IDK if you’ve ever done a Land vacation in Puerto Rico, but it such a wonderful island!! We had 2 cruises stop in San Juan, never enough time to go explore. So in 2016 & 2017 we took our 2 week vacations ... just 💚💚 our time here. 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  5. Nobody HE knows has been contacted yet. He’s on some sort of Wait List, but no real details, and he was messaged that in April. We’re no experts here, but to Mark and myself, we do believe Carnival will be back cruising. Yeah, I want to know WHEN too! 😄 I will keep the Forum updated to any news Mark gets, he needs to be prepared though that he might not get back soon. Thousands of employees want their jobs too. If it’s based on seniority — he’s only got 3 years. 🙁 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  6. Why yes he is! 😂 On Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm for the last few weeks on FB has been hosting Music Trivia. 🎶🎶 Just for fun, something to break up the week. Last week he did 20 Disney Tunes & 20 Movie Songs. Tomorrow night is Beatles nights! Yippie! 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  7. Hi, As I’ve said previously, our son is a Carnival employee on the Fun Squad. EVERY Contract is “new”. He is evaluated near the end of his Contract by his Supervisor, with Fun Squad that is the Cruise Director. It, of course, is an actual legal Contract good for a specified amount of time. His Contracts have been 6 months. Afterwards he has been given 2 months off —unpaid. Our son lives with us, and I can say that he needs time on land before committing to another cruise. Think how we’re all feeling with the Stay At Home! He’d tell us ... you just can’t understand Mom! I walk outside my (shared tiny) Cabin and I’m ON .... no matter how I feel mentally or physically ... for 6 months straight! BTW, he loves his job and the friends he’s made. He doesn’t like every aspect of it, who does? The debark?? Yep .. not a “favorite” kinda stressful. 😉 Onboard, He seems to have a “Honeymoon Phase“ for about 3 months, a “I’m used to it”, then that last month or so .... Counting The Days to Home. This is my opinion as his Mom. 😄 He keeps in contact with his friends he’s worked with, it’s a mixed bag with his friends on those wanting to go back to Ship Life and those not sure. But, IMHO, get a vaccine and I think those on the fence would return (who were going to anyway, before the Virus). 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  8. Hi, Just to toss in .... our son has worked the last 3 years on Carnival ships as a member of the Fun Squad. His 6 Month Contract was the very end of this last July . He was burned out (as usual) and said he wasn’t going to do another Contract (as usual). But, literally the 1st week of March he had sent the Carnival peeps a message asking to go back on the next available 7 Day Cruise Contract. He got a reply and was on their List. Then ... COVID -19. First week of May, he contacted his go-to in Personnel to say he’s still planning on going back to Fun Squad, when they start up. No message as of yet. No surprise there, bigger fish to fry ... Before he got off the Dream in July, there was “talk” of Fun Squad going to a 7 Month Contract. Talk. Like everything in our world today, we’re all just second guessing What Comes Next ... 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  9. Hi, My family has been vacationing the last 22 years (from around August 23rd to Labor Day Weekend). Cruises to the Caribbean, land vacations in Mexico, Hawaii & Puerto Rico. Always HOT & HUMID weather, threat of hurricane’s too. The closest we got was ... **2017 Puerto Rico land vacay. We left the island for our flight home on that Sunday of Labor Day Weekend. Then we saw on the news that the 1st of those 2 hurricanes hit PR on Wednesday. The BIG Hurricane Maria came in after that, not sure of the exact day. ** Then I think about 2014 or 2015 we stayed in Orlando for 4 days before our cruise. It was nasty HARD rain, thunder & lightening daily. Hurricane warning for Florida!! But... by our Sunday cruise departure, we were all good to go. That’s our hurricane experience in over two decades of traveling in the Hurricane Season. To add, we’ve grown to love vacationing during this time of year. For land —- Hotel prices are much lower and occupancy rate is usually very low too! As our restaurants & attractions. Cruises always are busy, but from what I understand not nearly as busy as during Spring Break Season, Christmas & prime Summer Vacation Time. If you are like us, the odds are everything will be good. So, IF your cruise goes forward, have a wonderful time! Try not to worry too much beforehand. We can’t change the weather ... 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  10. My 2 cent opinion: Florida’s Governor will allow the cruise ships who are scheduled to cruise ... GO!! He appears to have minimally kept his state “closed” and “opened” many segments of the everyday life, why not cruising? Plus, the pressure (to get those big ships out back on the ocean) on politicians from the Florida based Carnival must be huge!! I’m certainly not advocating any health safety risks. Basing my opinion on what I see happening in America, the divide. Just my thoughts ... 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  11. I am going to suggest early booking. I usually pre-book my hotels as far out as possible. Then if the prices go up OR down it’s a win-win. This certainly isn’t any new idea, but wanted to mention it. When I rebooked our cancelled March Cruise to October out of Galveston, I booked our room. It’s a major national chain, No deposit was necessary. 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  12. My Freedom Cruise this October is out of Galveston. I’ll just keep looking, that’s all I can do anyway.
  13. Hi, I am cruising on the Freedom in October and have looked everyday since March. My March cruise out of NOLA was cancelled and so I rebooked. At the beginning it stated “ SOLD OUT”, but quickly turned to the number “0” when I look for FTTF in my excursions. You have the Carnival FTTF gods shining on ya 🤩🤩!! 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  14. Hi, Today is our 6th week of Stay At Home . No stores, no shopping, just staying on our property with a walk everyday in our small community. We don’t live in the big city but in an old community that has large sized lots . Lol! Who knew that would come in handy one day. Bobbi
  15. Dated April 24,2020 I just read that Carnival guests 70 and older need a note from their doctor or will be denied boarding. But, isn’t this just the same old news ?? I read this here on CC NEWS, under the CARNIVAL info place. Bobbi
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