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  1. I went over to our booking yesterday. I was surprised that the Vaccination Question was ready for us to check , Yes or No. Pretty darn simple, we are vaccinated. Thought we didn’t get this Big Question asked till the later we got to sail time. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I just thought I’d share …. 🛳🛳 Bobbi Another step closer for Mark too. He paid the fee to get his health forms checked by Carnival doctors. His actual medical exam isn’t till late August though, thankfully he has medical insurance, so it’s a small co-pay. When they used to make him go through the Ca
  2. Hi Joe, In my early 20’s I worked in the General Merchandise Dept of a major West Coast supermarket chain. Thanks to my Dept Head I learned everything has a “home”. For example, if I put the box cutters back ‘home’ (after using) we both knew where to find them when needed. That was 40 years and I’ve run my house the same manner. If I can’t find an item … somebody didn’t put it back up in it’s home! Mmmm …😅😅 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  3. Yep, that has been our experience too. I’ll also say, WHEN they had the chocolates … IF we opened them (usually too full) seems they usually had a light whitish color on them. You know what I mean? Like older chocolate or cheaper chocolate. Good for Carnival for tossing them to the side —so to speak. 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  4. I’m sticking with morning as well. Mine & my hubby’s body clocks wake us up early, just like home. I do enjoy having a clean room all day. I will miss the towel animals on the bed, but it’s not any kind of deal breaker 😂. Can I add that we took our first cruise in 1986, then didn’t get into frequent cruising till over a decade ago. I’ve never noticed “top to bottom” super clean cabins that we’re staying in. It hasn’t bothered me all that much, since I enjoy Carnival cruises the best. I also do not believe that the crew specifically clean a Platinum or Diamond guests cabins
  5. Thank you, exactly what I meant. Sorry about any confusion. 🙃🙃 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  6. Vaping IS producing smoke. Hopefully, Carnival will enforce and direct the capers to the smoking casino. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  7. Whenever I visit my parents they always take me up to their nearby Casino. This is in Northern Idaho, by the Canadian border. 😂 I’m not a gambler, but I’ll toss away $40. 💸 This Casino/Resort has 2 enclosed Casino areas for Smoking & Non Smoking gamblers. I’ve been visiting for over 14 years, Not once has either Casino suffered from a loss of patrons! 🎰🎰 I personally have never smoked, so I do prefer the non smoking Casino. However, I do split my BIG budget between the 2 casinos. 😁😁🤣🤣 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  8. Just to add about the Crew. Our son, Mark, will board his next ship in mid-November. As of today, as a crew member, he will be in quarantine onboard for 2 weeks. Thankfully, he will not be quarantining in the crew quarters. Those cabins are teeny tiny, no window. Mark’s have been at the front area of the ship, bunk bed, 2 people (same dept.— Fun Squad) per cabin. One small desk, each person had their own small closets (STUFFED with Carnival work & street clothes,etc) & bathroom. He is already vaccinated and naturally is required to show proof by the official card
  9. Our son worked under CD Gary Blair on the Dream. I also met him when I cruised 1 week with our son Mark. He was really very nice CD to everyone. Mark loved working with Gary, looks forward to again. Just doing a shout out for him 😁😁‼️ 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  10. When we sailed on the Oasis a few years ago we bought the non-alcoholic drink package, NOT a soda package! We both no longer drink alcohol, so Carnival Cheers! Is not an option. It was great … specialty coffees, energy drinks, carbonated water like Perrier etc.. I keep hoping Carnival will add this 3rd option. 🛳🛳 Bobhi
  11. I agree … and no I’m not stomping MY feet either ! 😂 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  12. I told the nearest Carnival worker who was near me. I have no big conclusion to report. I didn’t see him call the cleaning employees. I told him, he said sorry it happened and I left the the area. I am sharing my experience. And that visual was enough for me to stop using that machine, on whatever ship I’m cruising on. I have other options to get ice cream on the ship. 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  13. I will totally shame my 17 year old self here and fess up to working at a Jack in the Box “bouncing” the blocks of sliced cheese (triangles for the tacos) on the filthy floor! 🥴😳😥. Yeah, call me a hypocrite, after my ice cream machine comment. Prior to seeing that kid, I also enjoyed this treat. But, once seen … ewww …. 🤮 I’m 63 now and can’t believe I actually did this …. And it’s weird that I have been going to JIB & ordering the tacos since that time in my life, I love that soy meat?? taco 🌮 😋🤦🏻‍♀️ 🛳🛳 Bobbi
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