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  1. Markmom18

    Imagination vs Inspiration

    They both do the same Ports. The 3 Day Cruises only go to Ensenada. The 4 Day Cruises go to Ensenada & Catalina Island. I like the Monday 4 day cruises myself, and for NO logical reason I prefer the Inspiration 😊😊. Old Ships but local, low cost & still gets me excited when driving up to the Long Beach Harbor!! Oh, they BOTH do 3 & 4 Day Cruises. I got my hubby to say yes to a 3 day on the Inspiration, we leave Friday. He really only likes the 7 day cruises. I also have a 4 Day Inspiration in January 2020 just me. The 4 day is less than our 3 day, go figure. JAN/FEB both cooler months too. πŸ€” Anybody going soon?? We Southern Californians have actually had rain this past month!! AND, it's cold ( Low to Mid 50's) during the day. I personally πŸ’›πŸ’›β˜”οΈβ˜”οΈβ˜”οΈ. We had over 6 years of drought. Sigh ..... 🌸🌸 Bobbi
  2. Markmom18

    Solo, then with a friend, now Solo again

    Hi, Yes, I planned a Solo trip and paid for the cruise in full. I called Carnival to add her to my paid Cabin & I paid her fees & grats because Carnival wanted the money at the time of the phone call. She then reimbursed ME. We're good. Now that she's not going, I sent HER a reimbursement for those fees & grats. Carnival will be crediting ME because I paid for the additional fees for the her, the extra person. Does this make financial sense? After writing it out, I'm getting a bit confused! πŸ€”πŸ€” Bobbi
  3. Markmom18

    Solo, then with a friend, now Solo again

    Thanks everybody!! 😁😁. By "playing dumb", am I saying she should be checking in later? Or just volunteer she won't be able to make the cruise. I mean I figure they're going to ask me?? 🌸🌸 Bobbi
  4. Markmom18

    Carnival vs. Royal

    Can I just add something here?? In the MDR on the Oasis this last August, we saw our share of inappropriately dressed men. Women, in general, just seem to care, or at least maje an attempt. Carnival's clientele doesn't have the Monopoly on sloppy, drunk guests. And why would they?? πŸ’²πŸ’²Money is certainly not a balancing point for manners, social skills, knowing how to dress yourself, or making a drunk fool out of yourself either. Meaning you can cruise on Royal OR Carnival and still be a Train Wreck. πŸ˜‚ But really, I'd say the majority of us cruisers are on that ship, which we paid WHATEVER amount for, to getaway from everyday jobs, schools, house responsibilities to have a wonderful vacation.😁 🌸🌸 Bobbi
  5. Markmom18

    Carnival vs. Royal

    Our family has been cruising on both RCCL & Carnival. We got to Diamond pretty quickly on Royal, and are still 21 days to whatever is after Gold on Carnival. I mention if you are thinking of building up your Cruise Loyalty "Perks". We were on the Oasis in August, I'll be on the Carnival Dream next month. I personally prefer Carnival. To me the food is equally so-so in both lines MDR. The Dining Staff & Cabin Crew, on both lines, work their asses off. It seems like the Corporations have let go of workers, which added to the workloads. But, darn if the crews aren't ALL the best IMHO! So, why Carnival?? I can hop on a 3/4 day cruise out if Long Beach, CA. My homeport, less than 1 hour away. Our son works for Carnival. But, he's just been doing this job for 3 years. Even before that, Carnival just "fit" better. It is a FUN πŸ€—πŸ€— ship, with great workers, who smile and will engage in conversation. Just seem to be having a good on the job experience! All in all, I'll cruise both RCCL & Carnival. I enjoy cruising! Would like to venture out and try the others Princess & NCL. 🌸🌸. Bobbi
  6. Hi, So, yes I planned my 1st ever SOLO trip on the Dream next month. πŸ€—πŸ›³πŸ€—πŸ›³. I Paid the single supplement. So, all expenses were paid when just month ago I added a friend to my cabin. In a nutshell, She's having family problems, and cannot go. Do I tell Carnival she won't be sailing? I haven't had this happen before, I want to make sure I get the latest advice. I'm more than fine going on this trip, and will be keeping the Cabin all to myself! So, I'm not going to be adding anyone. Thanks! 🌸🌸 Bobbi
  7. Markmom18

    Favorite things to do - not a tour

    I'm with the Poster who suggested renting a Car, Jeep, whatever then stopping at the grocery store (& checking it out 😁), then driving to the Other Side of the island & chill with your ocean front view, while enjoying a private lunch! πŸ’™πŸ’™ On land vacations, we've enjoyed driving ourselves to Punta Sur, the Mayan Ruins (hiring a Guide on the spot), stopping at the Town Square on Sunday evenings. I'd still recommend going to the Square for relaxing, people watching, shopping & drinks or dessert. I think Cozumel is a comfortable DIY Port. Or if Preferred, you have access to great tours/Excursions as well. A little bit of something for everybody! 🌸🌸 Bobbi
  8. Markmom18

    Dream Cruise 02/03 - 02/10: Key Takeaways

    Thanks for your review, also will take your advice on the Comedy Club! 🌸🌸 Bobbi
  9. Markmom18

    Dream 1/27/19- A Different Take

    Thanks for answering Crisp anyway! 🌸🌸 Bobbi
  10. Markmom18

    Dream 1/27/19- A Different Take

    Crisp, Thank you for your review, I'll be going on the Dream for the first time next month! My son started on the Dream on your cruise. By any chance did you get to see him at work? His name on the ship is Marky Mark works on the Fun Squad. He's the guy in my account photo here on my post. Thanks! 🌸🌸 Bobbi
  11. Markmom18

    How much do you tip excursion guides?

    $20 pp. , more if we feel the Guide or Group did above & beyond. 🌸🌸 Bobbi
  12. Markmom18

    cruise consultant vs just booking online?

    I only used a PVP on one cruise and a local travel agent on one cruise, I used them BEFORE I was comfortable using the internet. These days I book every Cruise myself online. I like to be hands on. Back "in the day" we used to book through a brick n mortar business (here in So Cal) called Cruise Holidays. Anybody remember them? I do believe if we cruised on speciality cruises (Antarctica or is it Antarctic??) or unique transportation we'd use a travel agent again. Other than those, I'm totally comfortable now in making our own ressies in ALL our vacations. πŸ€”πŸ˜ 🌸🌸 Bobbi
  13. Markmom18

    Faster to the Fun for sale??

    I booked my March 31 2019 Dream Cruise in the Fall of 2018. FTTF was Sold Out the day I booked! It remained Sold Out until 2 days ago. This is the 1st time in my Carnival cruises that I couldn't book the FTTF at the time of my initial booking. So, I'm very happy it became available. 😁 🌸🌸 Bobbi
  14. Markmom18

    FTTF Available (Carnival Dream)

    YES! I finally saw that FTTF was available for my cruise on the Dream March 31st!! This was yesterday BTW. I'm one who will spend the $$ and DO think it's worth the extra. πŸ€—πŸ€— Bobbi
  15. Markmom18

    Formal Night and Jeans on Valor?

    I Gotcha! Boy, we were on the Oasis in late August. Same darn thing, I really am out of the groove ??? It seems absolutely appriopriate to me to dress well, appriopriatly! I tell myself NOT to judge, it's hard with the "outfits". NOT different styles, I get that, ahh it's all been said before. πŸ™„πŸ™„