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  1. Hi, We are just off the Panorama. We had a balcony cabin 2 floors above the Havana Cabins with the patios. Having observed this location …. Just thought I’d share … A couple of things to note: As previously mentioned the patios are separated from each other by low open fences. No privacy. To view the ocean we saw the guests walkout of their patio, across shared walkway to the glass partition that is on the side of the ship. We saw 3 groups who had booked Havana Patio Cabins. They put up outside lights. And meet ups happened here. So, if someone is looking for a private patio experience, this may not work. A few days before debark a card showed up in our Cabin letting us know our Balcony would be cleaned the next day. No time given. Wonder if the crew did Havana Deck 5 too?? Lastly, we are Gold Members, FTTF wasn’t an option this cruise, BUT we received all our luggage right away! Actually pretty surprised. We were at 50% capacity too. 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  2. I always book the PB4 Rate. Just cause we’re talking price ….. am I correct in assuming that the rate I choose is NOT affected by price drops? 🤷🏻‍♀️ 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  3. Hi, Isn’t Citrus Heights a suburb of Sacramento? A million years ago I lived for a whole 6 months right near Mather AFB!!! First time away from home (& my parents, friends, etc) I was really homesick … so came back to So Cal. 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  4. Hi Mondello, We live less than an hour away (depending on traffic) but we also like to get off the shop early. The vacation is over at the point when we dock. On a land vacation, the day we fly home, same feeling. So, we choose a morning flight home. We’re not a couple that want to squeeze in every last moment on a ship. Waiting around … for what? Let’s enjoy our memories on the drive home ❤️🏡. 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  5. I received a message on my phone today too. It’s getting real … I hope! After our December Radiance being cancelled just yesterday … well … 🤔🤔 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  6. I plan on sticking with the Radiance. Good Luck ! 🙂🙂
  7. Just wondering a few things regarding masking, before our upcoming Panorama cruise the 11th of this month.🤷🏻‍♀️🙂 Who exactly of Carnival personnel does the enforcing of the mask? And is it really only in the eating venues? Where are face masks worn by most people? Walking down stateroom hallways? Walking down the major area where Evening Photos are set up/ outside the Shopping area? inside the stores? Are people kind to one another regarding the mask situation? I wear a mask & have since the beginning. But, I have witnessed unpleasant behavior in public (on each side of the mask debate). I just want to be prepared for the general mood on the ship. Thanks!! 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  8. Our Nov/Dec 2021 Radiance - B2B out of Long Beach was cancelled today too … ship not ready. ☹️☹️ 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  9. Hi, So, I read your comment here with much interest. Our cruise starts September 11th. I went to Carnival website. It seems very clear to me that the 3 day covid test rule applies. I think I needed to read an “old timer” on the board here validate what I understood Carnival stating. Crazy? Yeah … BUT we just got our Radiance 4/3 B2B Cruise cancelled. 🙁🙁 Once again making Platinum Status delayed ….. I was looking forward to going on our son’s ship AND making Planinum too. Sigh …. 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  10. Regarding Crew Testing: Mark received an email last night from Carnival. he was notified that he will be tested, at the quarantine hotel, 3 days prior to boarding. He assumed he would be tested, but nice to get official message! 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  11. When you don’t drink alcohol, I find the cost too high. Oh, and I don’t drink coffee (or smoke) 😁😁. One of VERY few people in my Home Group who don’t. 🤣 My hubby is also sober, and loves both coffee & ciggies. So, it might be worth getting CHEERS! — but I then am forced to buy too. 😟 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  12. I went to the Alchemy Bar on a Dream cruise (2019). My 1st time asking the bartender to be creative with a berry n.a. drink. She made a fresh purple berry mixture with some other ingredients. Served in, of course, “fancy” cocktail glass. 😁😁 Quite delicious, way beyond just a smoothie without the alcohol. I don’t even order those anymore. But, the cost of $9.00 & I added buck tip . So, while lovely, I don’t want to pay $10 to sip on mocktail. Friends of mine in AA were married and had a professional bartender (who met with the couple beforehand and came up with the best n.a.menu!) What a difference willingness, imagination and fresh quality ingredients make 😋😋😋. I vote for the Menu too ❣️❣️❣️ 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  13. Hi, I noticed our sons Passport was expiring during his work Contract with Carnival. He hustled and got it taken care of, paid the extra $$ and received it in 1 month. We live in a suburb of Los Angeles. 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  14. Though our son doesn’t start working till late October (got moved up a few weeks), me & his Dad are going on the Panorama in a bit over 2 weeks. Yippie‼️ This will be our 1st Cruise since Covid …. Excited 😁😁! 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  15. I’m a Mom expressing her opinion. Speaking in my voice, not my sons. You are a Mom expressing yours. I took the criticism of the CD to be of HIS person, not his portrayal of say Colonel Mustard in CLUE. See the difference? The comments of your daughter are a Review on a CHARACTER in a Production, which would be called a Review. I still stand by what I wrote. 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  16. Mark got an email this weekend asking him to bring white pants & shirts for The White Party. So, Panorama is OR will be. Employee purchase, not reimbursed … in case anybody was wondering… 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  17. Popped over to Carnival. I don’t see either of our dates . I’m going to take that as a Sold Out Ship. The Miracle is also out of Long Beach, just an idea …. 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  18. Hi, We are booked on the November 29th (believe that’s the start date) and the December 3rd Radiance cruises. I was over at Carnival site about 4 hours ago, all my cruises are still listed on my page. Maybe the ‘ol “those dates are sold out” 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  19. Hi, I guess because I’m a Mom of a Crew Member, I see the HEADLINE to this post everyday I come here and it’s hurtful, at least in my eyes. Replace “Donkey” with our sons crew name “Marky Mark” …. 😔😔. Replace Donkey with your son, daughter, husband, wife, Grandpa, Grandma …. Yeah?? Mark told me Donkey filled in for a brief period on one of his Ships. Nice guy too…. That’s it, just my Mom’s opinion. 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  20. We’d be fine with FCC. Always more cruises to take in the future❣️ 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  21. Exactly! 🤔 I was just thinking things through, out-loud here on the Forum. Been a couple days since I first posted here. Nope, we won’t be going on this upcoming cruise, if 1 of us tests positive. It IS indeed the right action to take. 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  22. Hi, Is your comment meant for me or another poster? 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  23. Yes, also correct, I wouldn’t want to be sick and have the partner leave. And I wouldn’t because I love him. I have qualified my statement as one of us having a “Positive Test”. In my minds eye, we didn’t even know we had Covid because we haven’t felt sick. Asymptomatic. I read that the majority of Covid cases (with fully vaccinated, healthy adults) can have mild to no symptoms. We are both vaccinated fully. And still do total masking & social distancing. Also , our vaccinated adult son doesn’t leave for his Ship till mid- November. So, IF we are symptom free ( but Test Positive), I had been thinking those thoughts I mentioned in my original post today. It’s ALL a ‘What If …. ‘ I’ve even been thinking the dreaded, WHAT IF our cruise is cancelled ??!! 🛳🛳 Bobbi
  24. Hi, I’ve been thinking about this scenario. We obviously will know before driving our own car to Long Beach. We will have to make a plan if one of us tests Positive. A No Show for the Positive person? Negative spouse goes ahead on the cruise? The Positive spouse stays home.. Or do we cancel, due to that test result, and get the FCC? I don’t want any of the above to happen, I just want to go on vacation with my hubby again. August 2019 we did a 11 night land vacation in PV. Sooooo relaxing … 🛳🛳 Bobbi
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