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  1. We didn't get an offer, we have hundreds of days on carnival. I was thinking they sent that offer to those less committed to cruising. Itd be nice though. As far as booking, we've stopped rescheduling cruises as there is still so much ship movement that could come. We had a october of 2021 trip cancel due to charter, 4 canceled due to the radiance moving, and 6-8 cancelled this year due to covid. I'm not moving or booking anything else until the ships start sailing. Unless of course they release some great itineraries for 2023-2024...
  2. I'd be ok with them making the cruises 7 days. They'd do am OBC for the day. I have some back to backs booked with 8 and 6 days together. If they let it sit empty overnight I'm gonna need a sleeping bag.
  3. Is it for existing rebooked cruises also?
  4. And with this thread all seems normal again.
  5. Guess I'll be going to the tropical island of null, wherever that is
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