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  1. Oh so possibly I will get priority boarding on Mardi Gras? I booked with a casino rate I think. This was my rate I selected. Is this a casino rate? DEALER'S CHOICE - EXCLUSIVE OFFER
  2. Our only cruise (vista 2018) we have been on we were able to call and text off WiFi the entire trip. We bought the middle package. Have Verizon iPhones. Turned on WiFi calling prior to leaving. Put phone on airplane mode with WiFi on. You must activate WiFi calling prior to departure. Basically you agree if you dial 911 on WiFi nobody will be able to locate you. My wife called home to our daughters every day multiple times. Also could text with iMessage and FaceTime. There was a bit of a delay once in a while but was still great. People were asking her how she was talking on her phone on the ship in the middle of the ocean. If you read my cruise review it talked about it.
  3. Faster to the Fun will be offered on the Carnival Panorama, starting with departures in February 2020, Carnival Radiance, starting with departures in January 2021 and Mardi Gras, starting in 2021 (date to be determined). carnival won’t offer FTTF for Marci Gras until sometime in 2021. They have not determined which date yet.
  4. Thank you that helps. We have not had our arrival time determined yet. We are driving down from Ohio and will be staying someplace local the day before the sail out. Can't wait to see the new ship. Now debating on either parking at the port or doing a hotel stay and park.
  5. Yes I read there will not be FTTF until 2021 on this ship
  6. Only been on one cruise and we had FTTF so there was no line for us. Was on Vista in Port of Miami January 2018. Question is on that cruise there was a line waiting outside wrapped way down the street waiting to get into the building even. We boarded the ship around 11:30 am and the line was there pretty much all day it seemed. We leave on our next cruise Nov 2020 on Mardi Gras and there is no FTTF going to be offered and we leave Port Canaveral. How long does it normally take to get through the line outside once you arrive?
  7. My wife and I are booked on this. This is our second cruise ever. First cruise was last year on Vista. We are on a deck 14 extended balcony room. Cant wait ! We also had Matt Mitchum on our vista cruise and he is great and so much fun!
  8. We have been on one cruise and it was on Vista and I searched for FTTF about 40 times a day for about a month until one 4am morning it appeared. I read Mardi Gras wont have FTTF until 2021. Is that ever subject to change or probably not? Dont want to scan the excursions the next 439 days if it wont happen LOL. Been scanning for a week and then came across it saying it wont be offered. Did the Horizon or Vista say this when new as well and did they stick to it?
  9. Carnival posted like 5.4 Billion with a B profit in 2017 despite hurricane damaged ports. They could pay their workers better. They work very hard. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  10. Vista internet was great in January. We had the middle package and could make wifi calls and really had no issue with the internet or the hub app. My wife made 30-40 calls from the ship on wifi during our cruise back home to our girls
  11. Was on Vista in January for our first cruise. It was great. Had disembarkment syndrome a couple days after getting home but the cruise was fantastic. Stayed on Deck 9 in a balcony room in mid ship.
  12. I have been to one in Puerto Rico but it was La Parguera Biobay near Guanica which is on the south west side of Puerto Rico. It was awesome. It all depends on the weather and tides. No moon seems like it would be great I think when we went it was no moon. Kind of freaky jumping into a Lagoon in pitch black in which we all did.
  13. Not sure what the package was called but we had the middle package on Vista in January and we could use iMessage and all social media apps with no issue. Also could surf the web and my wife made several phone calls a day while at sea through Wifi calling. She talked for 30 minutes at a time with very little issue with calls dropping. A few times there was a little delay but it would last a few seconds. My wife has a Iphone 7 and I setup wifi calling prior to leaving. Never was charged a penny because she was strictly on wifi with cellular turned off
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