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  1. I just booked the Paradise for May last week - a re-book for the one cancelled in November. I also have a February cruise scheduled - it was suppose to be on the Radiance but was switched to the Breeze out of Pt. Canaveral. I can't believe they were scheduling Paradise just last week and now they are saying that she's out of commission until November??? Haven't received a cancellation email yet. I haven't even received an email about my Breeze cruise in February being cancelled. As a matter of fact, I just got an email a few days ago asking me to book excursions for that cruise
  2. I too find it hard to believe that every guest they waited on removed the auto tips; however for those saying that crewmembers are paid at minimum wage, I'm pretty sure that is not the case. Years ago I was a purser/paymaster onboard. At that time cabin stewards and waiters were paid $45 on the 15th and 30th of every month - $90 per month for well over 300 hours work. I'm not sure exactly what they are paid now, but I can almost guarantee that is far, far lower than the minimum wage in the U.S. I'm not sure what the minimum wage was at that time (mid 1980's) but I know that it
  3. My PVP quickly took care of the re-scheduling and sent the confirmation email the same day showing the OBC. The only hold up has been refunding the $500 cruise cash I purchased and the difference in the cost of the cruise. I was told that this could take up to 90 days. I have seen some posters say that they received their refunds back to the American Express cards and thought that perhaps it was quicker than some were getting who used Mastercard or Visa. I used my American Express and so far haven't received any refunds. I rescheduled just over one month ago - so patiently waiting.
  4. My daughter still keeps in touch with numerous crewmembers that she worked with on the Glory a few years ago. She has heard from several of them (most from the Entertainment Staff including 2 CD's) that they are not scheduled to return to their ships until the end of July at the earliest.
  5. I sure hope that those of you booked this summer are able to sail. I re-booked for November and I don't have much hope that we will indeed be sailing then. As someone who worked many years ago as a Purser responsible for incoming and outgoing crew, I can tell you that sending all crewmembers home isn't cheap - so I'm thinking that those in charge of the purse strings are not hopeful that cruising will be back within the next few month!s. Airfare to and from countries like Indonesia, Philippines, etc is ridiculously expensive and to think they would send them home and pay to have
  6. I was a crew member on the Festivale when the Tropicale first came out. I was the gift shop manager and also worked on the Mardi Gras and Carnivale. So funny you should mention that the casino was one of the only departments where women could work - casino and gift shops. What a difference from crew today. My daughter did one 6 month contract on the Glory a few years ago in the Cruise Staff/Entertainment. I love telling the crewmembers now that we were outnumbered by about 100 to 1 with male crew. Those were the definitely some of the best times of my life too.
  7. I re-booked, but I had purchased $500 cruise cash and the new fare was about $250 less than the original fare. My PVP advised that the refunds would be credited back to my credit card. This was almost 3 weeks ago, and still no credit. I emailed her to ensure that she had indeed put the refund through and she said that due to all of the refunds, it may take up to 90 days. Earlier this year I cancelled a previous cruise and re-booked due to a better casino rate. I had purchased cruise cash and it was refunded back to my credit card within 2 days. I will keep check
  8. When I saw that you are from New York, I completely understood just how sad you must be feeling. My heart goes out to all those affected by the situation we are in, but I hurt more for people living in the hard hit areas and especially those in New York. I can't imagine what all of you are going through and I just wanted to say that my thoughts are with you and will be over these next few weeks. Stay healthy, stay strong and know that those of us in less affected areas (I'm in central Florida and FINALLY the governor has seen the light) are with you in spirit.
  9. I also want a similar cruise with the new upgrade & casino cash that I have for the one I have booked way more than I want a refund, but not sure when I should re-book. I have many casino offers that look good, but I hate to go through the process of rescheduling this one and then having the next one cancelled. The latest cruise date for the offers I have is in November and would be quite a bit more than the FCC would be. Oh well, I'll just wait to see if the May cruise gets cancelled and go from there.
  10. What if CCL cancels - can I get a full refund? We're suppose to sail in May (not looking very likely), but I got a great upgrade and free play from the casino - so, I'm not going to cancel.
  11. We are also suppose to sail on May 11th (Liberty) - my sister, who is 72 and very healthy, will be glad to hear she may not have to deal with getting a letter from her doctor. I, like you, doubt that cruises will be sailing in May, but we can hope, right?
  12. I received a great upgrade offer - sailing in May on Liberty. Went from an interior to a balcony (the nice bowling alley balcony) for a total of $ 40. Now, if only things will be settled down a bit by May. BTW, in reference to PVP's - my daughter spoke to ours yesterday in reference to a group cruise she had booked. The PVP told her that she has lost a lot of commission due to cancellations and no new bookings. So, to the OP, I can understand why your PVP is trying to book someone for a future cruise.
  13. My sister invited a friend to go on a cruise leaving this Thursday using a great Casino deal. All is paid for obviously, and they both purchased travel insurance through Carnival. The friend can't go due to a very sick dog (I know, I know), and she just found out today. A cousin of ours has agreed to go instead. My questions are: Does my sister just call her PVP and change the person going? Isn't it only a $50 charge for the change? If she does make the change, can the original friend make a claim for the insurance - it would just be 75% toward a future cruise? The friend pre-ordered a
  14. I'm not sure about the taxes, but if you pre-paid gratuities that should be refunded in full regardless of why you cancel. I had purchased casino cash and had to cancel - that money was refunded within one day of canceling.
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