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  1. Sounds like the decision isn't yours to make. I agree with LHARTWICK, it seems very disrespectful not only to you but also to your granddaughter. Unless he has a medical reason not to be vaccinated, he is not a very caring fiance. Not sure what I would do in your situation, but I think I'd probably be looking at getting as much of my money back as I could. Perhaps your granddaughter would have more fun cruising with you lol.
  2. Reading these posts make even more excited that for a "limited time" on the Mardi Gras, Cucina, ChaBang, and Guys Anchor something (the BBQ place) will not cost anything in the evening. I love Cucina and though $15 wasn't a big deal to me, free is even better. Sailing on August 28th so not sure if the "limited time" will still be in effect.
  3. I have had great success in the past emailing the maitre d 2 weeks before the cruise and request a table (or booth) for two. Although I've made the request several times, I've only received an answer one time; however, each time we were assigned a table for 2. There is a list of maitre d email addresses in several posts - you should be able to do a search. I now go for YTD and only eat in the dining room a few times each cruise.
  4. I sail on the Mardi Gras at the end of August. Maybe some aren't showing because they've decided to make Cucino Del Capitano, Guys BBQ, and Chabang no charge for dinner??? Of course that wouldn't explain why Rudi's Seagrill, and Emeril's Bistro don't show up. I just figured they are still working on Mardi Gras issues since they won't sail until the end of this month.
  5. I have a cruise scheduled for next year using a Casino offer - free balcony and free drinks everywhere onboard. My niece always purchases the drink package and whoever rooms with her also purchases it. However, she is rooming with my sister (her mother) who also has the casino offer of free drinks everywhere on the ship. Have tried to ask our PVP how this will work as obviously my sister doesn't want to purchase since she will already have it for free. Still haven't gotten an answer - to be honest my new PVP is close to useless. Unfortunately the good one left the company duri
  6. Carnival is requiring that passengers be vaccinated and I believe they would have required it whether the CDC said to or not. I for one would not want to cruise with unvaccinated - not because I'm afraid they will give it to me, but because I don't want to have to wear a mask and social distance on a ship on my vacation. I think CCL is not only doing the right thing to keep passengers and crew safe, I also think that they know the requirement makes business sense - many would not cruise with them if they didn't require 95% of passengers be vaccinated.
  7. I got the email a couple of hours ago; however, I can't even log in. It just keeps returning to the log in page. I have time to get it completed - maybe they sent out a whole bunch of emails and it has caused it to crash. I'll check back tomorrow.
  8. Well this is exciting. Hopefully the "limited time" will still be in effect for my August 28th cruise. I regularly ate at Cucino during the no charge lunch, but I loved their dinner menu. Not sure if it has changed, but they had a steak that was fabulous - better to me than the steaks at the Steakhouse.
  9. I have several cruises booked using the Casino offer of a free balcony and free drinks everywhere on the ship. This offer does not include a passenger travelling with you. My niece is travelling with me and wants to purchase CHEERS and wants to order it prior to sailing. Since everyone in the cabin is required to purchase CHEERS, how will this work? I will have the casino deal so obviously do not need to purchase CHEERS, but will it allow her to order it for just one person when there are 2 booked in the cabin?
  10. On slots you can download $$ from your Sign & Sail - play a few dollars, cash it out on to your card and take it to cashier to cash it out. There is no fee - however, someone told me they had $300 OBC, downloaded the entire $300, played $5 then went to cash it out. The cashier asked some questions and told him that it was completely against the rules for OBC - I'm not sure if they charged him the 3% - I think he said that they had it put back on his card as an OBC. I gamble a lot (lol) so I would never have this problem, but I would suggest you maybe download a portion - $5
  11. Yes I know that I could test positive, but most likely I wouldn't be symptomatic. I was referring to the fact that no one who is vaccinated would be tested from what I understand. I just want to enjoy the cruise without masking and social distancing - suppose to be one of the perks for getting vaccinated. My other fear is what steps will be taken if several of those unvaxed test positive mid cruise. At this point I'm going to assume that CCL will require vaccines. I have travel insurance so will deal with whether I will cancel as soon as the decision is made one way or the ot
  12. I have an August cruise booked on the Mardi Gras. I am vaccinated, but really don't want to go if it means I have to wear a mask every minute and deal with socially distancing if CCL isn't allowed to ask who is and who isn't vaccinated. At this point, my emails said that Carnival is going to require 95% vaccinated but it was before the judge's decision. So, will I be allowed to get a full refund if they change the rules? I have no interest in cruising if it means wearing a mask and socially distancing, or getting stuck in my cabin because the unvaxed test positive.
  13. I've been on a whole bunch of Carnival ships. I liked the Sunshine; however, the outside decks were unbelievably crowded on sea days - I mean every outside deck. We spend alot of time in the casino on sea days, so it wasn't a deal breaker for us. The Serenity area is very nice, but also very, very crowded. We stayed onboard at one of the ports and really enjoyed it at that time. Every cruise is different though. The Breeze is one of my favorite ships and have sailed on her 4 times. But as you see from another poster, they didn't like the Breeze at all - I never smelled the "s
  14. Oh well, I'll just try to make sure I jump on completing on line check in as soon as it's available. At this point I'm just praying that the cruise will take place and that the cruise lines find away around our governor's law.
  15. So Platinum and Diamond won't board early? One of the only Platinum benefit I really like. I printed my boarding pass for August cruise and it shows Priority.
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