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  1. Thank you cvpends, I never had thought of a rental car for that area. You added more fun to our Alaska tour.
  2. We booked our June 2020 cruise over to June 2021 when Princess canceled the 2020 cruise we move the FCC to the 2021. Surfing on Princess website and say they posted a 14 day round trip. So we extended our voyage. i have a question. can we get off in Whittier and head over to the tram and back to Whittier. I was seeing bus for Anchorage only. Has anyone ever did a disembark to vist the Tram and head back to the cruise.
  3. Thank you! Ellie1145. I enjoy reading the history and really fascinating photos. It amazing how much there is to lean. happy to be on this forum with you and AF-1. I learned more history here than in school. 😞
  4. WoW! I’m glad you had the chance to grab those little video so we all can enjoy what you saw.
  5. Help is on the way! Arrange a shuttle with the CANADA Arm. Use it to flip the pages while typing the Adventure. Try not to confuse the Blog in with the great adventure we’re all in. I haven’t enough brain 🧠 storage space.
  6. Watch it last night on YouTube it is an amazing place. The residents it’s home away from home. One big family. Imagine having your own Butler. Will watch part 2 tonight.
  7. Thank you Both Julie and Ellie, wonderful photos and a really good learning experience im still getting drag around with you. Don’t give up, I’m enjoying every moment with you. Looking forward for more, Nemo is in the dentist office in Sydney. He’ll be fine till we get there. 🤪
  8. Amazing how much we are learning about this. I had to put a harness on so that this group can be sure that I’m following up. If not just drag me along. Just be sure to slow down so we can admire the photos. it is a wonderful tour I’m in no hurry to get back home soon. Crazy Irving 🇨🇦
  9. Yep! You’ve got me following along. Was fascinated by the way it started. Made me look up the Chandris cruise lines saw the Logo. Was actually able to imagine your time on the cruise. I’m looking forward to reading more about your cruise and waiting patiently for ours to return . Had to rebook for 2021.
  10. Makes me want to go back sooner. Nice video!
  11. Yes, it is. Once you get outside the gate of the port go left follow till you see parliament street. Then start following the map. Just remember to enjoy yourself. One thing that’s was fascinating was you’ll see a tree in the street on Sands road. Ill just say watch out for the cars. Once your near Senor Frog be careful for the those who want to put a sting bracelet without your consent. We avoided Atlantis, five cruise ship in port and was told by a local it was packed. Have a good time and explore the Queen stairway, if you see a guitar player ask him to show you a hidden tunnel near the stairs.
  12. We just went to Nassau on June 11. We had did our homework and research before. On arriving at the port on Carnival Liberty being the last to arrive. We go off and noticed the crowds were pretty much lost or disoriented going from the ship through the building to get to the port gates. Every one was following the crowd being funnel out a signal gate. That’s where the the signs holders were pushing for tourists attention. We went the other way out the gate where delivery was comming and going. We we made our way through town visiting on our own. It was a very pleasant and wonderful place. Yes, it’s old. It has it’s charm that we found fascinating. We spen about an hour at the Queen staircase. During the visit, met a guitarist who told me there is a tunnel that leads to the other fort. He showed me the hole. We can feel the drafts pulling the air in. WOW 😮!! Dugout by hands. vist the Fort walked to the Graylord Chocolate. Junkanoo beach, pirates museum, never say never again, ice cream parlour, it goes on and on during our 7 hours. Not one I met a crowded area. The people were friendly and directed us to the proper places. I had question about the Atlantis. Was told it’s very crowded. We did enjoy Nassau and we will go back there again.
  13. We got back last week from port Canaveral. We used Cortrans. We were an hour early for the pickup time from port to the hotel. Met Andy at the Cotrans stop. He put us on the bus with a great friendly driver Jimmy. We waited about 20 min for the others to arrive. Went to pickup a couple at the other port then back to Carnival port got the rest of the passengers. The ride back from port went quick and smooth. For the great service from James Cortan I’d recommend it.
  14. 15 days left, I’ll be there to test it out. Just gonna wonder what the rental car is going to say or try to do something. I pretty much prepared myself for this. Got the pass, got my own rental car insurance, will verify that the rental car transponder is CLOSED and tape it shuts. What did I miss......... oh oh oh yeah gas money what else ????
  15. Thank you for the infos. Getting anxious to sail her. 27 days and counting down.
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