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  1. i spent a summer in italy years ago (last april to july). i lived in florence and traveled around italy. its quite warm there. i'm from florida and used to the heat. at least there wasn't a huge level of humidity. be prepared when you visit ports that you are dressed appropriately as many places will not allow you inside wearing shorts or tank tops (even sometimes just sleeveless shirts). and we did go swimming in northern italy in mid-may and the water was warm enough.
  2. thanks. we have taken many 7 day cruises. but this upcoming one is either 9 or 10 days (i keep mixing it up). so i wondered if there would be more formal nights
  3. i might start out with what kind of cruise are you looking for? carribean? europe? new england/canada? etc that alone will narrow things down. then maybe pick a port (or 3) where you want to leave from then figure out your budget. if you know that you will have XXXX dollars to spend on this vacation then you have to start looking at whether cruise line A offers all inclusive drinks or excursions, etc and yes will cost more outright, but might be better off than an a la carte ship. you also have to take into consideration how long each cruise is. will you be flying into the port or can you drive there? take into consideration the temperment of all the parties going. are they more laid back? picky about things. what kinds of kids programs are on board for your kids. i personally am one of those people that will plan out tons of stuff and research things.
  4. if even you are traveling somewhere warm, bring a sweater to wear in the evenings when you are inside at dinner, watching a show, etc. inside it can get chilly
  5. so i teach at a science museum and we of course teach about resusable stuff and no single use plastics. of course sometimes you can't avoid them. but we have come across paper, sugar, metal, reuseable plastic, pasta straws. we decided to test them all. and of course the paper and sugar melted. so we tried freezing them in a regular freezer, freezing them with dry ice, and freezing them with liquid nitrogen. (we sometimes go off on the deep end of a rabbit hole in our curiosity). freezing them in a regular freezer did make the sugar last longer, but not a whole lot. it didnt make a difference with the paper. dry ice: sugar lasted even longer. paper lasted less liquid nitrogen: they both were initially more brittle. but they quickly warmed up and didn't make a difference.
  6. 2 cruises ago, the captain slowed the ship down returning to port because of bad weather. we didn't dock until 830. then they had to get all the people off. we got off after about 75% of the people had disembarkation and we left the ship at 1015.
  7. i live in tampa. so you would have our weather for most of your cruise since we are in the middle. obviously it will be warmer in the bahamas. on the cruise down there, it might get windy or chilly. look at the forcasts for Jacksonville, Daytona, and Miami closer to your cruise. We cruised once in January and it was chilly (in the 60s) when we left. on the ship, i wore shorts and tshirts. sweaters for inside (i typically run cold). a pair of pants (one pair). the water on the ship never got warm enough for me to go in. of course when we got back, we had a cold front come in and we got off the boat into "florida winter". meaning it was 40degrees. January is a crap shoot for weather. could be gorgeous all the time or we could have one of our winter cold fronts come through. i always advocate for a sweater and one pair of pants for being inside as it can get chilly.
  8. let me get this straight....you board with your stuff. including the allowed wine. then disembark and go buy more wine and get back on with the extra wine? am i correct? i never thought about doing this. do they know that you already brought one bottle on?
  9. as long as it isn't a tank top, it should be fine. a plain/dressy tshirt on a kid should be fine. i take offense at the grown men wearing tank tops in the dining room.
  10. i've met people who say they have gotten an exception, but i've also heard people at GS getting pissed when they wouldn't give an exception. there is a chance (very tiny) that you might get one. but don't count on it. i like cheers anyways for some of the other drinks (milkshakes, etc)
  11. no clue. i was looking through the CC boards here at work b/c i'm bored & saw a bunch of people saying they bought FTTF and then it got cancelled. i was only half paying attention to what i was reading
  12. just a warning that i read a lot of people having their FTTF on Panorama cancelled recently.
  13. i dont like the 3 or 4 day cruises because its not long enough for me to fully reach vacay mode. that said, we do occassionally take them, but we live in a port city that has a variety of cruise lengths. but if it was more than our 20 min drive to the port, it wouldn't be worth it to me. 5 days is the minimum, but i love the week long. we are scheduled to go on a 9 day in May, but i am going crazy with waiting
  14. my mom used to work the ticket counters for several airlines. at all 3 airlines, she was instructed to cut off any other tags already on a suitcase
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