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  1. i sent my passport out for renewal end of feb. i got my new one last week.
  2. those of us on Radiance sailings before June 11 were all just cancelled as of last night. got the email around midnight
  3. the Drs i work for have said that if they didn't feel like they would be held liable by someone (govt, insurance, family member, retiree who didn't fully grasp the ramifications), then they would sign some of the travel clearances.
  4. yeah none of the Dr i work for will write the letter. they have told us to just tell the patients no if they call and ask. they will not take that liability. which i think is wrong. because if you are awake of the risks, it is ultimately your life
  5. none of the doctors i work for would issue a letter like this. they have flat out refused. so now when people call in and ask, we can just go ahead and say no.
  6. my mom tried once a few years ago. she was told no because of allocation of muster stations and staff, etc. she figured it was like a hotel.
  7. we have some cool decorated tervis ones with a snap close lid. i pour my drinks (wether its a fruity drink or water) from their cups into mine. makes it nice because it doesn't leak if tipped over.
  8. no. as an over 70 year old couple, they have a higher chance of dying from covid19/complications. there are thousands of people under 70 who catch it. i am a woman in my 30s. i have a pretty good immune system (i'm a paramedic so exposed to some nasty germs on a regular basis), but if we were all on a cruise together and in an enclosed space with someone infected, it is very likely that we would all catch it. that couple just has a higher chance of dying from it. if that is a risk they are willing to take, that is their choice. if you want to claim that it is selfish on their part because their family would be the ones to suffer after they die. ok. i'll give you that argument. but ultimately, they are very likely to die from a motor vehicle collision or a trip and fall. doesn't mean we wrap them in bubble wrap.
  9. if you are going to transfer hydrogen perioxide, please do it last minute from a fresh bottle. once opened it is only good for about 6 weeks or less. unopened (aka sealed) bottle 6mon-3 years. i work in a science museum and we use hydrogren perioxide for a lot of our experiments and once opened (and if left in the light-so if you use those clear bottles, cover it with dark coloured duct tape), it needs to be used soon. if you have an already opened bottle, you can test it to see if it is still good. splash some in your sink or mix it with yeast. you should see the bubbles in your sink
  10. it was 44$ a person for the entire 4 day cruise. so 11$ a day per person
  11. i saw suites going for 300$/person. i was trying to convince my husband that for once we could afford a suite!
  12. i just saw some cruises to the bahamas for 45$ a person. 4 days. i'm trying to convince my husband to skip work and take a quick vacay.
  13. we go in may on the radiance out of barcelona. only way we aren't going on the cruise is if carnival cancels it
  14. i called and they said that there were no cabins avaliable. that the cruise was sold out (there were dozens avaliable). i hung up. called back and the next person knew a lot more. we were able to upgrade our rooms. so when in doubt, call back
  15. we have a MED cruise for may. the price for a balcony dropped 900$ from when we first booked. that was in the past 2 weeks once we hit the 90 day mark and COVID19 became larger. our ship also has had a bunch of people drop out
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