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  1. I watched the Dodgers and astros play in the world series. They showed it in the rooms and the final game they were able to pmay it on the lido deck. I guess people could stay at home if they really want to be sure to watch the game on their tv.
  2. Yes. Do whatever it takes to get the lowest price possible. Even if it's a hassle dont forget to buy the cheers package too while minors are with adults so you dont have to pay for both drinking adults.
  3. I just got off the dream today and they had it.
  4. As far as the tests be sure to get your information from Carnivals website only. It clearly states which tests the unvaccinated needs and which the vaccinated needs.
  5. I am on a cruise right now with an unvaccinated child. Just the unvaccinated are tested. Really no restrictions onboard. If you get a bubble tour you can all go together on it.
  6. The wheelchair pushers as they are called are supposed to take you to the lobby only. Easy to get one in Galveston, and yes, sometimes they will take you to the room but they arent supposed to.
  7. Depends. Sometimes you are asked to come back at your time, other times they put you in the early/late line.
  8. Hmmmm. I will be on the Freedom soon after and it still shows Miami. Who knows...
  9. I wonder why platinum and diamond are spoken of as one group. There is s lot of difference between the number of days
  10. It's not a big deal at all. Most of the time they flip the machine off or walk you beside of it They will then pay you down.
  11. He's a funny guy, been with him a few times. I believe lastly on the freedom. Glad he will be back, hope to see him again at some trivia!
  12. Does MSC have less of the "it's all about me" crowd? If so I'd like to try them out too.
  13. Tell us your buy and sell points, there is plenty to go around
  14. Next post we see on here is how to cheat err.... loophole the vaccination requirement with a fake card. And kids following the rules on a cruise ship? Yes, absolutely. I am sure they will all wear their masks if required of them, just like the adults would.
  15. I wonder where the freedom will be sailing from.
  16. Hopefully these days will be over soon and we will be on the seas again in a few months.
  17. Yes, at this point you can still cheat the system.
  18. Port workers were offered an opportunity to be vaccinated along with the ship workers. To the port workers, it was only an offer. It was not suggested that it was a requirement or mandatory in any way. I dont know if it is a requirement for the ship workers nor do I know nor am I speculating if it will be mandatory in the future for either group, the shoreside or ship personnel.
  19. Some ports have reached out to people that do embark and debark to ask them if they would be returning to work. No dates given, but they are planning their staffing needs at least. Another positive sign, let's keep moving forward.
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