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  1. Carnival Corp is not a single person with a soul (if you lean that way), but a corporation. A corporation whose sole reason to exist is to make money doing what it does. And until it becomes more more profitable to comply than to not, they will not comply. It is like a built in tax. They have seem to violated, repeatedly, so many conditions of the probation imposed as a result of being found or pleading guilty that they are like the thief who can't stop him/herself from stealing a car if the keys are left out, no matter how many times they've been busted for it. So maybe time for some more serious consequences. I really don't like the idea of how it may impact my personal enjoyment of cruising in the future, but so be it if they deserve it. So please don't paint them as a lost soul in need of redemption (despite my analogy to a human thief). They are a soulless corporation. I make no judgements over the actions of the individuals supposedly in charge - the corporate game means they are just as much puppets to their shareholders as anyone - maybe they have to forego their souls to get into the game in the first place. "Greed is good" isn't just a made up phrase by a made up character, it rules Wall Street.
  2. Your name and DoB is enough to check for warrants - they'll just double check you upon arrival, is all. The passport is just more complete info, makes it a bit easier to verify the exact person. And by being able to check when you embark, they have a few days to verify other info before picking you up upon return to port - they know exactly where you will be... But yeah, there are plenty of stories of people who get arrested for various outstanding things upon return from a cruise.
  3. So the above was posted on Saturday - I assume by now an actual decision has been made? I haven't seen anything posted here yet about that. Or did I miss it, and it is right "there" somewhere?
  4. But even after Carnival starts cruising from "the rest of the US" they have also indicated they have withdrawn from FLL for the time being - that's why FLL is grayed out as a departure port. CCL wants to consolidate a bit, I suspect, and leaving FLL is one path.
  5. They provide the Passport or other pre-check-in info to CBP and other authorities to verify whether you should cruise, etc. Part of the detailed passenger manifest info required by law, AFAIK.
  6. Because the most important part of good cybersecurity still relies on humans to not click that link in a spoof/phishing email. You'd be amazed at how fallible/gullible some people are...
  7. OK, so then I guess a couple of us were confused about what exactly you are asking about. If you cruise before 24 weeks, surely you will have had some sort of communication with your doctor, and you'd tell them you were going on a cruise, and they'd know to fill out some sort of paperwork that affirms your expected due date. Weirdly, the Australian Carnival website even has the paperwork for you, but I can't find the equivalent on the main (US) website. Maybe the US site doesn't demand the form because it would be collecting HIPPA info, and would need to ensure the data is fully protected, so rather than risk that they just leave it to the passenger to declare truthfully: https://www.carnival.com.au/~/media/CCLAU/pdf/other/pregnancy-cert-form.ashx Excerpt: GUEST’S ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF CARNIVAL’S PREGNANCY POLICY AND ATTENDING PHYSICIAN’S PREGNANCY CERTIFICATION CARNIVAL’S PREGNANCY POLICY: Pregnant guests who enter the 24th week of estimated fetal gestational age before or at any time during the cruise will not be allowed to sail. Pregnant guests, who will not enter the 24th week of estimated fetal gestational age before or at any time during the cruise, must submit, prior to departure, a letter from their attending physician certifying that their gestational status is in accordance with this policy, and that the expecting mother is fit to sail. Carnival will not accept any agreement or recommendation from the guest and/or her physician that the policy be waived.
  8. You make a declaration when you sail. I would expect that if you are showing an obvious bump, they might follow-up with a request for a doctor's note stating expected date of birth. From what I gather almost everyone has some sort of bump at 24 weeks - but I suppose if you are already, um, "bumpy" it might not be as obvious. And if they find out you lied you'll be banned for life.
  9. Cruises to nowhere by Foreign-flagged vessels violate the PVSA. To comply, the ship has to be US flagged - that is not a small cost to incur.
  10. We were on Breeze in Sept 2019, and got to keep our cards. :shrug:
  11. This has been tossed around a few times ever since they started doing it for the European cruises that resumed. My guess: Test required before heading to port, with negative results. Test to have been performed within last 3 or 4 or 5 days or similar. Rapid test when readying to board (at check-in) using that Abbott Antigen test. If negative, free to board. If positive, then a retest is done, possibly using Abbott rapid test again, but maybe also or instead use a PCR test. Quarantine subject until results obtained. If negative, free to board (may be monitored more regularly). If positive, denied boarding. The policy in Europe has been to deny boarding to anyone traveling to the port in the same vehicle as the subject that tests positive, AFAIK, since all of those within the vehicle are prime candidates for new infections. Not sure how it is envisioned here, and whether the whole party could "opt out" of board if one person is denied, even if they traveled separately.
  12. Interesting. From the article: [the meeting] "...is expected to be a significant opportunity for cruise leaders to outline their extensive safety protocols directly to the administration. These include recommendations by the Healthy Sail Panel, which are de facto expected to serve as the basis for the industry's protocols." So is this the industry's chance to "turn in their homework" and get a passing or failing grade? Oh, to be a fly on the wall. No, not that fly.
  13. Indeed, I agree. So what does that mean? Without "guidance" does the industry implement their plans as currently shaped, or are they prohibited from moving forward until Somebody Important gives it their blessing? With the CDC already having their hand slapped by Pence, I don't see a lot of "oh, go ahead and start cruising, we'll talk later".
  14. Wow, even I was underwhelmed at the ports/itineraries once it gets to Miami. It seems to me that both Mardi Gras and "Carnival Celebration" are being range/speed limited for the first round of bookings - I suppose Carnival wants to make sure it can get to where it needs in time. It can't be the size of the ships - RC sails to other destinations with their mega-ships, don't they?
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