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  1. ProgRockCruiser

    My First Aft Balcony - what should I expect?

    Here's a photo of the Sunshine from a similar point of view as the one above I posted for Liberty. Also Deck 7. The Sunshine overhang is indeed a bit bigger than Liberty's. Deck 6 would have been similar, from what I could see from above.
  2. This and this. The free bottle is a relatively inexpensive bottle you might find in a grocery store for $10 or less. But getting 50% off a $60 bottle to bring it a lot closer to to the $20 grocery-store price is worth it.
  3. ProgRockCruiser

    Mardi Gras News?

    As mentioned, JH and Carnival are teasing us and stringing us a long a bit. Not sure if they are really clever (as pointed out by a fellow poster in a related thread - keeps us clicking and clicking!) or really dumb/disorganized. Dunno if anything is going to be posted today - my guess is next Tuesday, now.
  4. ProgRockCruiser

    Mardi Gras

    I was optimistic (and wrong, apparently) in thinking that the rumored announcement for last week, to which JH did indeed say something like "sorry, got it wrong", was the only delay, and something would indeed be announced this week. Oh well. I doubt Carnival will make an announcement on a Friday - usually these are Tuesday/Wednesday-type news bits.
  5. ProgRockCruiser

    My First Aft Balcony - what should I expect?

    I concur that the aft-wraps have different overhang situations. I was just showing you what it looks like for a regular "extended aft balcony".
  6. ProgRockCruiser

    My First Aft Balcony - what should I expect?

    Not sure what you mean. On Liberty/Sunshine, there is an overhang that covers maybe 1/4 of the balcony. Lemme see if I can find a photo - I just posted one in a related thread yesterday...ah, here we are. This is deck 7 on Liberty (Sunshine is very similar), looking directly to the port side - i.e directly left is "aft". You can see there is a little bit of overhang from the aft cabins on deck 8. They have more of an overhang from the Lido deck above them: Does that help you?
  7. ProgRockCruiser

    Christmas more crowded?

    Yeah, I was going to say that usually cruises sail full sold out, so there might not be much variation, but then I thought of your point: during vacations/holidays the cabins will have a higher proportion of 3 or 4 or 5 people in them (2 parents and their allotted 2.3 kids during family holiday times, and 4 college kids per cabin during spring break), whereas the rest of the year I suspect it has a higher ratio of just "couples".
  8. ProgRockCruiser

    My First Aft Balcony - what should I expect?

    You are allowed to bring on extension cords (as long as they don't have surge protectors built in) - folks need them for CPAP machines, etc. However, usually you only need a 10 ft cord for use in the room - to get out to the balcony would probably be at least 15 to 20 ft - the plug is closer to the hallway door than the balcony door. Not sure whether Carnival would have an issue with such a long cord.
  9. ProgRockCruiser

    New TV Channels

    Yes, the map channel is as you describe, though on the ships I have been on it doesn't look much like the image you posted - lots of dark blue and black, IIRC. I took photos of the TV map just for the heck of it to record progress, but none are uploaded anywhere, otherwise I'd share.
  10. ProgRockCruiser

    What has changed?

    Unfortunately, you can blame your fellow passengers for that policy change due to too much smuggled booze. Look at it this way: add the price of Bottomless Bubbles to your cruise fare. No need to carry on soft drinks.
  11. ProgRockCruiser

    New TV Channels

    "Spydar TV is a channel dedicated to complete family entertainment featuring classic movies, TV shows and cartoons from the 40s, 50s and 60s. Plus off network programming starring some of your favorite movie stars!" EDIT: forgot to mention: looking at their website, I would't call the "classic movies" exactly A-list material...
  12. ProgRockCruiser

    My First Aft Balcony - what should I expect?

    We've had an aft balcony on Liberty and Sunshine - both on deck 7, and both were the starboard most of the aft balconies. We did not spend much time there during the middle of the day - either we are off the ship when at a port, or we are wandering/lounging around the ship on sea days. There was one afternoon on Sunshine we were out there for about an hour and the sun was very intense (and I think we had already gotten a fair bit of sun from the beach), but there was enough shade that I could avoid the direct sun. But mornings and evenings are fantastic on those balconies, especially if you are up for the morning arrival in port and the sailaways in the later-afternoon or evening. And late at night you can lay back and look at the stars... Maybe because we had that "most outside" aft balcony, but the wind wasn't completely still when underway - I guess just enough bleeding around that it was pleasant without being windblown. We have a cove booked on a future cruise, as well as aft balconies on another couple. I guess we'll see what we prefer!
  13. ProgRockCruiser

    New TV Channels

    Just tried to look up what the "CBS national news" channel would be, and CBS doesn't have an actual 24 hour news channel a la CNN / FoxNews (please no comments about whether either of those are "news" or not, just using them as examples). But they do have a streaming website called CBSN. Hmm. Curious.
  14. ProgRockCruiser

    New TV Channels

    Undoubtedly it will be fleet-wide. Roll-outs might have slightly different timing, but it is probably easiest if they do it all simultaneously.
  15. ProgRockCruiser

    Miracle to sail out of San Francisco in 2020

    Check the Home Ports section of the CC Forum - there will be info there from all cruisers, not just Carnival folks (who probably have little experience to relate due to Carnival's non-presence there for so long). https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/315-west-coast-departures/