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  1. Freeport was decimated by the hurricanes. If those ships do stop there, it will only be to drop off supplies. Do you seriously expect Carnival to debark passengers into a disaster area where there are barely enough resources for the locals trying just to survive? Maybe sell shore excursions touring the devastation?
  2. Two seatings on the last sea day. Reservations are recommended, but they do take walk-ins until they are full.
  3. On the Valor last month, there was only a table on the Lido deck, with no one there to actually sell you a package. However, your MDR waiter can show the list of which wines are in which package and sell you a package any night at dinner.
  4. They used to have three levels of packages but now have only two.
  5. They do need priority zone tags if they are checking luggage. If they use regular zone tags, their bags may not yet be available when they do priority debarkation.
  6. I thought it was a great value for what you pay. It wasn't Paradise Beach (with water toys and watersports activities) or Club Med, but I didn't need that. We were the only ship in port that day so only a handful of customers. There's sand around the lounge chairs and next to the pool but the "beach" is a set of stone steps down into water with a fair amount of rocks on the bottom. They were great about coming around frequently to see if you wanted food or drinks. All in all, I thought it was a great deal for a relaxing beach(ish) day with AI food and drinks. At 1/3 of the cost of a taxi to and day pass to another AI, I would definitely go back.
  7. You do realize that if priority passengers choose check-in times later than when they actually intend to show up (to leave the earlier spots for non-priority passengers), then you're back to the problem that staggered check-in was implemented to solve--too many people showing up too early and no place to accommodate them all if boarding hasn't started yet or has just started?
  8. Do you have a problem with factual posts about the realities of today's Carnival experience?
  9. They used They used to be all called Premier cruises and had similar perks and special events/drawings, regardless of the number of days. Not sure if changing the name to Getaway is Carnival's excuse for cutting most the perks and special events/drawings on the shorter cruises, or if there are similar cuts on the longer cruises that are now called "Premier", but I don't intend on booking another Premier to find out if the latter is the case.
  10. This Carnival Diamond is reaching the same point and cruising more on RC now than Carnival.
  11. I'm not confusing the two. I've done Premiers from 4 to 8 days. The 4- and 5-days Premiers (now called Getaway) used to have all the same perks as the longer cruises (except less cruise cash and obviously fewer special drawings/events due to fewer days on board).
  12. I'm not referring to the gala midnight buffets in the MDR that Carnival cut years ago (and brought back on the Journeys cruises). I'm referring to late night snacks served at the Lido buffet. This menu is from the last incarnation I'm aware of.
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