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  1. This varies from sailing to sailing is not guaranteed to be offered on any particular sailing. Supposedly it's only offered when bar sales are not meeting projections/budget.
  2. Not sure if your email was worded differently but my last email for next week's sailing shows that Celebrity only accepts PCR tests.
  3. Celebrity does not accept antigen tests to board the ship in Sint Maarten. You'll need to get a PCR test tomorrow, preferably as early as possible and from a place that can provide the results in time to board on Saturday. The exception for US and Canada residents to get an antigen test only applies to travel to Sint Maarten, not to board the Summit.
  4. Because each port dictates the COVID protocols that cruise passengers have to follow.
  5. In the current travel environment, where passengers wouldn't have the prior health authorization and/or evidence of recent enough COVID tests to stay in Sint Maarten (and would also need COVID tests to fly back to the US), I think it's more likely than ever that the ship would wait for passengers on a Celebrity excursion.
  6. Celebrity's Healthy at Sea webpage says "An additional test will be administered onboard, free of charge, if required for homeport, or home country re-entry." The FAQs also say they have the capability to perform rapid PCR tests onboard. So if Canada requires a molecular (e.g., PCR) test for re-entry, it seems like Celebrity would provide it free of charge. I think you're just hearing about antigen tests because the majority of cruisers out of Sint Maarten are Americans, for whom an antigen test is sufficient to return to the US.
  7. People who go on a cruise knowing what the rules are and planning not to follow them. Or planning to argue (I mean "discuss") them with the crew onboard who didn't make the rules and don't have the authority to change them🙄
  8. It's 72 hours before your check-in at the cruise terminal. Celebrity has consistently disseminated incorrect and conflicting requirements since they started the SXM sailings.
  9. That's the million dollar question that no one has been able to answer, either anecdotally or in writing from Celebrity.
  10. I'm not taking a chance, and it seems like most people are being cautious and getting two separate tests, at least if they're not flying in on embarkation day. I fly in the Friday before and am not comfortable counting on my PCR test results coming back within 36 hours to submit to EHAS in time to be approved for an early Friday flight and also to use for boarding. So I'll be getting an antigen test for St. Maarten and PCR test for Celebrity both on the Wednesday before. What I would really like to know is whether Celebrity will accept ID NOW as a PCR test. It's a rap
  11. And the people at Guest Services are going to have no clue what FAQs were effective when, and I doubt any way to find out.
  12. They will punch a hole in the SeaPass of everyone who isn't vaccinated, and you'll have to show your SeaPass to get into any of the restricted areas. There was also talk of the vaccinated having to wear a wristband throughout the cruise if they wanted to use the restricted areas, but I'm not sure if that's still the case.
  13. I don't sail until September 4. Someone please report back what they do when presented with a copy of their own domentation.
  14. The Florida law doesn't say they can't ask for proof of vaccination; it says they can't require proof of vaccination. So they ask, and you can voluntarily provide proof. If you don't voluntarily provide proof, you can still sail but you're subject to the additional restrictions and costs for the unvaccinated.
  15. Then don't post on here asking for others' opinions if you're only looking for validation of your own.
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