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  1. $5 only at the first and second 500 points earned (i.e., at 500 and 1,000 cumulative points). They stopped giving it every 500 points (or maybe it was $10 every 1,000 points) several years ago.
  2. FYI the French doors on some of the Spirit class have been sealed shut, so I would suggest double checking with a reputable source (not necessarily Carnival's 1-800 number) that this isn't the case with Legend if this is important to you.
  3. I wasn't answering OP's question; he/she already had the code and the terms and conditions would be in the mailer or linked to the offer in his/her VIFP offers. I was addressing people who didn't get the offer asking for the code.
  4. Knowing the code won't help. If the offer doesn't show when you log into your VIFP account and look at your offers, you don't qualify, with or without the code.
  5. Not at midnight. Likely I'd not get the truth anyway, like the people who are being told nothing's open for booking until August because they're monitoring booking levels but that cruises are still resuming on June 27.
  6. My July 18 Panorama cruise disappeared from my profile, and when I try to add back the booking to my profile I get an error "This booking number and last name combination could not be found". I smell additional cancellations being announced soon.
  7. "While it’s easy to focus on cruising because of its high profile, the fact is cruising is neither the source or cause of the virus or its spread." Not the cause of its spread? Only if you ignore the multiple onboard outbreaks, including those currently developing among staff and crew still on the ships while they're not sailing with passengers. Not sure what planet CLIA has been living on.
  8. Cruises to nowhere aren't allowed with the D-1 visas that most crewmembers have. Prior to 2016 CBP looked the other way when the mass market lines scheduled occasional CTNs. Then a casino ship out of Florida tried to push the envelope by running solely same-day CTNs with employees with D-1 visas. The case went to court and the cruise line lost, ruining it for the mass market lines who scheduled occasional CTNs. CTNs now occasionally happen (with a CBP waiver) when a ship is unable to follow its scheduled itinerary and make a foreign port due to reasons outside its direct control
  9. S&S cards are no longer distributed at check-in. They are now in a sealed envelope in the mail holder next to your cabin door.
  10. You can also all go through regular check-in together.
  11. Actually, I would suggest not quitting your day job if you thought you were funny.
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