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  1. They do this at all the buffet type venues when there's a line at closing time; they weren't just arbitrarily telling people they couldn't eat. If they didn't do this places like Guy's and Mongolian Wok that almost always have a line would never be able to close because new people would continuously be getting in line after closing time. The wait at Mongolian Wok isn't due to people selecting their own food but rather them cooking everyone's food individually. Ordering on paper might reduce time standing in line but won't reduce total wait time for your food. If anything, by not seeing the line you may not realize how many people actually have orders in front of yours. The paper ordering may be a COVID-related protocol to prevent people from waiting at close distance in a barely moving line.
  2. Keep in mind there is no guarantee your results from a PCR test will come back in time for your cruise. Carnival just announced a Quest service that was already available to the public and made it sound like they were doing cruisers a favor with this "agreement" but it's not like that agreement gets you preferential treatment or faster or guaranteed turnaround. If you show up to board and tell Carnival your Quest results haven't come back yet you'll be SOL just like your results hadn't come back from any other provider.
  3. See above from @sanmarcosman. I know from experience they can systematically block you from charging more to your S&S if you charge your S&S on the slots, don't play "enough", and then cash out to your player bank. I wasn't trying to launder money but decided to move slots "too soon" after charging a large amount to my S&S. @jam19872016 Are you saying they didn't just block you from charging more to your S&S but the machine wouldn't cash out to your player bank?
  4. Yes is it the correct test. The do-it-your test (not accepted for cruising) is the "Self Test". The proctored test is the "Home Test". The big red "DO NOT OPEN" warning is there so the proctor can watch you open the test and ensure it hasn't been tampered with. The NAVICA app referenced on the box is used to take the proctored test using your phone's camera and to have evidence of the results.
  5. So a completely useless announcement from Carnival. Backpedalling on the previous plan to offer mobile testing in port and "offering" an option that was already available to everyone. Carnival could at least have allowed people to get tested at their own expense using the supplies Carnival already has if they could show they had gotten a test two days before but not gotten the results. But no, denied boarding and no refund or FCC.
  6. Yes, "Rapid Diagnostic Test (Nucleic Acid Amplification Test NAAT)"
  7. Less than 500 on Adventure this week. I've heard crew give numbers between 400 and 487.
  8. I'm on Adventure; we were at CocoCay with Odyssey today. A crewmember said 1400 on Odyssey. CocoCay seemed deserted, even with 2 ships.
  9. 422 on Adventure this week. The ship is a ghost town.
  10. The proctored test that you can use for cruising is labeled "home test". The do-it-yourself test is labeled "self test". The proctoring is already included in the price of the home test. If you have a self test you can't schedule proctoring because (1) you haven't paid for that service and (2) the self test isn't licensed/authorized for that purpose.
  11. 🙄🙄🙄 Must you be so literal? The point is the closer to the cruise you're required to test, the more likely someone already infected, who would other bring the virus on the cruise, will test positive.
  12. After you're infected with COVID the virus takes a while to replicate enough for there to be enough virus to register a positive test result. The more days before a cruise you are tested, less likely you are to test positive even if you're already infected. So let's say you got infected 4 days before your cruise. Getting tested 3 vs. 2 days before the cruise could be the difference between the virus having replicated enough to test negative vs. positive.
  13. The box says to download the Navica app. That is the BinaxNOW "home test " that includes proctoring from eMed vs. the BinaxNOW "self test" which is do it yourself.
  14. You can't order them directly from Abbott. Have to order through eMed or Optum.
  15. Bulk discounts not likely with the current demand for the eMed tests. There's no incentive to discount through Royal when Optum temporarily sells out online several times a week at their current price.
  16. No prescription needed if you already got this test from your health department.
  17. 5) need to test for re-entry to the US If you want to justify your response, you can't return to the US on a cruise if you didn't get tested to embark on it in the first place.
  18. This is a map of electric outages as of Thursday night. The dark color covering southeast Louisiana is over 85% of customers without electricity, 4 days after Ida made landfall. If you think this disaster area is going to be ready to host cruisers, Saints fans, and tourists next week, I want some of whatever you're smoking.
  19. A category 4 hurricane made landfall in South Louisiana. Hundreds of thousands of people are without electricity and running water. People can't get gasoline. Infrastructure is decimated. A small number of flights to New Orleans *may* resume Thursday. And now cruisers are going to start coming to area? The limited resources available are needed to support affected Louisiana residents, not to support the restart of cruising. The state of Louisiana is not going to allow resources to be diverted from suffering residents so that Carnival can restart.
  20. If it's so easy for everyone to make a testing appointment that won't get cancelled, why do you need a home test?
  21. Don't forget to blame the asymptomatic unvaccinated who have to get tested for work, school, or leisure activities when they could have otherwise provided proof of vaccination.
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