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  1. Also Holland America Holland America Line on Twitter: "Please read this important update about the pause in our #cruise operations. Holland America Line continues to prepare to meet the Framework for Conditional Sailing Order issued by the CDC. >> https://t.co/Bt9plYpGDI" / Twitter
  2. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful video. I'm so glad that everything went smoothly. I loved the ports, hopefully soon we will all be able to visit them.
  3. Hi Debbie, We will get to sail together again one day! Could do with a chocolate martini right now.
  4. Actually I think it is 700 points to reach pinnacle. At 340 points solos get 150% pricing. Would be nice if Carnival did that. I have Celebrity Solstice booked for Sept.2021 Vancouver to Japan. Carnival Legend booked Oct 31st 2021 from Barcelona to Baltimore. Costa Fascinosa Booked Dec 1st 2021 from Barcelona to Guadeloupe Costa Pacifica booked March 18th 2022 from Dubai to Marsilles. Carnival Legend is no longer showing on the website. Who knows if the Solstice will sail. Keeping my fingers crossed with my Costa cruises. Costa and MSC h
  5. I have also strayed from Carnival. I only like to book Europe and Transatlantics so the Caribbean is out for me. I am Diamond+ with Royal and appreciate the double points for solos. However I cringe at the Pinnacle crowd. Talk about entitled wearing their badges even on bathing suits. I also dislike the Captains and Hotel Directors making snide jabs at Carnival. (We send the left over food to Carnival, our old ships to Carnival etc.) I really love Carnival , my favourite line. It really is a "welcome home" feeling. They used to offer 150% solo prices for the 1As so as
  6. From the sounds of it masks were not mandatory " As everyone had tested negative" From the sounds of it these were not paying guests but invited guests Bloggers and Cruise Critic writers.
  7. Thank you so much for this wonderful review in the time of Covid. Pleased to hear that you got home safe and sound. Thank you again.
  8. The Legend Transatlantic Oct 2021 is no longer showing. The Europe sailings from May to October are still available.
  9. A gentle reminder. Please let us get back on topic and discuss balconies cabin size etc on another thread. This thread is for posting solo bargains - deals only. Copied from Host Carolyn's post (Posting off-topic within a thread --hijacking-- is boring and only wastes everyone's time. Especially for any of the 298 members following this thread at this time. They only want to know about the latest single supplement bargains.)
  10. Thank you so much Petra. Hope your cruise goes well and that you have a great time.
  11. Canada has banned cruises until the end of Feb. Minister Garneau announces extended measures for cruise ships and pleasure craft in Canada - Canada.ca
  12. I received it too. Will pass on this one.
  13. It is posted in the 'Transoceanic" section. I missed it yesterday too. Good luck Gerry. Thank you Patrick for showing me.
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