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  1. Actually a lot of it is true! Hard to believe but Roddy Llewellen was a scandal at the time. The smogs of the 50s and early 60s. The Aberfan disaster etc. Great series and very well done.
  2. We all remember Sasha Froufie!! What a great cruise that was. Thank you for the memories.
  3. Would intentionally putting yourself in danger , going to a hot spot for instance, negate the paid time off.
  4. Wait until there's a vaccine! That's what I am doing.
  5. Dr Bonnie Henry is my hero! Didn't realise that she was from PEI.
  6. Not really. I did a Transatlantic cruise on her from Barcelona a few years ago. Love that ship. Thank you for posting OP.
  7. Yes the original senior rate worked for me!
  8. Phase four continues until there is a vaccine. No groups over 50, no non essential international travel, quarantine for people coming to BC - all until there is a vaccine. Notice 14 minutes into the announcement.
  9. It was easy to change. Phoned last night. Answered straight away. Changed from Millennium TP Sept 11th 2020 to Solstice TP Sept 10th 2021. Same price although currently the Solstice is $800 more than I paid. ( Solo senior OV) I had Air2Sea and they had to cancel that first.
  10. Agree willing passengers who need to take personal responsibility.
  11. Princess has ceased operations for 2 months. Coronavirus concerns prompt Princess Cruises to suspend operations for 2 months | Globalnews.ca
  12. Our Health Minister has advised us to stop cruising. Avoid cruises, says health minister | CTV News
  13. Thank you Gerry. I had not realised that it was actually an Italy office. I was able to use the 800 number from Canada. When I phoned I was also disconnected a couple of times and you are right they are so overwhelmed. I did say to the person I spoke to that they must be going though such a difficult time and to stay strong. She was so surprised that I was being nice that she thanked me and blessed me.
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