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  1. I love afternoon tea on Carnival. One of the few lines that still does it. I do take my own teabags.
  2. Great that they have reduced the price now. Much more reasonable. Carnival sells a 12 bottle pack for $4.99. No need to carry on water.
  3. Agree. It would be nice to get double points as they do on Royal and Celebrity. They used to have 150% solo prices for the 1As but did away with that many years ago.
  4. Agree. it's a great price. I always drink bottled water on ships.
  5. Each cabin on the Horizon has individual ability to regulate the preferred temperature. Lost a clothes closet for this advantage.
  6. Interesting that Dr Njoo mentions that because of the variants, residents of Canada are still not recommended to travel outside of Canada. So basically insurance is invalid if travelling against Govt. advice.
  7. Just chiming in regarding cabin crawls. I have done many over the years. IMHO 100 is far too many. Would need 10 groups of 10 people to organise. During covid be really careful. I always liked to show my 1A with portholes cabin and loved seeing the suites LOL. However on the Vista people were coughing and hacking in my cabin while visiting and I picked up a really serious chest infection. Cabins without windows to open for ventilation in my opinion should not be shown. Be careful.
  8. Yes Royal did this when the coffee machine in the Diamond lounge was out of service.
  9. Hello Debbie, Miss cruising so much. I don't usually post on the Royal board. No further comments LOL. I love Seattle too. My son and his family are moving to Finland in10 days so will be visiting them there instead. Looking forward to cruising with you again soon.
  10. The point I was trying to make is this subject is nothing to joke about.
  11. Just be aware that you might be allocated a connecting cabin. These can be really noisy.
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