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  1. While on the Horizon TA we were told that The Panorama will sail through the Panama Canal. However they have to remove the lifeboats and position them on the decks. That is why they are sailing without passengers. I really think the Panorama will eventually move to Asia or Australia.
  2. This is the same here. Print out your luggage labels at the same time as your boarding form. Usually about 2 weeks before sailing. I don't put the labels on before the flight but before boarding. I use reusable plastic luggage tags, just insert the paper luggage tags inside them.
  3. You could phone and ask them if there is a reduced rate if you book without flights. Costa USA never includes flights. Not sure if you can book through them. cruise-search
  4. Sorry don't know about the cabin layout. They will tell you on the daily planner what the dress code is for the evening. No shorts. Brindiamo drink package has bottled water by the glass. If you want bottles you have to buy them separately. I bring a reusable bottle and fill it for use in the cabin. They close the doors to the dining room 15 minutes after the set time. So yes you would need to go to the buffet on days you are late back.
  5. Better to upgrade before you leave. You don't pay until you are on board and not sure but I heard that it is more expensive to upgrade on board.
  6. Usually double deposits. I have paid up to $900 at times. It does mean that there is less to pay at final payment.
  7. I usually upgrade to the piu gusto as there is more choice of cocktails. I take a refillable water bottle with me and fill it up with water by the glass to keep in my fridge. They are only allowed to give you two glasses at a time. I have never noticed a chocolate bar on a ship. You can order a coffee, I like a latte machiato , and a bailey's or kahlua at the same time.
  8. I know it is probably too late for you to change now but did you look at flights out of Milan or Nice. Costa often has a shuttle to those airports.
  9. I agree great review. Love the photos too. Thank you for taking the time to do this.
  10. I flew them in May, Vancouver to Gatwick and return. I do like the fact that you can book one way with them. Flight was fine. Seemed a newer plane. Lots of legroom in economy. I paid the extra fee to include luggage and seat selection. They do weigh carry-ons so be aware of that.
  11. I visited Oman in 2018 and 2019. The ship arranges the visas for Oman. No charge. You will receive information from Costa telling you what visas you are responsible for obtaining yourself.
  12. You can price two one way tickets in Europe. Doesn't even have to be to the city of embarkation. I have booked to London when sailing out of Barcelona for instance. ( then purchased my own one way to Barcelona from London which is always pretty cheap. I have also booked over a week before the start and end of a cruise. Seems to be much more expensive doing multi-city.
  13. I wonder if this is just for the Med cruises. I was on the Costa Fortuna in March from Singapore to Rome and there was plenty of choice plus as I said the every day menu. Never had to pay an upcharge for the every day menu.
  14. I have only been on 3 Costa ships but there has been a lot more than 2 choices of main course. Would say a choice of fish, two or three meat choices and a vegetarian. There is also the everyday menu which consists of chicken breast, salmon, spaghetti with tomato sauce etc. This is MDR not pay restaurants. Have never had to pay extra on Costa. Not sure where Tenpin gets only two choices.. There has been tables for two and four and larger. As I sail solo I like to share larger tables. They do seat English speaking guests together. Breakfast in MDR is usually 8am to 9.30 am on sea days.
  15. I sailed with her on the carnival Spirit to Hawaii. You are right have not seen her posting recently. As others have said sail the older ships first before they are retired. I used to do TAs on all the new ships but they are getting too expensive for solos now. Now I sail MSC, Cunard ,Costa, Celebrity, Royal etc but Carnival is always my line of choice.
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