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  1. After final payment!. I have booked four Costa cruises solo and tend to book early. Have had no issues booking solo.
  2. I'm glad it was a good tour. Sorry about the poor weather. I am booked with Saga Travel for the Golden Circle tour on 29th Sept (MSC Meraviglia). So will be doing it in 2 weeks time.
  3. Can't remember the Favulosa but on the Fortuna this was the smoking section. Both sides. There were some wooden benches but no loungers.
  4. I purchased the 500 MB package for my 22 day cruise this March and in fact only used about 400 MB. Logged out after each use. Used it for emails but mainly for whats app. Logged on off several times a day. However people who were trying to download and send lots of photos were having difficulty.
  5. Instead of clicking on Basic click on Classic. This often shows cheaper than Basic and includes Brindiamo package. For instance March 13th from Abu Dhabi, if this is the one you are looking at, is showing total $5041 for basic balcony and $4541 for Classic balcony with Brindiamo package.
  6. Codeine is considered a narcotic and not allowed without a doctor's prescription and pre authorisation from UAE. Guidelines for carrying medecines to UAE.pdf
  7. Thank you for taking the time to do this fabulous review. I am really enjoying it.
  8. I agree RomeCabs. Easy to get a group together too. Costa only charges 22 Euros a person for the transfer.
  9. Interesting. When I asked for a kettle on Radiance in Alaska a couple of years ago they told me they didn't have any. Same here but live in Canada. Has to be boiling water and I bring my own Yorkshire Gold teabags.
  10. Carnival has Avocado toast at breakfast.
  11. Actually there is. Before you go down the escalator to Immigration turn left and you will see the washroom.
  12. National Express is easy. Can get a taxi from the port for 5 pounds to the coach station. Or walk not far. Once in London Victoria can take another taxi to your hotel. Luggage goes underneath the coach so you don't have to worry about carrying it on and off the trains.
  13. I am also dual nationality, Canadian and European passports.. I would suggest you use your American passport when boarding and when you see the Immigration Officers when arriving in the UK present your Irish passport.
  14. Off topic but Maria are you joining us on the QE Singapore to Sydney Nov. 2020. Another great solo price. It was lovely sailing with you last December.
  15. I am sailing solo with MSC in a couple of weeks. It was a special 2 for 1 price MSC Meraviglia Copenhagen to New York via Iceland. I think sometimes the website doesn't allow solos to book but you can if you telephone.
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