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  1. We will be on the Joy first part of December. I hope steak and lobster is still available at Ocean Blue then. I think there is at least a 90 percent chance it will be replaced with something else that will save NCL a few dollars.
  2. Thank you. When we go in December we are planning on Ocean Blue, Q, and Teppanyaki for our 3 specialty dinners and would prefer to dine at the Manhattan Room the rest of the nights. Good to know we can leave the long pants at home. Tomorrow is the 4 month mark and we will be able to make show and dinner reservations. I am hoping they will let us reserve the outside seating for Ocean Blue. That would be nice.
  3. We are enjoying your awesome review on the Joy. Probably the most comprehensive trip report I have ever seen on cruise critic. I read earlier where long pants are needed by men in both Le Bistro and Ocean Blue. Are long pants also required to be worn in The Manhattan Room MDR?
  4. We use NCL casinos at sea for our bookings. They have notably long hold times to get through most of the time. A couple of years ago I started contacting them upon their advice when they first started taking calls in the morning. Since then I always get through immediately. I just contacted them a few minutes ago regarding our December cruise and again was put right through. They answer their phones 9am to 9pm EST. Hope this helps those that book their cruises through NCL CAS.
  5. Now that they have Ocean Blue as a choice for specialty dining without an up charge, do they have up charges for certain things on the menu such as surf and turf an an entree or shrimp cocktail as an appetizer?
  6. Thank you for your review. Following as we will be on the Joy later this year for the first time. I thought the AMA in your thread title stood for amazing.
  7. We did Cannes last year with the same concerns of the tour not waiting for us. As it turned out although we were not on one of the first tenders, we ended up being the first in our group to arrive for the tour. Don’t mess around, get on the earliest tender possible, follow the tour’s instructions and you will be fine.
  8. I noticed that American Diner is open as a complimentary breakfast option. Do you know if you order off the menu there or is it a buffet type set-up?
  9. Also what is your opinion on elevators? I have heard both good and bad so far. And did you happen to get picture of The Local menu? We were wondering how it differs from O Sheehan’s.
  10. Thank you. We are on the 12th deck very close to forward elevators so the observation lounge will be convenient for us. I was going to ask how far it extended on the 15th deck. That is a huge area all the way from the elevators to the front of the ship.
  11. Did the observation lounge have most of the same selection of foods or more or less a mini buffet alternative for breakfast and lunch?
  12. Thanks for the informative review. That observation lounge sounds great. One question about complimentary lunch dining. Other than buffet, MDR, and the local did they have another alternative for lunch? When we were on Breakaway last year Moderno was set up to serve both breakfast and lunch on sea days. Does Joy have anything similar to this?
  13. We won’t we in the Joy until December so a lot may change by then. Would like to know about entertainment, guitar players, piano players at the bars and lounges. I would also also like to know which locations serve as backup dining venues for breakfast and lunch. On both the Breakaway and Epic last year be enjoyed nice alternatives to the buffet and main dining rooms. We are also looking forward to hearing about some of the specialty restaurants we are not familiar with such as Q. Also looking forward to reviews about the Local which I guess for all practical purposes is just a name change for O Sheehan’s. Is the menu different, food better, etc?
  14. They still have comedy shows almost every night of the cruise. Most nights have a second show more R rated later. And the comedy shows are still in headliners.
  15. It’s on NCL’s website. I just went to Joy and then to deck plans. All the new restaurants, bars, and everything and their locations are there. Hope this helps. The deck plans are completely updated as compared to a couple of weeks ago.
  16. Thanks again FreestyleNovice for starting this thread. Lots of good information here for those of us with upcoming trips on the Joy.
  17. I read about it from a utube video I watched plus it was discussed here on cruise critic as well. We love Mexican food and we are going on the Joy later this year so naturally I was interested. It wasn’t until I was able to see the new deck plans released earlier this week that I realized there would be no Los Lobos on the Joy. Disappointed but not the end of the world. We have never gone hungry on a cruise ship abd there are still plenty of good specialty dinner choices all is good.
  18. Just looked at updated deck plans. No Los Lobos Mexican Restaurant. Oh well I am sure we won’t go hungry we never do. There are a number of both complimentary and specialty restaurants after the remodel that I am not familiar with. Led Bistro across from Cagney’s I guess makes sense. Looking forward for others to respond and update and clarify all of the changes.
  19. Following. Thank you for the pics. Looking forward to more info as it becomes available.
  20. The only time we had Mexican food on NCL was last time on Breakaway. We ate at Margaritaville and it was just okay. Have you eaten at both and if so is Los Lobos better? Sounds like it probably is. We are going to miss the salad bar at Moderno but really good Mexican food sounds like something we can look forward to.
  21. Thank you. Is Los Lobos more like a traditional Mexican restaurant or more like Moderno?
  22. Any final word on restaurants? Read somewhere that Los Lobos Mexican restaurant was going in next to Cagney’s. Looking forward to updates on this thread.
  23. What do you have to have to be platinum under the old system?
  24. We liked Bernie as well. We saw him a couple of years ago on the Jewel or Gem I forget which. And we were pleasantly surprised to see him again on the Breakaway in November. He kind of has a dry sense of humor but once we watched him a few times we found ourselves following him around as well.
  25. Also wanted to add that Bernie has a very dry sense of humor. When we first saw him we didn't like him that much. But now we find him both funny and entertaining. I remember after one of his songs one of the people listening started clapping louder than the rest of us and Bernie said " I guess I am your favorite performer you have ever heard". The lady replied "You are okay but not quite as good as Rondon". I forget how Bernie handled it but whatever he said it was funny.
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