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  1. As fate would have it we just got a chance to see if your technique would work on my wife. And.... it does work. I had to hold the glass for her while she had her fingers in her ears and taking small sips of water with a straw. The only side effect was that her ears were stopped up for a couple of minutes then everything went back to normal. Thanks again. Problem solved.
  2. Forgot to ask Jaime, can you share your cure for hiccups with us? My wife gets them occasionally and so far, other than giving them time to run their course, we have found no cure.
  3. Thank you for taking us along and sharing your experiences on your b2b Breakaway cruise. The City of New York must have been raking it in from all the drink tax collected due to the delay in embarkation. Or did they figure out a way to waive this due to the delay? We are going to be on the Breakaway first part of December. Normally we plan our dinners ahead of time but due to fact that the ship will be sailing at less than full capacity we are thinking we may be better off just showing up for our dinners like we do for both breakfast and lunch. We only have two specialty dinners and plan on using one of them to book the dinner show Velvet if they allow us to. Leaning towards Moderno for the other SD. You picked a bad time to get mad at NCL, especially since you just reached platinum. We are still one cruise away and can't wait to get there with the added perks of extra specialty dinners, free laundry, behind the scene tours etc. In the past we have sailed other cruise lines but the entertainment on them was just not the same as it is on NCL. It has been about 5 years since we has sailed anyone else but Norwegian. Maybe the others have improved their entertainment. In regards to food. I have heard that some of the cruise lines don't have bacon due to shortages. But I noticed that you had a burger at O'Sheehans with plenty of bacon on it. No mention of bacon for breakfast either MDR or buffet. If possible, I have to have some bacon with my eggs. I agree with you about the huevos rancheros. I remember a couple of cruises ago I ordered them and that may have very well been the best breakfast I have ever had on a cruise. Glad you had overall a very enjoyable cruise.
  4. We are on the Breakaway the week before you. Thanks for the info on the free laundry in the spa club balcony rooms. We were not aware of that. We may look into one of those next time. We really wanted to get into the Haven but there is such a frenzy of demand for haven. We were booked in a haven spa suite on the Breakaway last December that was cancelled due to covid. The same thing now is almost $1000 per person higher.
  5. Opportunities to upgrade are out for our December Breakaway cruise. We currently have free drinks, free gratuities, and free specialty dinners along with a spa balcony that comes with free access to the thermal spa. Question is would it be worth the minimum bid of $125 each to upgrade to spa club balcony suite? We have ruled out upgrading to haven on this cruise because we would lose our free gratuities and haven is sailing at full capacity from what we have been reading. We are leaning towards staying with what we have but know nothing about the spa club balcony rooms other than they come with a nicer shower.
  6. Hard to disagree with Jaime Logical on this. She seems to always be up to date on her facts. We are driving in for our NOLA Breakaway cruise in December. We have purchased the NCL travel insurance and were going to get the PCR/antigen test three days before we arrive at the pier to make sure we would be reimbursed for our cruise fare should we test positive. We may go ahead and get one anyway for peace of mind. I wonder what would happen if we tested positive on this antigen test three days ahead of time. Could we contact NCL and have our cruise fare refunded without having to drive to the port and take a chance of infecting others? I am assuming that we can and that would be a benefit of getting the antigen test ahead of time.
  7. What NCL is doing to mitigate the risk associated with COVID through testing and 100% vacs represents the best possible solution to allow those of us that wish to cruise to do so until we get this pandemic behind us. I am not looking forward to getting a swab stuck up my nose any more than anyone, but it is a small price to pay in order to feel safe while cruising. I respect your decision to get vaccinated and wear your mask and I respect your awareness that despite anything that NCL does to mitigate risk there is still a chance that COVID could ruin your vacation. We all have to ultimately do what we feel comfortable doing.
  8. Our intentions as well. Kicking back on a recliner. Enjoying the peace and quiet, reading a book, enjoying a glass of wine, watching the sea go by.
  9. Thank you. We were hoping that was the case. The thermal spa looks like a nice relaxing place and if we are not careful we will probably spend too much time there.
  10. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences on your recent Breakaway cruise. We cruise with NCL as much for the entertainment as anything else. It sounds like the Breakaway has a nice line up currently on board. Our Breakaway cruise is not until December and we are hoping many of the entertainers we are hearing about will still be around. We will be experiencing the thermal spa for the first time on our upcoming cruise. We did have a quick question in regards to thermal spa. Can you bring adult beverages in or is there anyone that comes around taking drink orders? Again, thanks for your review.
  11. Hard to read the dinner menu. Was it steak and shrimp?
  12. Looking forward to seeing all this amazing talent in December. If possible we are planning on using one of our specialty dinners to see Velvet. If I remember correctly we have done this before to see one of the Cirque shows a couple of years back. We both love 70's disco music so one way or another we will make a point of working this in.
  13. Thanks for posting the dailies. Lots of good info. For those of us going on the Breakaway once she moves to NOLA, I hope Leo and the other entertainers will still be on board. We are planning on seeing Velvet. Would love to hear from someone who has experienced it. Any and all feedback on the various shows would be appreciated.
  14. Thank you for all the time and effort in sharing your thoughts and experiences on your Alaskan cruise with us. Agree with you 100% in regards to people needing to work on their "gratitude".
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