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  1. Great review Andrew. 🏄🏻‍♂️ I told my husband about The FlowRider “test” on the boogie board before he can do stand up. He wasn’t happy but I told him we will just skip our usual boarding day ritual so he can get it done asap. Now to catch up on your scopes.... I hope you and your family have a safe trip home. Here’s hoping you can change to a direct flight 🤞
  2. Andrew, We are enjoying your review. Great info on Coco Cay. 🌴 For your CC signature: Select the menu icon on the blue bar. Select Account. Select Account Settings. Select Settings Area. Select Signature.
  3. Also on the first sailing in November. We haven’t been on Oasis since 2016.
  4. Canadian shot in St. Maarten dies in Florida https://globalnews.ca/news/5369743/canadian-shot-st-maarten/ https://globalnews.ca/news/5369743/canadian-shot-st-maarten/ So sorry for this family. If you may have been in the area then the police are looking for information.
  5. I just watched the Replay of Rick’s scope with the balloons! 🤣 Did he play golf today because that’s what happens when you can’t drive your ball past the ladies tees.🤣
  6. I am remiss in not congratulating Owen and his team! So congrats guys! It’s been sometime since I’ve been to the rink. My son, who is now 23, joins his dad’s beer league team whenever he can. The kids stick with their love of hockey even as life throws curves at them.
  7. Thanks for taking us along! Looking forward to the live review and the periscopes. These posts and scopes are as close to a vacation as I get for the next year or so as I have knee replacement in May. Unless of course I book one of those scooters to get me around the Oasis class ships 😳 Maybe I’ll keep track of the drinks and blend at home🍹for now...
  8. If you do decide to go back try their property, the Stanton, on South Beach. It’s not far from the port and you get a beach day included (2 beach chairs, a welcome drink each, and 2 bikes). We had only one day and one night. We ate at Joe’s Stone Crab nearby. I would do it again. No issues and our room was ready early 😉 If I got this right, the view from our room is attached.
  9. Loved the Med both East and West. We would def do a few more cruises there but split future port excursions amongst different cruises. Most unlike the Caribbean are the 8-11 hour excursions we have had: Lining up for the furnicular to leave Capri was claustrophobic so we walked down instead - it was relaxing and quite lovely. We did Pompeii 2x - once just the 2 of us and on another cruise with our young adult children. Freakishly hot both times and not a lot of shelter from the sun as you had to keep up with the tour group. Wear a hat and always bring water. As we wandered Rome (2 pre cruise stays)we found so many great places to eat - some down what we would call an alley way at home. Never disappointed with the food there but we were never disappointed with Caribbean food either. Most Caribbean islands speak English but you will encounter several languages on a Med cruise. It helps to learn a few basic local phrases in the Med: Hello, Goodbye, Thank you and Where are the toilets? My barely there high school French got me through some simple purchases in Cassis. Some toilets don’t have seats so bring paper seat covers. Just be aware of safety advisories as some cities have more pickpockets-not our experience but just be aware of the tactics. When we went to Pisa, the port we went to was La Spezia and we were told that we could only get on a bus tour as they don’t like having so many people wandering about their town - not sure if that was true or not. In Palma de Mallorca we shared a cab with another couple to a beach just 10 minutes from the ship. In Barcelona we only walked up and down Las Ramblas because of port fatigue on that trip but next time would see more of the city. We were interporting that trip. It had 2 embarkations - Barcelona and Rome. Most passengers got on in Barcelona, but we got on in Rome as we wanted to spend more time in Rome precruise. We had to hand over our sea pass cards at the end of the cruise in Civitivecchia. Our kids had to make new friends after some left halfway through our trip when they debarked in Barcelona. Yes it’s more formal on formal nights in the Med, but do what feels comfortable. On land in the Med most locals do not wear shorts - that seems to be done by us North Americans more. Some churches like St. Peter’s in Vatican City have dress codes. You may want to look up the specifics or buy Vatican Museums tickets online ahead of time. Long lines and at some points very congested to go through the Vatican museums. No photography or talking in the Sistine chapel. Lots of security that will take your camera or phone if you attempt it. Mostly have fun and try to do the Med more often to avoid port fatigue.
  10. We are classic vodka martini drinkers and the Trellis Bar, MDR bar and most bars on the ship do nice classic martinis 🍸 Bob, We had martinis made by the robots on Harmony. They’re good but the key is to get the robots to shake them - it’s quite entertaining. Only downside is if it runs out of an ingredient (Grey Goose was out one night) then you had to order something else and hope it was restocked the next day. DH is an automation sales rep so it was fascinating for us.
  11. Just a few more comments. 🙄 The Elevator Incident: I was getting off at 3rd deck to go to dinner. It wasn’t crowded but two women tried to get on before I got off. One pushed past me before I or anyone else got off. I was ticked off because she made enough physical contact to throw me off balance. She and her friend were very very large so anyone pushing back would have had extreme difficulty so I didn’t. I said could you please let me off first? She said “Well get off!” The kicker is she said that before anyone got off and she was on.😡 😉 The Unexpected passengers without sea pass cards: I went down a ramp on the starboard side beside the FlowRider. The rope should have been my first clue... My knees were aching so I decided to lift the rope and go through instead of going to port side. I didn’t see the maintenance staff at first but then I saw him waiving wildly then running (yes running on deck) towards me from behind the sports court yelling “It’s closed! It’s closed” I thought it was closed for Paint... BUT the next thing I heard him yell (he’s still about 30 feet away from me) was... ”BEES!” I turned and saw on the starboard rail, just past the ramp from FlowRider, the largest swarm of bees 🐝 I have ever seen (I’ve never seen one before). I was only 3 feet away. I backed up slowly and made the trek over to port side.🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝 The Survey: I continued to the part where they ask you to rate your ports and was perplexed about this one referring to your Sea days. I made the logical selection:
  12. I ordered the ice and it helped with the pain during the night. I tried the TRX class yesterday and it was great. I was doing a few of the exercises with my trainer and learned a few new exercises on it yesterday. My goal is to be as strong as possible going into surgery so that recovery goes a bit better this time. Now the trick is to keep the food and drinking under control. I am now veering away from those wonderful frozen sugary fruity drinks to simple classics with low cal or no mixes. 🍸 Dinner portions have been huge and I am eating half of what they give me. We eat in the MDR with My Time Dining. I know food is subjective hearing some criticism on these boards, but we always eat there and have not been disappointed yet - this is our 6th cruise. I also have a severe lactose intolerance and the MDR is very accommodating.
  13. I don’t have pics of the menus but if you download the app. I think they were posted at least a few weeks before the cruise. Not sure if the movies are posted there early. The movies are Black Panther, Jurassic Park, Mission Impossible: Fallout, Three Strangers, Solo a Star Wars Story, Won’t you be My Neighbor and some unnamed Autism Friendly movies and some unnamed Family Friendly movies. The movies play in the Amber Theatre, the Aqua Theatre and the Adventure Ocean Theatre. I don’t see anything listed by the pools. Not sure if they do that on this ship/line.
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