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  1. I didn’t see anything about movies either. I don’t think there was a screen near the pools on this ship. I believe movies are usually shown at the aqua or indoor theatre, but I don’t remember seeing it listed. Maybe Adventure Ocean had movies?
  2. 2pm flight left at 4pm, arrived at Pearson 7pm . Delays due to weather in Toronto and busy schedule Miami. Home by 8pm 😁
  3. My Time Dining. Reserved dining times mostly at 7:30pm. We asked for a window table and got the same table every night. Never had that happen on previous sailings.
  4. We did go to the Music Hall to see the rock band. The Hall itself has a sophisticated club look. The regular house band plays there also.
  5. From my son: “...we've been getting pelted by sleet, so be careful coming in. I did some shoveling but it's still coming down pretty heavy so I didn't throw down grip cause it'll probably ice over by the time you guys get here.” Our 2:00 flight delayed until 3:40...
  6. Embarkation: Fast and they took our picture with their tablet. Dining: US Thanksgiving was the only crowded/super busy night in the MDR. We did not do any other dinner options. Windjammer: I was leaving just before lunch time and it was very busy. 1st Aqua 80 show was crowded. El Loco Fresh was crowded everyday at lunch. Casino: Always found a available slot machines. Tables had availability. FlowRider Stand up: Always a lineup but they seemed to move along. Most riders got two attempts.
  7. Leaving Port of Miami was chaotic. It was really crowded outside the terminal and a bus was loading in the Ride Share zones. I also couldn’t get a signal to call Uber. So we walked to the other end and grabbed a cab. Late departure from MIA due to Air Traffic Control. We thought it would be weather related.
  8. Some more photos: Inaugural Amped Certificate Last day sunset photos And my favourite dessert ever... pavlovas (meringues). They gave me one earlier in the week but I couldn’t eat it because of the whipped cream on top. They made up for it by giving me four. 😛😛😛 I got through two (I have a sugar addiction so I’m off most sources of sugar these days) and DH ate half of another one.
  9. See Ashley’s post #261. We ate in the MDR on the last night, actually every night. 😁
  10. We’ve only ever been to Adrenaline beach because that’s where the loungers for two are located. It had a small Roped off sandy area in the water in front of our chairs but the rest of the beach is rocky. I have heard that Columbus Cove is nice and it may be better for families (sandy beach, floating water park).
  11. They are confirmed as Smart TVs. Don’t know if you can use Netflix, but they seemed to have a good selection of movies on their system.
  12. BTW that’s a brand new BOB board. It was frequently windy so on the cool side for FlowRider. A fellow named Scott cleverly brought his wetsuit. He also won BOB.
  13. Yes they do. I’ve never been to an Ice show on the ship and went for the first time. It was a great show. I am amazed at the difficulty of the jumps and spins they did while the ship was swaying side to side. One pair did the death spiral while the ship was moving side to side! It was a great show. I had never seem the sand artist before either. His art had a lovely tie in to the theme of the show.
  14. I believe that’s a misprint. When you arrive for MTD on deck 3 there is a line for reservations and a line for no reservations.
  15. Not essential to book in advance unless you really have your heart set on something particular.
  16. Sales: They had those hyped up sales on the Promenade yesterday. They were clearing out their Kate Spade and Michael Kors although one of the shops still carries more recent Michael Kors. The sale bags were 50% off but still around $150-&200. I bought a terry & plastic bag for wet bathing suits for$4.88. They have better Branded ones in the RC logo wear/souvenir shop on the Promenade. I also bought 2 pairs of sunglasses for$4.88 each. Very stylish looking. I bought the lego like RC ships $12.95 each for my great nieces and nephews. I’m the only one left that doesn’t have grandchildren yet - thank goodness as my kids aren’t ready for that yet. More shopping to to at the beach shop on boardwalk where they sell Roxy, etc.
  17. They do the Boogie board test on the Stand Up side too. You get your white band when you sign the waiver. When you complete the test, the FlowRider staff give you the blue wristband. No need to worry about the test - even I could do it with my wretched knee. Although I think its there to filter out those with agility issues. They had the safety demo on loop when we checked into our cabin. I’m spectating at FlowRider right now and the smells from Portside BBQ are amazing. 😛 Last day so FlowRider lines are long.
  18. OMELETTE ALERT! They were doing made to order omelettes this morning in the Solarium. The egg is an outside supplier premix so they can’t guarantee no milk. The head chef at Solarium made me a fresh egg omelette. 😁
  19. I think it’s first come first served. Each game is 30 minutes according to the cruise planner. It’s set up in Studio B and was available yesterday from 9:30 to 3:30. It’s offered more than once on the cruise.
  20. It is tiny. I can’t eat it so my husband got it all to himself. The table of four next to us got one cake. Just be aware that it’s something they bring out just before the desserts that you ordered.
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