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  1. There's a map of it right here: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/content/dam/royal/resources/pdf/perfect-day-at-cococay-wayfinding-map.pdf
  2. It's not for the casino. Birdie already addressed that, she said it was open the whole time.
  3. All the food photos look so good. I am so looking forward to our cruise next year, and even more from seeing all your photos! We haven't cruise with RC before and the ship looks beautiful. Thank you for sharing all of this with us so we can live vicariously through your posts!
  4. They're still figuring out how to do all of this and keep everyone safe. I'm sure things will get better as more sailings happen.
  5. What a beautiful ship! and it has Ben N Jerrys. It all looks amazing.
  6. It's funny to me that it's "weird" for him to be taking that many photos to some people? I feel like that's a generational thing because my friends and I take tons of photos exactly like what he is doing on our vacations, and no one even bats an eye. The food photos are especially completely normal because we all have instagrams and post stuff on there too.
  7. You can absolutely get re-infected with covid after having it once! I have coworkers who had that happen. They are asymptomatic, but still. Same with vaccinated people. We had coworkers who were vaccinated, their whole family was not. They got the asymptomatic version, their other family members were not so lucky, some were hospitalized and died from it. Two of the nurses at my work were ventilated, one coded and died, and was brought back. They're still recovering 6 months later and one of them can't work yet. For the most part, the vaccinations will protect you but they aren't perfect, and
  8. It really depends. For us, we actually prefer the included dining options to the pay for ones. But if this is your first cruise ever, I would say absolutely TRY the restaurants out and see how it is for you! As for the drink packages, for us they're a horrible deal so we don't do anything but the soda one. That said, we let ourselves order whatever else we want and it never even comes close to the drink package prices. Again, since it's your first cruise, you might want to try it that way just to see what you realistically drink in a day and then for future cruises you will know how much to bu
  9. You would probably have better luck calling the actual cruise line and booking over the phone because you can actually explain to them about needing the connecting room/having 3 children?
  10. It was November of 2019. We were on the Carnival Imagination. A short cruise to Mexico. I had just had a bunch of surgeries and we had some sad things happen so we booked a cruise to try to have something fun. After that we booked an Alaska Cruise with RC, that we have since had to rebook twice. Fingers crossed for August of 2022!! We both miss cruising SO MUCH.
  11. We just were on the Imagination and they had it on the Sea Day there. Ours was wooden coasters, and then you could stamp an image onto the coaster, and color it with markers. They provided either felts or you could put magnets on the back instead. If you have that available, make sure you wait to use it as a coaster until after you get home and seal the surface with some clear sealant first. Otherwise the ink will bleed everywhere. The staff member running it told us that, but obviously they can't provide spray shellac on a cruise ship to use. We thought it was fun and there was a big range o
  12. Please do not do this! Leave the things on the beach as you find them. Imagine how much sand that it takes when 100 people all take "just a little bit" of sand, multiplied times all the cruises? That's super destructive to the areas that you are visiting even though you think that it's not. Leave things alone! Just take a photo. Or buy a magnet.
  13. They are good, but on the Imagination I did notice they were not the same as what was offered in the coffee shop. The coffee shop ones had white and dark chocolate on them, the room service ones had just dark/milk chocolate. Also the macrons were terrible. They didn't actually put the right filling in them, they were stuck together with chocolate, and very stale.
  14. We bought it when we sailed out of Miami. For us, it was worth it to be able to drop off our suitcases. Also since our ship had an itinerary change, we were grateful to have access to the priority line for the customer service desk. Obviously that's not going to happen often. It was nice to get off of the ship early as well. For Long Beach we just used it and were able to board at 11:15. There was no one in the lines so we just walked on and our room was ready too. So again it was worth it for us for the smooth boarding and disembarkation. But we haven't sailed Carnival w/o it so we can't spea
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