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  1. Rodeway has day rooms. We’ve stayed there twice before our flight. Check in is at 10 a.m. for day rooms and check out is at 5 if I recall correctly. Price was $70 a couple of years ago.
  2. My refund arrived today, also in 4 amounts. But they add up to the total paid so I am more than happy.
  3. Same cruise for me and I just got my refund today as well. Cancelled March 13 - within hours of getting the email cancelling the cruise. Booked directly with Celebrity. Refund came in 4 amounts, but they all added up to my total paid. Refunds were posted to my CC March 25 and showed up today.
  4. I was on the 27 March-5 April Silhouette. And you’re right, we really have no idea how they are sorting out the order for refunds but I’m sure they have some sort of a process. And you’re right again, I certainly cannot complain about the length of time I’ve been on hold. And the agents I’ve spoken to (at least the last few) have been very friendly and seem to be trying to help - but they have no control over Celebrity’s system; they are not the decision-makers.
  5. Well that’s not fair😀. I requested my refund 13 March. Just got off the phone with Celebrity. My refund is apparently in stage 2 of a 3 stage process. She says the 3rd and final stage is “disbursement”. And she quoted the 45 business day drivel they’ve been instructed to say. She also said that she’s waiting for a refund as well and didn’t seem too worried about hers. Apparently I should have refund to my CC by 2 or 4 May. We’ll see. I’ve called them I think about 4 times now (once a week) and have never spent more than maybe 8 minutes waiting.
  6. Still nothing. But I did call Celebrity on Friday and the agent transferred me to their ‘resolutions’ department. I was then told that my refund request was still in the 1st of a 3 step process (whatever that means) and she would try to expedite things. She also told me that I needn’t call back again after I told her I had already called 3 times, being given different answers each time. She seemed to indicate that my refund was imminent. But for me, if nothing by Friday I will call again.
  7. I asked for a full refund immediately upon receiving their 13 March email cancelling my cruise. Still nothing.
  8. Hey vkb2751 - we would have been on the same cruise as you! Maybe we’ll meet some other time. Seems like everyone gets different answers.
  9. Still waiting for my refund - cancelled thru their email sent on March 13. The very nice and helpful rep I spoke to today (unlike the last most unhelpful one!) told me that my refund has been “created” as 2 separate amounts (down payment and final payments) on 7 April and should reach my CC either this Friday or next Friday. I wonder if this means they only send out refunds on Fridays? I’ll wait and see.
  10. I got an email on 13 March cancelling all cruises from 14 March - 14 April. My Silhouette cruise was to have left on 27 March. I assume you may have got the same email on that date - it was not cruise specific. I immediately opted for a full refund through the link in that email. No money yet but I continue to get emails cancelling my excursions (all “bought” using Celebrity OBC) and my MDR dining times. Latest such email was this morning. These give me “hope” that my refund is in the process somewhere, but who knows?
  11. Don’t know if this will help you Bebe but when my 27 March cruise was cancelled, I cancelled my self-made flights with both Air Canada and Westjet online. Because of the pandemic they were offering to re-book these flights but without having to pay their standard $200 re-booking fee. Would have been nice to get a refund but future flight credits we can probably use since we fly to see family in Calgary once or twice a year. The downside (at least with the AC one) is that it must be used within a year of being booked - which means for us that it must be used before sometime in November. Wou
  12. I requested a refund online as soon as I got the 13 March email from Celebrity cancelling my cruise. Today I got a 2nd set of luggage tags in the mail for the cancelled Silhouette cruise that would have left FLL last Friday! I sure hope these tags aren’t sent as a replacement for my refund LOL. Some things you just have to laugh at!!
  13. In another universe I would be sailing out of Fort Lauderdale today on the Silhouette for our 9-day Caribbean cruise. But I’m not. Two weeks today Celebrity cancelled our cruise and sent me an email (along with many others) offering the option of a 125% FCC or a full refund. For us it was a no-brainer - I clicked on the link in the email and filled out the necessary info for a refund. But as others have noted, I got no confirmation email of my refund choice even though their original email said I would get one. Now I know I’m not the only one they need to deal with so I’ve been patient.
  14. No refund yet for me........but. After my 27 March Silhouette cruise was cancelled I filled out the refund link in the email Celebrity sent me last Friday. Never got a confirmation email as promised, but I get the feeling that nobody else did either. I have held back on phoning them as I know how busy they are but I keep wondering if my “file” is even in their refund system yet. Then this morning I’ve got 6 emails from Celebrity, each one cancelling one of the excursions I had “purchased” using OBC credit. So I am still optimistic that something might actually being done to my file. But
  15. I filled out the form online Friday night following the link in their email. At the end I got a notice that I would get a confirmation email which of course I have yet to get.
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