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  1. My wife and I are avid snorkelers and have always booked cruises to include places that we can snorkel. We took this excursion 2 years ago and it was the absolute best snorkelling experience (as an excursion) we’ve ever had. We’ve booked them again for our upcoming Silhouette cruise in March. Can’t wait.
  2. Bonaire is hands down the best place to snorkel in the ABC Islands.
  3. We have stayed at the Rodeway near the airport a couple of times and wouldn’t hesitate to use it again. It has free shuttle from the cruise port and to the airport. Won’t need it for our upcoming cruise as we were able to get an earlier flight than before.
  4. I bought one the first time I saw them but you are absolutely right - I’m not interested in buying another ‘exactly the same’ t-shirt no matter how old the cause.
  5. We will be visiting these same ports on Silhouette in late March so I will follow along your blog Paul. I’ve enjoyed your other ones.
  6. Our very first cruise a few years ago was on Reflection. There were 2 groups on board. One had about 1500 or more and the other 100 or so. The first was some sort of a positive thinking cult (they refused to call themselves a cult, but I googled them when I got home) - they had seminars every sea day so didn’t bother us at all. We just learned very fast to head to the lunch buffet before their morning session got out! The other was some sort of an investment club - again no problems but they packed the bars every night.
  7. The evening dress code is spelled out on the Celebrity website. If you click on menu, then Search and type in dress code you’ll get it. I would cut and paste it if I could figure out how to do that on my iPad. And I believe the dress code only applies to the MDR and the theatre, not the buffet or specialty restaurants (but stand to be corrected here).
  8. That’s exactly what I did micheleata when I booked it too. But it may not be available on each sea day so you may have to click on each day.. I’m with you - would hate to see the OP miss this sale.
  9. That’s where I found it on my upcoming Silhouette cruise. Why they list it under ‘shore excursions’ is anybody’s guess. For my cruise, it seems to be offered on a number of sea days but not all of them. I’ve booked it and I’m looking forward to it. I took a free tour (courtesy of my TA) of the kitchens last year which was really good.
  10. For me, when I just opened their shore excursions brochure there was no change. But when I checked into my cruise planner, the reduced excursion rates were all there.
  11. Well I must have been doing something wrong because I just checked and my prices have gone down. Cancelled and re-booked 2 excursions and saved about CDN$65. So with my savings I booked the ‘Behind the Scenes’ tour for myself as my wife is not interested in that.
  12. Just checked my excursions for the March 27 Silhouette and nothing changed. Bummer!
  13. Other than on my very first Celebrity cruise we have always had Select. I don’t trust inputting anything in my cruise planner since it entails entering things via Celebrity’s “award-winning” website. I call them directly and request a certain time - for us it is 7 p.m. each night. They have always been able to make these reservations directly and it works. So you might want to try calling - if you are a Captain’s Club member this might be the best number to use.
  14. We did not take the Sea Cow snorkelling excursion through the ship; we took the Woodwind one which we booked ourselves. But both companies go to the same place and both get great reviews on Trip Advisor. So if you like snorkelling, and if the Sea Cow one is offered on your cruise I would go for it. On our upcoming cruise we have already re-booked the Woodwind one.
  15. We always bring all our own stuff, but then we like to snorkel whenever we can, including during land vacations down south. We also bought some short fins so have no problem putting everything in our suitcases. Plus, on a snorkelling excursion a couple of years ago we tried out a full face mask - liked them so much that we both bought one. While these days most (all?) tour operators may go the extra step of ensuring all their snorkels are sanitized properly, when we first snorkelled years ago we often questioned just how sanitized the really were. That is why we first bought our own equipment and now are just used to bringing it with us all the time. For us, it takes very little room in our suitcases.
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