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  1. You have always spoken in the present tense, e.g. "we grill our burgers so they're always hot and juicy " and " I open with two gals on shift" etc. If you no longer operate a lunch counter you should have said so. I valued your opinions.
  2. Now is not the time to invest in stocks for many, Carnival stock or otherwise. Your business has been shuttered by the state Public Health Department, best of luck during this difficult time.
  3. Better pizzas come from pizza ovens and not those burger king conveyor racks.
  4. We have flown from Nebraska on the day of and made the same ground connections you are thinking of doing. It was no problem and we will be doing it again next year. Don't worry so much, go with peace of mind.
  5. It was not my most well written post that's for sure. Glad you figured out the first sentence was in reply to the person I quoted and the second sentence was written to you. You can find good information on this site but it's like panning for gold to find a good nugget of information.
  6. The opinion of one person is just that, one opinion. Midwestgal - You do you and happy cruising to you.
  7. Our granddaughter wore an ice cape from Frozen like this one for Halloween on the Pride. She had fun but grandpa was more interested in his frozen margarita 🤣
  8. Those brick wall views from the rooms in the photos are stunning 😉
  9. I'm glad to see this topic posted here on the cruise insurance forum. I'm going HAL next cruise and would have missed this on the Carnival board.
  10. It gets very humid in there and feels like a sauna. You won't be sunbathing through a glass roof. People use the pool and hot tubs there.
  11. This is the question you replied to, it was written to the author of the thread: " Hello Terab85 May I ask, what is your husband wearing in his lapel pocket in your formal photo ? "
  12. Joe, how long have you and your husband been together? 😉
  13. If towels were in the sauna waiting for you they would be a sopping wet mess. Towels are stored near the lockers for you to help yourself. As far as socializing in there my hubs says it's about the same as when he's standing at a urinal with a man nearby: no talking, no eye contact. YMMV, Pilgrim 🙂
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