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  1. This is the question you replied to, it was written to the author of the thread: " Hello Terab85 May I ask, what is your husband wearing in his lapel pocket in your formal photo ? "
  2. Joe, how long have you and your husband been together? 😉
  3. If towels were in the sauna waiting for you they would be a sopping wet mess. Towels are stored near the lockers for you to help yourself. As far as socializing in there my hubs says it's about the same as when he's standing at a urinal with a man nearby: no talking, no eye contact. YMMV, Pilgrim 🙂
  4. No, that's not how this website is organized. This is the correct forum, Cruise and Travel Insurance, because the OP asked for "third party" i.e. non-Carnival sponsored insurance. It's no different, for example, when people ask on the Carnival board if there's a CVS store near the pier in Miami where they can buy wine before boarding the ship. Yes, they're going on a Carnival cruise but Carnival doesn't own or operate CVS. Those kinds of threads are usually moved to the Florida Departures board. It's one of the main reasons that all public message boards have some basic rules of use and are often moderated to better enhance navigating the website and the knowledge being shared with all members of the site.
  5. There will be decorations of several faiths and secular decorations too e.g. Santa in addition to the holiday you mention.
  6. What would you say if a person asked if you would mind moving so that they could sit in the seat they had occupied previously? Your method and reasons sounds passive-aggressive to me 😉
  7. These should be the next Platinum gift. The chaos they create poolside would be more fun to watch than the Hairy Chest or Lip Sync contests.
  8. Funny how the dancing is getting ready to start just as we are leaving 🙂
  9. I wouldn't describe the baron as pretty but he had an interesting visage that had local character and charm.
  10. Yeah, especially since she was licking the food to get a little taste before placing it on your plate.
  11. What will happen if you make the yellow line cross?
  12. OP, I wouldn't be concerned that a rep is working from their home. I don't care if they work out of their yard shed as long as they know their stuff and are professional and experienced with the product they sell.
  13. Unfortunately Carnival Cruise Line doesn't own land based hotels with or without shuttle service.
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