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  1. I live near Long Beach and I check in at 9pm (PDT) when it's midnight eastern.
  2. It's mostly a " no shirt, no shoes, no service " affair but if the boys must wear swim suits make sure they chew with their mouths open. 🙂
  3. We've met him too, but he's wasn't dressed as a woman!
  4. The only thing I laughed at her show on the Dream was when she admitted she couldn't find a bra that fit. 🙂
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    Dance Class
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    Panorama Vista MDR
  7. Not quite. You've shared in the past that if Carnival builds into the fare a cost for service which cannot be removed, then the U.S. government considers that to be crew wages and not tips. Which means that Carnival would have to begin paying U.S. payroll taxes on those wages and that is the prime reason that Carnival wants things to stay just as they are. I think you're correct in this as watching the bottom line is the responsibility of management to shareholders.
  8. Glad your BF cleared this up. Your story goes to show that tipping can be confusing and it's easy to make assumptions. Thanks
  9. You're going waaaaaay back, lol. It was John Deere lapel pins they wanted to give as tips. Would a hat be a tip upgrade?
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