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  1. Does anyone know the medical credentials of "Dr." Zarko in the spa on Mardi Gras who performs derma-filler injections as well as other skin "treatments" The good "doctor" was interviewed by John Heald who told him his name would be good for a villain in a James Bond movie. My husband says his parents named him Doctor because they always wanted a son who was one 🙂 Is he the real deal?
  2. Post several clear face photos for us, one profile, and one full body photograph.
  3. My cough reaction stopped the next day when I switched. The cough question on the form from Carnival in my mind implies a persistent cough.
  4. I'm reminded of the joke American food and beverage servers who work near the border with Canada often tell: What's the difference between a canoe and a Canadian? Canoes tip.
  5. Ha! This is a fun memory of my first "real" job interview after hotel school. My interview was peppered with questions like this by the D.O.H. I got the job but I didn't stay in hotel management because a husband and kids took me on another path in life. I like that Carnival and most of the big cruise companies call the top position in the rooms division on their ships the Hotel Director. It's a good reminder that cruise ships are hotels that take us to fun places. Thanks for the memory, sanmarcos.
  6. In 1995, before YTD existed, I never had to request to be seated with other solo guests. Carnival's table reservation system at that time would automatically assign solos to a table in the MDR. Multiple tables would be assigned as needed. This was on the Holiday and Jubilee. If Carnival no longer uses that reservation system they may want to go back to it. I enjoyed not having to ask to be seated with other solo guests. Try it, you may enjoy the difference 🙂
  7. We own condominiums and the landscaping crew do all the fertilizing for us. How big is your lawn there in our nation's capital? 🙂
  8. Dear Confused, No, not at all. Once on board go see the maitre d' of your assigned dining room ASAP. Let them know you are travelling solo and would like to sit with others. Most often they will ask if you would like to join others also travelling solo, if not, ask for it. I always prefer the conversation with other solos which is usually more fun and or stimulating than being seated with three married couples discussing which lawn fertilizer is best. Good luck and have fun. Abby
  9. Rarer still would be if Carnival purchased any of this "stuff."
  10. Thanks for starting this live review, keep it up and have a wonderful cruise.
  11. Clothes? That is the lady's make-up 🙂
  12. Oh sure, this couple were having their picture taken on Elegant Night before segueing to Alchemy for a pre-dinner cocktail.
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