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  1. Thanks for the update. I hadn't realized that LibreOffice works in both Windows and MacOS.
  2. It's working. I got updated to the new version a few weeks ago. It does seem to take a little while to get past the spinner.
  3. Thanks! And no it's not a full time job. It's an effort that's evolved over the years. The big thing was to make it easy to update; lay out a structure along with procedures so I can build a new 3 yr schedule every Fall from the old. That was something I did at the beginning. And then added on tweaks as I went along. If you have any advice to offer to improve the helps on the Readme tab, send me a note using my email address provided there.
  4. Have just posted an update -- which includes the cancellation of all Viking Expedition Galapagos trips and the addition of two new cruises: one for Venus, Iconic Mediterranean Treasures from Barcelona to Istanbul in 21 Oct 2022 and one for Orion, Secrets of Southeast Asia from Bali to Singapore on 18 Mar 2023. Note that the schedule posted on the VO site for Iconic Mediterranean Treasures indicates that the 21 Oct 22 sailing starts from Istanbul. This is incorrect and I have informed my contact in Viking Customer Relations about this error. Venus is scheduled to start Iconic Western Mediterranean and Mediterranean Antiquities on 21 Oct 22 from Barcelona. Clearly, Venus can't be in two different places on the same day and since these two (shorter segments of the 22 day Iconic Mediterranean Treasures) were already scheduled, my conclusion is the start port for Iconic Mediterranean Treasures was entered in error. Anyway -- if you already have a copy of the schedule spreadsheet, simply download a fresh copy using the link in the ReadMe tab or download it directly from DropBox using this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dk0llty8bgubssk/Viking Ocean Cruises (2021 to 2023).xlsm?dl=0. If you never used it before, instructions for how to use it are provided in the ReadMe tab. If you're a Mac user, per the advice shared by @-Lew- above in https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2651194-viking-ocean-combined-cruise-schedule/?do=findComment&comment=60334575 open this Excel file in Google Sheets.
  5. @deec let me expand on my answer based on a little more research. Viking operates its ships under three arrangements: (a) Viking owns it, (b) a company in the country where the ship operates owns it, and (c) Viking charters a ship owned by a company in the country where the ship will operate. Refer to the list of Viking ships in this Wikipedia article under each category of Viking ships - river, ocean, expedition: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viking_Cruises?wprov=sfti1 Btw - the Viking Mississippi is owned and registered in the US.
  6. They were chartering the Santa Cruz II for their exclusive use. This is similar to the ships they use in Russia, for example, where they are not allowed to operate ships in Russian waters that are not owned by a Russian company. In cases like that, they have a long term charter arrangement and allowed to customize the interior to Viking standards.
  7. Also .. .. I was getting ready to post an "FYI" based on my recent check of the Viking Expeditions page that all the Galapagos trips were gone .. and re-read your post. Missed the words "cancel ... for the foreseeable future ". So,.. the option of rebooking for 2023 .. don't think so. Now -- the decision -- take a refund or a future cruise voucher?? Am thinking a refund would afford more flexibility. Hmmmm....
  8. I don't know .. but I would think they do given that when we got our 125% future cruise voucher for our May 2020 cruise that was cancelled -- it covered everything we had paid Viking including the travel insurance. Thus, I would assume that if the voucher is based on all monies paid to Viking ... the refund should be too. To do otherwise would effectively penalize folks who ask for a refund rather than a voucher .. and would not be good for long term customer relations.
  9. Ah! You beat me to it! I was just getting ready to post the news about our cancellation. Btw -- do you receive notifications about messages from the Chairman or just check Tor's page daily? 😉
  10. Sorry about that .. I take advantage of all kinds of things in that MS Office 2016 for Windows Excel sheet -- macros, fairly complex formulas, conditional formatting .. the works. Thanks for the advice to Mac users not running Excel for the Mac.
  11. that's not what what "scattered" means -- it was a word I chose to characterize the wide differences in how fully each of the ships are scheduled (some all the way to August '23; one only thru September '21). Regarding your trip -- yes -- it is in the spreadsheet and also on the VO web site; however, it's nearly sold out. Only 2 cabins left. When you search VO schedules online (mobile or desktop) make sure not to set any filters on cabin class availability; otherwise trips that are fully or nearly booked are hidden. Hope this helps.
  12. I'm retired too. I used Macs back when I had a MacIIci but then I went back to the Windows world and never went back. 😊
  13. @rayandjean Valerie, if you'd like to contact me directly for help, my email is provided in the spreadsheet. There's a way to contact me directly in my signature block too.
  14. Yes it is in the spreadsheet. My authoritative (and only) source is the Viking web site. In fact here is the listing for British Isles Explorer (https://www.vikingcruises.com/oceans/cruise-destinations/baltic/british-isles-explorer/pricing.html). Filter it to April 2021 and you see this: On a related topic, forgive me for laughing over your comment about becoming a Mac user. I'm married to a "Mac bigot" and have a bunch of "helpful" like-minded friends who, every time I share a lament about a bad (but not insurmountable) issue with my Windoz machine, can be counted on like clockwork to sing the "get a Mac!" song to me. 😁 By the way, I find working with spreadsheets like this a balm for my soul. Especially now.
  15. which dropbox link are you referring to? Mine? My Combined Cruise Schedule has included the Venus for quite a while -- since July 2019.
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