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  1. Wow! I was able to pick out and read some of the German and then I got to the pix! Ooooo!!!💥
  2. Last year on this day we were in Viviers on the Viking Delling. That evening we were treated to a spectacular fireworks display.
  3. Yes - there is a person who only takes care of the fridge. He doesn't have anything to do with the coffee pods or water in the carafe. I had a chat with him one day and made a request to have more of one thing stocked than another. Plus a request not to bother with something else. Don't remember the particulars. But do remember that he wrote out a note that he left in the fridge as a reminder of what I'd said. Also - sometimes if the timing was right, I'd catch the stewards with their supply cart and - with their full knowledge and please&thank you from me - help myself to the coffee pods I wanted.
  4. On our two VO cruises, we never had to remind them of anything. And when they filled the carafe it was from bottled water. It was a 'tell once' deal. I hope you commented on that in the survey you filled out at the end of the cruise. That's the kind of feedback they want.
  5. You can also tell the steward what mix or no mix at all of pods you want. I ask them not to bring any decaf. Just an equal mix of regular and espresso. Or you can ask for one type only. All espresso, all decaf, all regular. The steward will be happy to comply. And make sure their partner is aware too (the stewards work in pairs).
  6. The good old Rindal! We were on the Delling from Avignon to Lyon and then the Rindal last Summer. The Captains of the Heimdahl and Delling were father and son. Some silly pix I took last Summer 😃
  7. We'll be doing Ultimate Iceland as a post extension to the Midnight Sun in 2021, so it's good to know that things are going well for you. Ultimate Iceland is a 5 day deal but overlaps some of what is offered in your extension.
  8. you could have really confused folks by calling them Gymnasium students! (and I'm referring here to the German name for what we in the US call a High School or to be more precise a Prep School - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gymnasium_(Germany). OH .. so all's clear on the Rhine from Basel to Koblenz? Or should I start worrying about conditions there 2 weeks from now (boarding 22 July)?
  9. We have settled on a specific PV2 cabin on Deck 5. Lots of room to move around; lots of drawer space; just more comfortable. As far as I can determine the different PVs have to do with placement. I actually like doing our own laundry btw - which some may find weird. So be it.
  10. You should have added a good hearty Maine Downeaster "Ayuh!" to that!
  11. Don't know if this is your first time on the Rhine or not. If it is, you'll love it. It's like an interstate highway with km vice mileage markers all along it (little signs at the water's edge or slightly above to ensure visibility). The towns advertise themselves sometimes with huge walls alongside the water. If you take pics along the way, helps with the process of identifying the sights and sites afterwards. I also loved seeing the barges with playhouses near the stern for the pilots traveling with their families during the Summer.
  12. That plan certainly makes sense. Good to know!
  13. Good news for those waiting on the Venus! Venus is now included in Viking's cruise schedule -- starting in Jan 2021 from Barcelona. The maiden cruise is NOT shown at all but clearly the Venus will not be magically appearing in Barcelona. Reserved for the Viking Sky survivors and advertised to special others?? Don't know. Her schedule for now only goes out thru September 2021, in line with her sister ships. Also -- the latter half of World Cruise 2020-2021 has been segmented as follows (listed sequentially): Tropical Treasures of the Pacific Australia & Asia's Scenic Shores Jewels of Australia & Asia Passage to Ancient Treasures Asia & India Artistry In the Footsteps of Antiquity European Highlights Made a spot check of the other cruise schedules in 2021 (assuming 2019 and 2020 are fairly stable) and didn't notice any changes since last month. The updated cruise schedule sheet is the posted in same place but here's the link anyway: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kapt1r9x2v7p6zf/Viking Ocean Cruises (2019 to 2021).xlsm?dl=0
  14. what I didn't add was that when doing connecting flights -- I'm emphatic about getting LONG connections times -- 2 to 3 hrs -- to accommodate the worst that can happen. Because of cost when we did France's Finest last year -- we flew Lufthansa and connected in Frankfurt coming and going. What I wanted -- and couldn't get -- was short hop to Newark (with a long connection time there knowing how bad things are in the Summer especially) and direct from there to Marseilles and then a direct back from Paris. Couldn't get it unless I paid extra. Sigh...
  15. Like @Peregrina651 we did France's Finest last year starting from Avignon. With regards to the choice -- I base it on the length of air travel. My rule of thumb is that the effects of jet lag are less when I travel longer for a given number of time zones (going Eastward) -- 6 hr travel with 6 time zones (e.g., Direct flight to Paris) is awful; 10-11 hrs travel for the same number of time zones (Connecting Frankfurt to Marseilles) not so bad. I don't mind being Madame Mental Lump when I return from a vacation; just don't like being the same when I arrive on day 1 of said vacation. Basically I shoot for a longer travel time from home but not so fussy on the way back.
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