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  1. CharTrav

    Rhine water levels 2019 and similar topics

    Will follow as well. We are doing Viking Zurich to Paris this July.
  2. CharTrav

    Tips for New Viking Ocean Cruisers

    Good to see how the info provided on MVJ for VO excursions keeps improving. Referring here to the addition of saying the number of days before one can book.
  3. My experience purchasing onboard credit for future cruises on VR last Summer echoes yours. I completely understood why it needed to be done with a credit card, not onboard credit. And I was ok with it. I was given printed receipts for everything with a Viking folder to hold the paperwork.
  4. Having over 50% repeat customers is surely a good thing. At that level I can see how maintaining a sense of exclusivity becomes difficult. But is that a bad thing? So long as they continue the practice of applying discounts for repeat cruisers, I can live without fancy receptions. Oh.. Almost forgot...yes we did hear Thank You - all three times.
  5. Really??? They must have been truly extravagant. I thought the ones I experienced were pretty good! 😄
  6. Pay attention to the Viking Daily. There was a card placed in our cabin for the M&M but not for the Explorer Society reception, which was only announced in the Daily. Re the latter, that was the case on both VR and VO, which we did last year. In both cases, they were well attended. On the Viking Sky, it was held in the Atrium with passengers seated all around - on the stairs, up above and down below. On both the Rinda and Delling (VR) we filled the Aquavit Terrace and half the lounge. To repeat, pay close to the Viking Daily every evening.
  7. CharTrav

    Question about when Viking posts tours

    Both. And we get what we want, as well as, reservation times for the included excursions. If you were in a DV cabin, getting up at 3am may be advisable but not PVs.
  8. CharTrav

    Question about when Viking posts tours

    We do PV2 as well and have done quite well doing our booking in the afternoon the day the window opens. No need to wake up at o dark thirty. We are on US eastern time like you.
  9. CharTrav

    Returning to Viking River after Cruising Viking Ocean

    Sorry to read about your bad food experience. We certainly didn't encounter that last Summer on France's Finest.
  10. CharTrav

    Returning to Viking River after Cruising Viking Ocean

    Your note reminded me of another improvement VR has done: you don't have to eat in the Restaurant to get the full multi-course dinner. The Aqavit Terrace and Restaurant offer the same dinner menu. So if the weather is really nice you can have a very nice dinner outside on the Terrace. We loved it last Summer. Even when they do the special dinner evenings, both venues serve the same and if there's extra entertainment (wandering guitarist etc) they're not limited to the Restaurant.
  11. CharTrav

    Question about when Viking posts tours

    What I forgot to say is that there are two kinds of dates in play -- when the MVJ goes "live" sufficient to view the excursions offered for your cruise along with prices and when the booking window opens for each cabin class adding the times for each excursion. The FAQ only addresses when the booking windows open. What the chat agent told you was what I call the "go live to view" - which is a few weeks before the earliest booking window opens. Of course, don't forget -- as I feel as tho I keep reminding folks over and over -- you can still view the nominal list of excursions for each cruise at the main VO site. You don't have to wait for MVJ to open up; however, don't be surprised if the excursions listed on the VO site don't completely correspond to what you see when your MVJ opens up: seasonal variations etc. But it's certainly enough to give you a starting point for drawing up your "wish list" well in advance of when MVJ goes live. Hope that helps.
  12. CharTrav

    Question about when Viking posts tours

    Check out VO FAQs "When can I book shore Excursions" - https://www.vikingcruises.com/oceans/frequently-asked-questions.html
  13. CharTrav

    Returning to Viking River after Cruising Viking Ocean

    We started with VR (Grand European Tour) the Summer Viking Ocean was announced, then did 2 VOS (Star on the Baltic and Sky in the Caribbean) followed by VR last Summer (France's Finest) . We were happy with both experiences. It's a matter of expectations - a river cruise ship is simply not the same as an ocean ship. To expect otherwise is unreasonable. Best to appreciate VR for what it is. However, VR has benefited in the excursion dept from VO vis a vis the greater number of them.
  14. CharTrav

    Memories of cruises past

    Didn't watch the the entire Pats game but did watch and rewatch the Overtime for the Rams/Saints game.
  15. CharTrav

    What is Dress Code in MDR (Viking Sea)?

    As I've said elsewhere on threads concerning this topic - for me - I'm not into elegant casual at all. My typical evening garb in the World Cafe (and the MDR) is a pair of chinos and a polo shirt and in the specialty restaurants a nicer pair of slacks and a top complemented by a necklace. But that's about the extent of it. Hubby does something similar. During the day (lunch/breakfast) it's whatever I'll be wearing during the day anyway. And yes - one time when my return from an excursion was really late - close to the end of dinner service - I didn't bother to change - just headed to the WC with hiking boots on still.