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  1. CCforum's advanced search option will let you include the content of posts in your search but then the search takes WAY longer to do. The faster mode is to search thread titles.
  2. To people who've spent time working with databases and queries of or naming files or folders you want to search for later - whatever you can add - in a compact way - makes perfect sense. 😎
  3. Of the Corsair yes. Not the experiment. Will post later. Did find out happens when the Baileys is in the wrong layer. Simply awful. Correction - I did. Will hunt down the other one.
  4. It does have to do with specific gravity .. and what you think is "heavier" may not be. Also .. and this took me a long time to do for myself after a few hours of shoveling snow a few winters ago .. a drink called a "Corsair" .. with a coffee liqueur like Kahlua on the bottom followed in order by Drambuie and Amaretto. Involved carefully & slowing pouring the ingredients down the side of the glass with a baby spoon so the layers would form -- prevent mixing. Another one I came up with on my own (through experimentation) was a 4 layer drink -- drambuie, amaretto, bailey's irish creme, grand marnier (in that order bottom to top). Again .. lots of very careful, very slow, dribble down the side of the glass pouring .. but worth the 30 min spent at it!
  5. Our trip this December, assuming it happens, includes the Peruvian Amazon pre-extension.
  6. By the way -- you were the one who made a post to my combined cruise schedule thread about the cancellation announcement! 😃 Btw -- what does "sail to Alaska from US ports without crossing the Pacific" mean? Regulators word things in the strangest ways! Is the ban on foreign flagged ships docking in the US still in force? or until when? Conceivably ships could depart from Seattle bypass Vancouver BC .. and head up the Inner Passage but who wants to go through all the logistical hoops to make that kind of change? In any case, the Canadian government is letting science and medical experts be their guide. Good for them! I have a lot of family (cousins and their children and grand-children) who live in BC btw.
  7. Not just "most likely" -- is cancelled. Announcement yesterday on Viking.TV in Tors Corner (https://viking.tv/episode/tors-corner-may) and posted to Updates on Current Sailings (https://www.vikingcruises.com/oceans/my-trip/current-sailings/index.html) is that the suspension of operations will continue through August 31. Thus, Orion's first planned cruise (unless things change again) will be out of Tokyo on 16 Sept.
  8. @Clay Clayton Referred to the email I had with my Viking TA earlier this month. And yes - the vouchers I'd purchased on a previous Viking River cruise and applied to the VO cruise this month canceled by Viking are indeed back in my voucher account. What would have happened to those vouchers if we had initiated the rescheduling/ canceling of our cruise this month I frankly don't know. And what will happen to our huge voucher we applied to the rebooking in 2022 if we decide (doubtful) that travel is still not safe in 2022? Will the future cruise voucher in that case only cover what we paid for TripMate since everything else will come from the voucher? I would hope not. And somehow I don't think so.
  9. It is I agree a bit of a confusing thing. What happens if you use a voucher along with cash to book a cruise that either you decide to reschedule (the risk free policy is premised on rescheduling not canceling entirely) or that Viking decides to cancel (such as the extension of the suspension of operations through August announced 2 days ago)? Will the future cruise voucher received in either case cover the value of both the voucher used and the cash paid? Like @Heidi13, I would have confidence that if Viking cancels - yes it would. Not so confident of the other - would they hold to basing the fcc on just the money/cash paid to Viking, which by the way includes the TripMate insurance, ignoring the value of the voucher? When I consider the 125% FCC we got for our cancelled cruise this month, it did not factor in or in essence refund to us the cost of two vouchers we'd used (ones I'd purchased onboard a previous cruise - one of those pay $500 for a voucher worth $1000). However, as I learned when I was rebooking our May 2020 cruise for 2022, those vouchers I'd purchased and applied had been tossed back into my voucher account. At least, if memory serves, that's what I think I was told. Will have to double check this with my Viking TA so don't hold me to that claim.....just in case I'm wrong.
  10. We're already booked for that trip but this December. We're honestly not sure if we won't be rescheduling it. If you look up in this thread or look in my signature block you'll find a link to it.
  11. Yup. Hadn't watched the video yet but will; learned the news through another source. Just finished updating the schedule and posted it. So... let me take advantage of my reply to you to announce I've posted the updated schedule! If you already have the spreadsheet, just use the link provided in the ReadMe tab to download the updated copy. For those who haven't already downloaded a copy -- here's the direct link to it on DropBox -- https://www.dropbox.com/s/v0h7vvslptkwg2n/Viking Ocean Cruises (2020 to 2022).xlsm?dl=0.
  12. thanks @Dukefan. which site are you using btw?neither marine.traffic nor vessel finder are reading her location after May 19. Am on a pro account with VesselFinder and not willing to spring for $$$ to go beyond that level. Call me Madame Le Cheap (or Madame le Sensible). 😁
  13. contact cc.help with the link to the thread and your post number along with a little pleading and I think they will help you. That’s what I’ve done. also - quoting from their response to me - here is a faster way to do it - As an FYI of types, if the photo or post is that urgent to remove, I would suggest using the report a post button at the top right of the post in the future. In the description just add what you need removed. That would send the alert to every single host right away.
  14. Vouchers issued per passenger. We got two - one for me; one for hubby. On the issue of transferablility it depends. If you decided to postpone, ie take a voucher, a cruise booked before April 30 (am reading the emails we got March 2nd about two still active bookings) - the one which lets us decide as late as 24 hrs before departure not to go - there is no mention of the 100% voucher being transferable . If you chose to take a voucher for a cruise cancelled by Viking because of the suspension of operations until Jun 30, that 125% voucher is fully transferable. And...if you booked or book a cruise with them before May 31 under their current NoRisk policy that policy reads the same as the email we got on March 2nd except that the 100% voucher is fully transferable. https://www.vikingcruises.com/risk-free-guarantee.html Hope this helps. And no - I'm not a travel agent. Just a retired systems engineer who is a nut for details. 😃
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