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  1. DiSantis is an idiot doing his best to undermine the vaccination program. With that I'll put a cork in my political opinions. 🙃
  2. Orion being used for the 8 day Bermuda cruise this Summer.
  3. Agree. Vaccination helps but doesn't get you out of testing and te-testing. Like Iceland's approach better.
  4. I was going to ask that question in the email I sent Viking and did at one point. But when I looked at the pre-reg form for Iceland decided not to (didn't check Bermuda.) Perhaps I should have left the question there. Will share what I learn.
  5. Good point. I don't recall seeing any country specific advisories in my MVJ, but it's possible I just didn't look. 🙄
  6. I've written an email to customer relations and TellUs suggesting that their Covid P&P and/or their Health & Safety FAQs should include guidance that passengers needs to be aware of each country's covid specific related entry requirements (e.g., documentation) especially and including the requirement, such as Iceland and Bermuda have, to pre-register before departure. This is no different than the precautions regarding visa and passport requirements Viking has always provided.
  7. Also need to be cognizant of the documentation requirements of the destination country - both Iceland and Bermuda require per-registration to travel there. Would not assume that Viking's Health Survey etc replace them.
  8. I'm willing to guess they were simply following the requirements of Iceland and Bermuda, each of whom have put in place procedures that makes those cruise possible. Iceland requires vaccination in order to avoid mandatory testing and a strictly enforced quarantine (https://www.landlaeknir.is/um-embaettid/greinar/grein/item44162/Certificate-of-vaccination-against-COVID-19-accepted-at-the-border). Bermuda requires testing pre-arrival and on day 4 & 8 afterwards even if you've been vaccinated (https://www.gotobermuda.com/bta/press-release/bermuda-tourism-authority-update). Am assuming that
  9. It be official today! All previously scheduled cruises in June & July canceled plus Orion's entire summer schedule. Have added two Welcome Back cruises for this Summer for vaccinated passengers only. Updated the schedule to include them plus the one for UK citizens only. If you already have a copy of the spreadsheet, just use the link provided in the ReadMe tab. If not, download a copy from DropBox (no account required): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8pm1betyh91wlhf/AABBcPIWuqWJQtR5JrNSFOqMa?dl=0.
  10. I don't disagree with the decision. Makes sense. From a purely selfish perspective, wondering about the impact of this decision on our cruise next year, which given the cancellations not yet formally announced for this June/July (reading the "tea leaves"), will be our first cruise since 2019.
  11. The only limit is your imagination...🙂
  12. I contacted Customer Relations on that very question esp all the unmasked not socially distanced people I saw. The response I got was that in essence everybody on board ship was in a bubble - no different than a household - just a bigger one. With regards to Karine, I'm confident they followed all the necessary procedures to ensure she didn't break their bubble.
  13. Was alerted elsewhere in this forum that the VO schedule for June and July is now empty. Had already noticed last week that Orion's Alaska & the Inside Passage was no longer scheduled this Summer and its two Trans-Pacific cruises starting in Vancouver on Aug 27 were flagged with "SOLD OUT" (a good sign a cancellation is imminent). Thus -- have updated and posted the spreadsheet to DropBox. As an FYI -- the British Isles Explorer sailing on Aug 9th is also flagged with "SOLD OUT" -- a reliable harbinger that it too will be cancelled along with its 2 sailings in June & July. When the
  14. I'm maintaining a firm sense of humor along with an awareness of and readiness to take advantage of silver linings. 🙃
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