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  1. I remember you saying that - and I think you posted a photo. DW is in charge of furniture arrangement so I immediately showed it to her. Now she is excited about the trip! 🙄
  2. Clay, I just thought of one advantage to the slider: it does not need room to swing into the room or out onto the veranda (whichever way the swinging door goes). That gives a bit more flexibility to furniture arrangement within the room and on the veranda. It only took a week for me to realize that (and a couple of cups of coffee...)!
  3. For me, it depends on which the DW prefers, and she was unambiguous about her preference! I'm not really certain if there are any absolutes in terms of benefits or liabilities. Look at the pictures and make your choice. Good luck, Clay!
  4. Since I have gotten so much help here, I feel it is incumbent on me to pass along what I have learned in the process of making that same decision - in favor of a PV3 (#4018). Major factors (except cost - you're on your own with that - I'll just say that the $500 diff for our 19-day cruise made cost a non-factor for us): The larger area of the PV is put to good use: see the comparison document attached, and note the position of the closet, for one, and the couch for another. I even cut these out and played with them. BTW, they are copied from the Viking website and scaled to match their lengths as best I can. Drawers! The PV has 8 more drawers than are found in a DV. I do not hang my underwear, socks, polos, etc. in the closet at home, and do not feel it makes sense to start that on this cruise. We will be in this cabin for 19 consecutive days in January and February 2021, from Barcelona to the Arctic Circle. Minor factors: Earlier access to our stateroom (we may not arrive until late anyway). Alcoholic bevs in the minibar. Welcome champane. Extra lead time for ordering excursions and dinner reservations. The one thing my excellent TA did not already know about is the PVs come in two flavors: sliding glass door to the balcony, and a hinged and windowed door with a separate window. The other attached document identifies the ones with sliders, and seems to be correct, as it came from a Viking future cruise consultant - and I spot-checked it using photos and videos online. Tip: if you decide to go up to a PV, look at photos of both kinds of balcony door arrangements, and pay particular attention to the lights you might use for reading while seated on the couch. Good Luck, and good cruising! V, DV-PV Comparison, Large.pdf Viking PV Slider Rooms.pdf
  5. Thanks, Maggers! The Finnair website says it currently operates Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday, departing Helsinki at 4:40PM arriving LAX at 5:40 PM (11 hours), using an Airbus A350-900. It may be seasonal, but I will nevertheless file that under "Useful Information" for our 2021 Northern lights cruise that arrives on a Sunday.
  6. What airline (and flight number) did you fly from Helsinki to LAX?
  7. Our first VO cruise, too, Jack. That accounts for the over-planning I am doing. I did the same kind of thing for our upcoming Grand European Tour next April. We ended up taking a pre-cruise package in Budapest, and post-cruise package in Amsterdam - tulip season at end of April. But all the air travel was simple. We overnight at LHR both ways, giving us a bit of time to accommodate jet lag, and to take the hassle out of trying to clear customs and make a connection. Also it gave us a lot more flexibility in choice of flight times. Next time will be a piece of cake!
  8. Hmmm... Very interesting. I'll put it in the trip folder.
  9. Yup - that's my "stopover" option, at least the one that I have in mind - I am always willing to listen to suggestions though. I was able to work that in for our BUD-AMS river cruise next April, both going and coming. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to work with the Viking Air Plus folks. We got everything we wanted, including killer seats in business (3D, 3G on AA flight 108, a 777-300ER). And a cautionary note, which I have also seen elsewhere on CC forums, is that Viking's business arrangement with airlines apparently gives them access to some flights, and then only on some limited connecting itineraries. For instance, we wanted to depart Reno for LAX on a 10:10 AM flight (available on other itineraries) and connect to a 5:50 PM departure for LHR, and try as they might they could not change the RNO-LAX leg without the LAX-LHR changing. The takeaway is that the agents are not trying to be difficult, they just can't get access to what they don't have. Of course, that doesn't prevent me from calling from time-to-time to see if the earlier RNO-LAX flight can be paired with the later LAX-LHR flight. Hey - time passes, things change! Maybe...
  10. Hmmm... that's one I hadn't thought of! We could probably make that pay, at least on the return home - late at night after 20 hours of travel!
  11. That makes sense. People do that all the time, right? I did a quick check of the Madrid Atocha Railway Station area and see that hotels are densely packed around there, in the $100-$300 per night range. Looks like trainfare is about $30-40 so big savings. Since our group will include some "mature" inexperienced travelers who have their own ideas about this they may prefer to go with what is perceived as a "safer" choice. But I will definitely put this option on the table. Thanks!
  12. I am curious about what Viking can do for folks like us who are returning home after their cruise arrives in Bergen - we are planning for the In Search of the Northern Lights in February 2021 - and yes, I know it is early to do that... Specifically, we do not want to have to leave the ship for an oh-dark-thirty flight, and do not mind a bit of a wait at the airport. It seems like a stopover on the way - such as at LHR - would break up the trip and permit reasonable flight times. What have you done, or planned thru Viking Air?
  13. One of our prospective traveling companions for our Jan 2021 Iberian Explorer cruise suggested doing the pre-cruise in Madrid, which fits well with our travel preferences (arrive early, "just in case" - and to rest from the flight from the west coast), but I am wondering about the transfer from Madrid to Barcelona provided by Viking. Since we can board at 11:00 (stateroom access later) does Viking schedule the 8:00 train, or can we leave at a more civilized time lit 10:00? We figure for a 2:30-3:00 duration ride, a 10:00 departure should be sufficient - has anyone out there done this?
  14. Peregrina651 - "weak" is right.
  15. Thanks "neighbor" (I'm just down the road in Reno). I showed your response to a friend who is considering going with us and is dithering about cabin choice. This may have helped with that decision. Cheers!
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