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  1. I agree, but as I said my interest is somewhat academic - and my science/engineering mind craves DATA!
  2. What is the cost for that? I don't remember seeing that option.
  3. Thanks for your responses to my question. In my mind there are quantifiable benefits, and others - such as convenience - that are less quantifiable. I fully appreciate the convenience as Janet&David mentioned, but have a hard time assigning a value to it. On the other hand, at $20/day it is hard to decide if it even matters. But between prosecco and rum swizzles (this is a Bermuda cruise, after all), I am pretty sure on this cruise we will save by having the package. My interest is somewhat academic in that I would like to know at the end of the cruise how we have fared. In my
  4. Just a list of drinks and the prices that would have been charged.
  5. Inquiring minds want to know... Jim, we are signed up for the Northern Lights cruise (12 nights) and the Grand European (14 nights) next year so I have more than an academic interest in the question. We will be on the Orion "Bermuda Escape" (7 nights) 20-27 July this year and I thought if I could get a measure of how cost effective the SSBP is on this cruise, I could use that information to decide yes/no on the SSBP for next year's cruises. If Viking is going to keep the records for me it would be a benefit to my analysis. I have a scientific and engineering background, so it is all
  6. Going in a slightly different direction - when you purchase the SSBP, will you receive an accounting of the beverages and costs at the end of the cruise?
  7. Thanks for the clarification, CCWineLover, as I only have experience with how it works in "normal" times. And for our next cruise - only 101 days from sailing, Bermuda on Orion, 20 July - I booked our air separately at an advantageous price (and a killer itinerary - a 1-stop between Reno and Bermuda, both ways!). I will be watching the June cruises to see how they play out. I am definitely rooting for Viking, since I believe they have done at least as well as any other cruise line, especially putting a testing lab in every ship. I guess we shall all see...
  8. Elaine, ticketing is important to me when I use Viking Air, partly because seat assignments are not set in stone until that point. So I will keep an eye on how full the aircraft are and if they start getting too full for my comfort - and feel I might be at risk of losing the chosen seats or even the routing - I will call Viking air and request they ticket it for me. Sometimes it takes a few days (and a few calls) but they always do it. I have done this far in advance, 8 months or so, and had one less thing to worry about. The other aspect of ticketing is that once the tickets are issued,
  9. I booked us on American for a slight premium over what Viking offered ($799), plus I get miles and the potential for upgrade. We are now booked into the Coco Reef Bermuda (third night "free"). We wanted Elbow Beach but it is closed now - but I am hopeful that it will reopen in time for us. Not finding a hotel on the south shore that has easier access to the beach, and is a bit more up-to-date and has more dining options. Suggestions welcome (and you can email me).
  10. Thanks for the heads up, CharTrav! I booked the 20 July Bermuda Escape for us this morning, adding on our own pre-cruise since Viking didn't have any. We have been wanting to go back there ever since HAL pulled the cruise we had just booked in 2018 on our Panama Canal transit cruise, to send the ship to the Med. I was amazed at how quickly the new cruises have filled up. Our TA said the new Iceland cruises were already sold out, and the Bermuda ones were almost gone.
  11. Yes. We did the west-to-east full in 2018, and I have been trying to fit an east-to-west into our travel budget since. I was so focused on the Culebra/Gaillard Cut (from remembering all those construction photos) that I missed a bit of the rest of the transit. The Cut is filled with water now (of course) so it is not nearly as monumental in appearance as during construction - but still amazing to sail in a ship across the spine connecting the Americas. BIG TIP: There are webcams in the Canal. I found them at the locks, but there are likely others. I had my brother take a screenshot
  12. Whichever you choose, everyone in the party would find the trip enhanced by reading The Path Between the Seas by David McCullough. As a kid I had read several books on the Canal that had concentrated on the engineering and construction challenges. The Path... goes beyond that level to give more appreciation of the magnitude of the enterprise and the challenges - not all of which were in the engineering/construction aspects - inherent in a project of this nature. If you decide on the partial, put the full on your bucket list after DH retires!
  13. I would echo Peregrina, and add that the convenience of transfers, including luggage handling, is of value to me. I also really like the idea that if problems arise, there will be no finger-pointing - my one call is to Viking. On the other hand, if there is a giant difference in prices, I can manage on my own. However, that being said (and flying out of our home airport in Reno, NV - your results may vary), Viking's business-class prices have been several thousand dollars less than my preferred airline's retail prices.
  14. Right - what Peregrina said, especially about the depleted inventory as the date approaches. Full disclosure: I admit I am a bit neurotic about our travel planning. While there will always have flight options, the good ones go early. So even though we do not (yet?) require special accommodation aboard aircraft or at airports, I try to find the "best" routings based on the criteria I use: Comfort - especially important on long and overnight flights. I book first class domestic, and business via Viking Air Plus, but then I am a tall guy. Connections - low (not necessarily the lo
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