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  1. Here is what I copied from the VO website when trying to decide which stateroom category to book for a B2B Iberian Explorer/In Search of the Northern Lights: Viking Star Stateroom Amenities.pdf PV PS DV Stateroom Comparison.pdf
  2. Apparently there are the swinging door arrangement and the sliding door arrangement. Beyond that there are probably "left" and "right" versions - whether the stateroom entrance is on the left of the living space or the right. From the sliding door table, it appears the port and starboard PV cabins are mirror images. So let's see, on the port side there are the two door arrangements, and two handed (left or right) arrangements which makes four different layouts, then the mirror images on the starboard side of the ship, but those would be topologically the same as cabins on the port side. Aren't you glad you asked?
  3. You are welcome. I had to go thru the same sort of investigation to (a) learn there were two window arrangements, and (b) to evaluate the pros and cons. Fortunately, DW was able to relieve me of the burden of the final decision in favor of the slider.
  4. They may very well have a test environment. HAL is a really big company so they should have one. On my websites I do NOT have a test environment because my sites are small, non-commercial, and supported by a staff of one (me). But I believe this may be a symptom of incomplete release testing. Remember that everything that has to be done has a co$t associated with it, so the release test procedure may not have exercised that feature completely. After all, it depends on the content of a member's account and HAL would have to test for behavior when there are on-board credits (obviously), but also for when there are none. Testing is HARD! On the other hand, a friend who I worked with (yes, in software) sincerely believed that users were a troublesome, if occasionally useful, test load. I was astonished, to say the least...
  5. I agree - looks like an element that was inserted for development test wasn't removed (or configured to suppress it on the public site) when the page was released for public use.
  6. Original Press Release: Press Release: August 05, 2020 CLIA Announces Third Voluntary Suspension of U.S. Cruise Operations
  7. I suppose it would be appropriate to add this to the "Daily..." Press Release - August 05, 2020 CLIA Announces Third Voluntary Suspension of U.S. Cruise Operations
  8. New ETA for Volendam is Noon, 18 August, per marinetraffic.com She has slowed to 10.7 kt, so is probably conserving fuel (I guess).
  9. That's a good point, Barbara. It makes sense, and the transit time would provide a "quarantine" period, if there are no cases of Covid-19 aboard during the journey.
  10. Rich, according to MarineTraffic.com, Westerdam is headed to Mombasa, Kenya, ETA 12 August at 0630 local.
  11. Like I said, at least Volendam will be in the right ocean for you. That is a hopeful sign. Bon voyage!
  12. Rich - thanks for the daily updates. Looks like Volendam is headed for the Atlantic, meaning the October cruises out of San Diego are off. Pardon me while I go unpack (we are booked on the 17 October sailing).
  13. I am sure you are right. I think this Volendam movement is the first undeniable evidence that the remainder of October cruises of this ship are a no-go (we called the Operational Intelligence back when I was working). We are not packing our bags yet - and I have already booked an Alaska cruise for next August (to replace the one for August 2020 that was canceled), betting on the 125% future cruise credit. I figure it is a win either way.
  14. I haven't seen the public announcement of that.
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