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  1. We stayed at El Convento hotel before our Viking cruise in 2018. It had fabulous food, in a inner courtyard off the bar area. Great cab cakes. We also went to Marilynn a little bar on the way back to our hotel .. Went inside and there was a big cat on the bar. She moved to end of bar as we ordered cold beers after walking back from the Fort. It was really hot and the beer tasted so good. It is called Marilynn because it has photos and posters of Marilynn Monroe. One night we walked across the small square facing the catherdal. It was open late and had spciy food, tacos, and
  2. I normally cruise in Europe, a couple of repositioning cruises and a transit of Panama Canal. i like a 15 day cruise with add ons before and after. This Viking cruise is the opposite. But being able to go to Bermuda is a great opportunity to see what people love about this island. A perfect first venture, beyond my city during the pandemic, in my book. i have done nice long winter vacations in DR, Mexico during the winter in my past.
  3. I am more concerned about the cargo, container ships unable to get into ports along the US coast because crew members have COVID. All countries are figuring out this whole shipping scene going forward for global commerce. There are no blueprints left over from last century panademic.
  4. I am so excited to be on a Bermuda Escape sailing on Viking Orion in July. I have never been to Bermuda. I love Viking Ocean. The iceland 8 day cruises on Viking out in 24 hrs. There is still a couple of openings on the Bermuda sailings. They will all be booked by early next week. We stay overnight in two of the three ports and have two sea days. Is sounds perfect to me , a spa/ luxery hotel on the water while exploring Bermuda.
  5. My first cruise on Viking was a transatlantic. We had 6 sea days in a row. That is when when we had lunch in TR. So many options for enjoying lunch or dinner on Viking. And then of course there is tea in the Wintergarden.!!!!! I feel a little overloaded right now. Last Saturday I was contemplating flying to Florida to see friends in late May, first outing beyond my city in over a year. Today I am thinking about all the options on my Viking Cruise in July while sailing around Bermuda. I am still working on , yes I am really going to go on a cruise this summer!!!!!!! 😁
  6. I did read on MVJ that the Restaraunt is open for breakfast , lunch and dinner. On my last cruise we did have lunch there some days. We opted for a shared table , enjoying conversation with fellow passengers. For dinner in restaraunt we usually just showed up and never really had to wait for a table for four. We like eating later around 8. But in this new saling during a pandemic, I assume shared tables are not options and reservations are needed for dinner. We plan to wait till close to sailing or even on board. We want to make our reservations for the speciailty restaraun
  7. I organized two private tours by a local guide, Roberto, from Colon, when I was on a Celebrity full transit Pamana Canal Cruise a number of years ago. Roberto took one group to Pamana City for the day. Our group went to Portobello . iI wanted to see the last port of Christopher Columbus's final voyage . It was also ramsacked by Francis Drake. Lots of history in this little bay. Our guide, first drove us around the outskirts of Colon showing us the neighborhood where she lived. There were the homes of former US workers before we gave the canal back to Panama. In Portobello, we wal
  8. The agent I worked with on Wednesday , Walter, said he had worked at Viking for 8 years. He also said the next seven days will be super busy for all agents. Said to call him on April 13 and gave me his direct extension. Late last night I got my flight information and my letter of confirmation on the Bermuda cruise. he was really nice , informative and gracious.
  9. Thanks Pam , this a great idea to have a Bermuda thread going forward. One thing is that the Covid guidelines could change between now and June. In fact, MN health depth just issued guide line about coming back from international travel. Must have a covid test before boarding on a US flight. Once home, I will get another test 3-5 days later. I have had the saliva test before. It is easy and result in one day. All covid test and vaccinations are free in MN
  10. Great to hear from you. I will be on the Viking Orion ! So excited . Yes , I will post a running review while on board. July 13 -20. I figure Viking will have all the kinks out by our sailing. Looking forward to seeing Bermuda . Patti but any pictures I post will pale in comparison to yours! 😍 BTW, Louise and her husband will be on one of the Iceland sailings in July !
  11. Opened my emails this morning and Viking has already given me my flights to and from Bermuda. That was fast. Flying Delta to Bermuda and American back to US and home.
  12. CCWineLover, I look forward to hearing all about your cruise on June 29th . My sister is in her last year of teaching before retirement, so this is the only week that works. Love your attitude. I feel traveling again, doing what I love is a gift . I will treasure each day on this wonderful Viking 8 day cruise with my sister who I have not seen for over a year. Patti
  13. Just booked Bermuda Escape for July 13-20! Got a DV1 on 4th floor.Love those aft views. So excited. Never been to that island. My sister and I will have a great time on the Viking Orion. Now I need to read up on the history of Bermuda. I love history. I am not a beach person anymore, but just sitting in the Explorer lounge having a cocktail each evening before dinner is ideal.
  14. Got the same email this morning. Had my two shots over three weeks ago. I would love to go to either island. Need to talk to sister or friend about Bermuda. To be on a Viking ship again makes my day thinking about summer.
  15. Senior Gator , thanks for the update about your arrival in St. Paul MN for your River cruise. I will be standing on the Lower Landing waving to you both as the boat pulls away from the shore ! It is a huge deal that Viking will be starting or ending in St. Paul! I am still waiting for Viking River boat in the water in Europe or a cruise ship sailing befor I book either. All vaccinated and ready for a trip even on land in the next three months ... I will cruise again , just don’t know when
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