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  1. Sipping a gin martini with three olives in the Explorer Lounge this evening in the North. Nightfall is now at last call for many of us in mid June. Having been the center of the whirlwind for the last three weeks, I can report that we are all safe and sound, moving to the hopeful path forward with a Governor and deep state roots in reform from the early part of the last century: for BLM today. Cheers to all this very fine evening from Minnesota, USA.
  2. Checking in at midday . I remember fondly the lunches I had at Mamsen during my six sea days across the Atlantic. I loved the liverposti , almost as good as my Danish Bestamor made, and of course the delectable Success cake. Hope all Viking posters are doing fine today with the new normal wherever you live.
  3. it is a bittersweet day for all of you who should be in UK disembarking. Instead, at home with memories that are unique for all times. Cheers!
  4. " I aint going nowhere,: I too am thankful and greatful for the places , scared, holy, hollowed, near and far I have travelled and walked upon. I remember the strangers I met for a day, for a week , or longer who showed kindness, friendship and laughter with me. Big world out there and now it is all a new normal for us all. Signs of hope are here even on a Viking forum about cruising. Good tidings to all of you on this weekend of new beginnings.
  5. Hey Jim, What else do we have to do but speculate on an evening while we are all stay in place in our homes during the pandemic? I am just happy that we will in the Midwest be close to a Viking river boat in 2022 !!!!
  6. I am sure they are expensive because they ahve to abide by US labor laws , river docking charges etc. If you do book this for Oct 2022, I would love see you two again and have lunch or dinner with you two before you leave . I expect you would fly into MSP airport the day before. St. Paul is a lovely river town with lots of history. Minneapolis is also cool but tries to be the New York of the MIdwest. You now see my prejudice . LOL Rivalry has been going on since the mid 1800.
  7. I live ten minutes from the lower landing in St. Paul MN. I will be down there to welcome the first Viking River boat in 2022. If anyone wants to know about points of interest to see and do in the upper Mississippi I will be happy to give suggestions. The renditions looks lovely, especially the explorer lounge on this river boat. I would love the the 15 day trip from St.Paul to New Orleans.
  8. I just listen to Mr. Hagen 12 minute video that was in an email to guests today. He explained about Viking as a private company with two big backers one of which is a Canadian teachers fund? He also said viking had a very succesful year. His crew of alll Ocean ships will continue to recieve pay doruign this shutdown till July 1. And the new Viking.TV will be a new source of information, musci, concert, and greattign form crew members. I think this was very informaitve given the frozen in time we are experiencing. I wish Viking well and hope to sail again on a Viking ship in the future. PS I think he has been following the Viking Sun thread. he made mention of the 8 passengers on board heading to England.
  9. Having a nice gin martini, two olives, as I relax in a perfect chair nearby,, amazing that anywhere on a Viking ship the water /sky is always visible. The pictures of sunset, sunrise and water lift my spirts this evening. Each day is a gift even when one is staying at home for another 14 days per our governor 's request in my land locked state of Minnesota.
  10. The TA which was my first Viking cruise was a trip of a lifetime for me too . So glad we could share it with you and your wife. I did email Royee and Jack yesterday to just check in with them after reading this thread. I will think of all of you on Easter. Remembering Easter on our TA in the middle of the Atlantic with our own minister , a member of our rollcall , celebrating new life on the top open deck of the Viking Sea on a beautiful sunny day.
  11. Liz, Well stated and lots of things we each can do even from our homes. I am doing the same thing. Ordering take out twice a week to keep our local owned business floating while we live the new normal. Ordering a fine italian dinner from Luci Ancora a local cafe in my neighborhood for tonight Ha! I was set for a haircut on Monday when all hair salons, spas and nail places were closed. I expect there will be lots of business for barbers and hair dressers when they eventually open again.
  12. The spirit all of you have displayed , both passengers and crew , while viking is amazing. A, Miller in the book Norway : " The word viking is actually a verb meaning to on a "waterborne journey" whether by river or sea. The farmers would typically "go a viking" during the period after the Spring sowing, returning for a late harvest. I applaud all of you and safe journey to your homes. I pray that all of us can go" a viking" in the future.
  13. I do believe you have the making of a great novel in the above stentence. What a plot line. Hope some writers read Viking Fourm.
  14. Thank you Clay for this blog. I look forward to others in the future ... Any day on a Viking ship is a perfect day in my book. Hope you get your flights and arrive at your new home without problems. The coming week will continue to be big changes to our daily life as we all do our part flatten the curve of this pandemic in our midst. Cheers!
  15. You post a letter without any citation of origin or source. Posting something that a "cruiser" said they received is not fact. Who is the "me' in the letter that want you to reach out to them? Relax and worry about more important issues if you must worry aobut something today . Cruising has come to a halt for all pratical purposes.
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