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  1. Azulann

    sparkling wine

    Thanks for the tip. I love sparkling wine of any kind. My favorite is Cava which Viking does not have on its ships.☹️
  2. Azulann


    On my 15 Ta VO cruise in 2018 ,we had seafood of all kinds. The lobster served in MDR was not the tiny rock tail kind. These were huge. Very tasty and not rubberly or dry. The variiety of seafood served in the buffet each night was great. They had a sea food grill set up on the outside deck one evening with grilled fish.
  3. Azulann

    Long lead times

    You certainly can book a fall Viking cruise in the Srping of 2019. Not every sailing in the Med will be sold out. As a past cruiser you will get $200. per person if you book within one year of your previous sailing. Also sign up for the VO email. I have seen some deals:reduced price of certain categories or reduced airfare in these emails Some of these deals are for saling only month in advance. Also book through a travela gent to get some addtional OBC. Good luck and keep track of your favorite Viking cruise for the fall of 2019 until you are eady to book.
  4. Thank you for your detailed review. I share you feeling of elegance throughout the ship. I never sat on all the various types of chairs and couches they had. And I was on a 15 day TA cruise with 8 sea days!
  5. Azulann


    Thanks for the link. It does take up some of the space, but still looks like a wonderful view forward from the upper level of Explorer's lounge.
  6. Azulann

    Viking Jupiter missing

    I sent an email to CC in September that Jupiter was not on the forum sidebar or roll call meet and migle. I got a reply that they were working on it for the sidebar on the Viking forum . It was a software issue. They did put it on the meet and mingle list.But that was before the new makeover of this site.
  7. Well it is good to see Cruise Critic back up and running. I see we now have a way to send messages to others , and a button to say "Like and thanks" Still exploring the new site.
  8. Azulann

    Past Quests Credit

    I took my first Viking Cruise in March 2018. I have a $200.00 cerdit if I book another VO cruise within 12 months. It is $200.00 off the cruise price according to my TA. I am looking at booking another cruise by Jan 2018 at the latest.
  9. I just read the announcemnt at the top of the page today. Looks like change is happeing. Tomorrow we can only read the forums ,not post ,until they have everything in place? I do like that we will be able to do a "like " to a post!
  10. Azulann

    Viking Orion

    Thanks for posting this video of the Orion. I have been to Piraeus port twice. Both times it was full of cruise ships and always impressed as the ship moves in or out of this port.
  11. Azulann

    Price drops--no credit

    Why would you have paid your insurance for a trip over a year from now? When i book cruise, I insure my down payment, then insure the total cost of cruise when final payment, then add post cruise stay if I book those ... and airline ticket cost when I pay for them. BTW, I have been watching Vking price drops for over a year. They are very speciific, and last only for a week or so. They either are $XX off cruise price pp or, reduction in air fare, or pay V veranda price and get any DV cabin category. They are not like other lines that have a rolling sales weekly. In your case you , did you get a really good deal booking B2B overall.? so it is one of segment price that you want to change? but you want to keep your price for the other parts?
  12. Azulann

    Wintergarden Tea

    Wintergarden is one of the most beautiful areas on the ship. Afternoon tea is wonderful in this space, and the adjacent alcoves. Yes it is crowded when it starts. But I always found a seat if I went a little later during tea time. I love the service where they bring you the tea menu, select the tea, you can talk to others while you wait for tea pot, plate, cup , holding cup for tea basket. Then they bring you scones served by waiter, next a tiered tray full of open faced sandwiches, desserts. I would hate a buffet. Low tables for tea reminded of having afternoon tea in Dublin Ireland in our hotel lobby, very civilized and unhurried . I had six sea days in a row and went to tea at least three of those days.
  13. Is the blog at the end or is there more ot come? inquiring mind wants to know.:confused:
  14. Thank you for your review ,both the positives and negatives. It is always helpful to have anoher cruise booked when you get off your cruise.:)
  15. Azulann

    Viking Jupiter

    Sister coming for a week on Friday. We will book a 2020 June Viking cruise " Fjords and Vivant Cities" She is still working for a school district so we have tor cruise during summer. I do have a bottle of Cava on ice for later this evening. Cheers! Your crusies sound great! I have South America on my bucket list.