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  1. Many people are expecting Regent will cancel sailings for December at the end of October (or beginning of November as they slipped a month with the most-recent round of cancellations.) That includes a sailing we are booked on, Explorer out of Singapore to Sydney on 20 December. Singapore, Bali, and Australia are all closed to tourists, so there is no way this itinerary is sailing. NCLH sister line Oceania already cancelled a very similar itinerary for December, but Regent is making us wait. (Regent is also still showing the follow-on sailing on Explorer--Sydney to Auckland---as still available to book, but unless they can figure out a way to limit it to those in the Australia-NZ "bubble" that is also impossible. Not sure they could even get crew who could be approved by those governments.)
  2. Local media here in Central Florida are reporting a proposal by cruise lines to start "test cruises" out of Port Canaveral. Reports did not include details on what that means, but one could speculate it could be short "bubble cruises" with mostly sea days and a stop at the lines' private islands. One of the posters on the Oceania board reported a conversation with a neighbor who is an exec with DCL--presumably Disney Cruise Lines--who said the cruise lines are planning a re-start on 01 December 2020. Port Canaveral is Disney's home port. Princess cancelled all its cruises for 2020 except for sailings out of Ft. Lauderdale and Miami, and sailings from Miami make up the bulk of Regent's sailings still listed for December. So, maybe some tea leaves are pointing in this direction? Folks on CC.com have been speculating for a while that Florida ports and cruises to the private islands could be the first start-ups. As always, of course, all speculation and only time will tell.
  3. At least one of the NCLH brands is admitting the obvious--this itinerary is not sailing this year. Will Regent do the same shortly? Or make us wait it out until Halloween? (Or early November, now that they've slipped monthly updates to the beginning of the month, not the end?)
  4. We are literally in the same boat. Regent just seems like they just don't want to cancel the holiday cruise even though there is no chance this itinerary will sail. (Singapore Airlines cancelled our flight to meet this sailing on Monday--plus our return from Sydney in January 2021--and processed our refund Tuesday. They may be receiving government funding from Singapore, which cruise lines are not. But it is still a stark contrast in transparency and responsiveness to customers than what we've seen from Regent.) As anniesh noted, other cruise lines have hit pause for cruises through the end of 2020, with the exception of some leaving from Florida ports. But Regent now looks like they are stuck on cancelling only about 30 days out. This is not even enough time to get the ship to its starting port, gather a full crew, and do necessary checks to sail. I don't know if Regent doesn't think we can figure these things out or they just don't care. As a new cruiser to Regent--albeit with three bookings out there--and a NCLH shareholder, I'd expect better corporate behavior.
  5. On 01 October, Singapore Air cancelled our flight to Singapore on 17 December 2020 to join our cruise on Explorer. All the ports on the itinerary--Singapore, Bali and other ports in Indonesia, and Australia--are closed to foreign visitors through 2020. And yet Regent STILL hasn't cancelled this cruise. As a new cruiser to Regent, this just baffles me. My previous mainstream cruise line has been much more transparent and consistent in its communication. C'mon Regent, your turn! At least keep your promise for monthly updates.
  6. So a bit of a long story, but maybe it will help others understand some of the process. On 13 May we requested FCCs under Princess's "Double your Deposit" offer for our Canada and Greenland cruise cancelled by Princess in Phase III. We chose this option as we had paid for a substantial part of the cruise early. In late June, Princess erroneously refunded our deposit rather than process the FCCs. I contacted Princess Customer Relations in early July when the refund showed up on my credit card, forwarding the email from Princess also dated 13 May documenting the request for FCCs. I was told we would be contacted to repay the refund. On 18 August, a member of Princess's Payment Team sent an email about repaying the money Princess erroneously refunded us. I reached the person at Princess the next day (after a few attempts) but my travel companion could not reach her until 28 August, due to the odd hours Princess staff were working due to furloughs. On 11 Sep I sent an email back the person in Payments asking for the status. As others had noted, Princess had tied up one of my FCDs as a "holding account." When I did not hear back from her, I sent an email on 16 Sep to Colin Steinke, Princess's Director of Customer Relations, using the email address kindly provided by others here on CruiseCritic: csteinke@princesscruises.com. Two days later I received a call from the agent I'd first spoken to in Customer Relations back in July. She noted a third, unidentified team--i.e., not Customer Relations and nor Payments--had the responsibility of creating the FCCs. She promised to research further and keep in contact. On 22 Sep, she called again to say the FCCs were hung up as my travel companion had not repaid the amount Princess had erroneously refunded her. My travel companion supplied the date and the transaction number from her credit card from the payment on 28 August. A few hours later, we received a call from the Payments Team explaining the repayment had somehow not been recorded in the correct location in Princess's system. Shortly thereafter, we received an email that the FCCs had been created and applied to our CC accounts to the replacement cruise of the same itinerary in August 2021. I verified this in my CC account. I also had to send a follow-up email to Princess (addressed to both Princess staff who had contacted me) as they had not released my FCD tied up for a holding account, which appeared never to have been needed. Finally, in applying the FCC, Princess also took off the FCD used for the initial booking--I had to call my TA to have this reapplied. I also requested an updated invoice from the TA. All amounts paid plus the FCCs had been applied and are the correct amounts. For those keeping track, the whole process took about 130 days. If we'd accepted the error of the refund, it would have been under 60 days. It was definitely more complicated than it needed to be and took a lot of follow-up and intervention on my part. But, done and looking forward to a wonderful cruise next August!
  7. Recommendations 55-58 on destination planning and itineraries also struck me. Regent does not have many itineraries--outside of the Caribbean--that fit the parameters of visiting only private islands or under 10 days. Perhaps we'll see some updated itineraries after the CDC makes its announcement about the "no-sail" order, in line with Frank Del Rio's statements about staggered start-up of operations within 30 days of being allowed to return to sailing.
  8. Glad to hear, anniesh! In the United States, Regent forced payment for that same cruise on Explorer (Singapore to Sydney) in July--the usual 150 days out. We asked for--and were refused--an extension given conditions in the world. Given quarantines or outright bans on foreigners entering any of the ports on our cruise for the rest of 2020, it is unbelievable Regent hasn't cancelled--and is, in fact, still selling space on that cruise. As a first-time cruiser with Regent, this is providing a poor customer-service experience before we even have the opportunity to set foot on a Regent ship. Time for Regent to cancel all remaining cruises for 2020 and let us all move on with plans for 2021.
  9. Based on the article, it looks like they are waiting for the public comment period on cruising to close on 21 Sep.
  10. Here's the link to the updated Sky itineraries--all tentative and subject to change, per Princess: https://static.cdn.responsys.net/i2/responsysimages/content/princessus/YP_2021_Southampton.pdf
  11. We received an email today from Princess with the tentative new itineraries. The Baltic is dropping Berlin, Oslo, and Helsinki (mostly)--now has a total of five sea days for the 12 night cruise. The email said they were still working to finalize the itineraries, so hope they are planning on adding some or all of those ports back. Oddly, one--and only one--of the itineraries over the summer has Helsinki. If it could be on one sailing, you'd think it could be on all.
  12. Princess is showing holiday cruises and early 2021 cruises in the Caribbean on Sky. But, who knows? The ship is currently sitting in Cyprus, so it would have to do an empty TA to do the Caribbean cruises.
  13. How far out can you ask Regent Air for a quote--as soon as flights become available or do you need to wait until 270 days out? We have booked through the big box TA--do we need to make our request through them or can we contact Regent Air independently? If the latter, can we find their contact info on RSSC.com? Sorry for all the questions--we're looking forward to our first cruise on Regent after having what would have been the first cancelled this year and waiting for the second to be cancelled in the next month or so.
  14. We were scheduled to sail on Navigator, departing 30 October 2020. Regent cancelled the cruise on 28 July 2020. Received FCC (100 percent of cruise (minus taxes and fees) plus 25 percent) on 04 Sep and applied it to a Regent cruise booked for September 2021. I made three calls to my TA checking status of the FCCs. Should also see SSS credits applied (as this cruise was cancelled prior to Regent's change in policy on these) but not yet reflected in RSSC.com account. Waiting for Regent to cancel our cruise in December 2020 as none of the ports on it are open to tourists.
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