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  1. Sheila, Check with your local Walgreen's Pharmacy. I had a PCR test done (before we flew to Washington, DC in late March) at one of their drive-through sites in Central Florida and had the results back in less than 48 hours.
  2. Until Regent has a ship sail, isn't a global change of the final payment to 60 days prior to sailing a reasonable plan? Yes, it's nice for the company to have cash in hand. But aren't they burning more cash by having to pay staff to calculate and process refunds or FCCs (for those who went down that path when it was offered) than simply holding off those payments until a date when Regent can be reasonably certain a sailing will occur? (Didn't FdR say in early May that Norwegian would not be able to sail from a U.S. port by the 4th of July because the CDC didn't issue guidance in a timely en
  3. We can all dream, Keith! Thanks again for all your great insight.
  4. Thanks for the tip! I just checked in the PCPC and, yes, the options for lunch, Champagne lunch, and dinner in the Vintage Room are listed. For $90, $130, and $275, respectively. To be pre-reserved once final payment is made. Food for thought (sorry for the pun!) We are scheduled on one of Symphony's sailings in Antigua in September and on Ravel for a river cruise in October, so maybe between the two we'll get to try the Vintage Room.
  5. That looks like a wonderful menu and pairing. Was it priced the same as lunch in the Vintage Room or another amount?
  6. Thanks to all who responded to my post for your experiences and insights. As I said, I was shocked to read in the reviews (in the Ship section of CC.com) the number of people who complained about the condition of Crystal Symphony. While new (hoping to be new--six cruises cancelled by other lines in the past year) to Crystal Ocean and River cruising, we have sailed on older ships on other cruise lines and always found them extremely well maintained. (Thanks to all those fabulous crews!) So it made no sense to me that Crystal would not have an equal or better record. Thanks for putting thos
  7. Will be interesting to see if Symphony gets more than just the exterior work when it is that ship's turn in drydock. As a hoped-to-be cruiser on Symphony in September, I was shocked to read the number of reviews here that mentioned what poor shape the interior was in, even after a couple of recent retrofits to this 25-year-old ship.
  8. As a resident of neighboring Brevard county, I asked the same question on these boards but did not get a response. Crystal offers a transfer on the ferry as part of their pre- and post-cruise hotel packages, but I did not see it offered on its own. My adviser at Crystal initially said Crystal would be doing a charter to cut out the lengthy stay before and after the cruise, but I'm not sure they ever did. There is also the issue of luggage with the ferry--they charge $25 per bag each way and what do you do with it all day after you disembark the ship. We eventually decided driving to Miami,
  9. We will continue to think positively! I'm beginning to get a complex, however, and think Regent doesn't want us to sail with them--three cruises booked as new-to-Regent clients and three cancelled. I don't want to extend that record to four and hope this one goes! We are only on a segment of the WC, and really looked forward to our post-cruise extension in New Zealand, a country on our bucket list.
  10. And there goes the Mariner WC for 2022?
  11. Keith, please add the following planned river cruise on Crystal Ravel: 27 October 2021 -- Budapest to Vilshofen -- LoriVA (Lori and DH Chris)
  12. Thanks, Keith. Here you go: 24 Sep, R/T Antigua, LoriVA (Lori and DH Chris) -- Our first cruise with Crystal, although we have a Danube river cruise booked with them in late Oct 2021 (and hoping both cruises go!)
  13. Is Crystal also booking transfers from Fort Lauderdale to Nassau or Bimini on the Balearia Caribbean fast ferry? I see the ferry included on its hotel packages, but do not see it offered on its own. I realize I can book the ferry directly, just curious if Crystal is booking its own charters with the company that would offer more-convenient connections to the cruises.
  14. As much as it is an important industry--I live within 20 miles of Port Canaveral so feel for the many affected by the port's loss of 80 percent of its business due to the cruise shut-down--cruising is not essential transportation. Airlines, trains, and buses are needed to get medical personnel to work--many hospitals have depended on nurses and other personnel from out of state during the pandemic. Hotels and motels have been needed to house these essential workers. Cruising is for pleasure. I do not believe one can fault the CDC (and DOT) for having different rules for cruise
  15. Be forewarned that Regent is saying FCCs must be used on sailings departing by 31 December 2022. The FAQs associated with yesterday's cancellations do not carry this condition, but this is what they are telling our TA.
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