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  1. Regent created and sold some segments for the 2022 WC (we're booked on one) but I think the 2023 sold out without the need for any segments. It appears the WC for 2024 may have also sold out completely without the need to create segments. Although as others have pointed out, until the deadline for deposits is reached there may be hope for some space to open up.
  2. Slightly off-topic, but since the overall thread is entitled "Shipboard Credits" and concerns what they can and cannot be used to cover, a question for you experienced Crystal cruisers. We have received SBC from our TA divided between credits for shorex and for onboard. Is Crystal really strict about this division? We're scheduled to be on a Danube river cruise and Crystal just cancelled the one extra cost excursion we had pre-reserved and none of the few remaining for-cost options really excite us.
  3. None of us know right now--us, the cruise lines, even the governments involved. As I said only time will tell. All we can do is what you are doing--checking and double checking. It is bizarre that the Hungarian Government is not accepting a proof of vaccination (the CDC card) that the EU is--but each member state is allowed to set their own entry rules. Let's hope things get settled down in the next few months before we are scheduled to sail.
  4. As a follow-on to steamboats, this is what Crystal said in a press release on 02 July 2021: "Plans are well underway to resume river cruising in August thanks to recent positive news from the European Union allowing entry for vaccinated passengers with all countries on Crystal River Cruises’ itineraries now open for river cruising." Since most of their Danube cruises start or end in Budapest, it would appear Crystal has reached some agreement with the Hungarian Government on entry to passengers (many of whom would be flying into or out of Budapest). Or hope to do so--Crystal's river cruises
  5. Yes, it's all about choice. We chose to move from the mid-Atlantic (thunderstorms, derechos, snow and ice storms) to Florida. We were initially in the "cone of uncertainty" for Elsa and started to make our preparations. We also ensured we were at or above all hurricane codes when we renovated before our move--because we can't move our house. Especially now, cruise lines cannot just ignore half of the year to put their ships into operations. And the demand is there for sailings out of or into the Florida ports, even during hurricane season. Elsa is now moving at 14 m
  6. Thanks again, Keith, for posting. We're living vicariously through your posts as Crystal cancelled what would have been our first experience with them last week (the Caribbean sailings). We are still hoping our river cruise with them will go and, although we realize it will be different from the ocean sailing, it is lovely to see the menus, photos of the food, and Reflections. Again, many thanks and hope you have a wonderful time over the next two weeks!
  7. Maybe pax coming in from Bimini? I would like to know if Crystal was able to figure out how to get them to Nassau to board.
  8. The camera operator is starting to make me feel the roll of the ocean--it's like we are there!
  9. Hmmm... The press release describes 35 cruises and that they are open for booking. But a search for river cruises in 2021 returns only 32 cruises--which all look the same as Crystal has had posted for awhile. Any idea where the difference lies--are there three new itineraries or sailings not yet posted on Crystal's website? The full press release does include this: "In preparation for the resumption of service, Crystal River Cruises’ devoted crew are prepping the vessels, will complete a refresher training program as well as implement new Crystal Clean+ protocols tha
  10. Since we're all left in the tea-leaf reading business these days, I throw in one that may be a POSITIVE sign. Yesterday, Crystal sent me an email that a shore excursion we had reserved for our sailing on the Danube with Ravel in late October had been cancelled as the place where the tour was to take place (a brewery) is not offering tours this year. This gives me hope that someone in Crystal is reviewing their shorex program, reaching out to the sites to ensure they are on track. At least I'm going to be optimistic and hope this is what that means! (Conversely, I used lack of up
  11. A Crystal rep told our TA on Monday that Crystal would do "mass cancellations" of these Symphony itineraries on 10 July. The deadline to apply for a refund via the link sent to passengers in the email cancelling the cruises is 09 July.
  12. Glad to hear your flights are going okay, if somewhat delayed. Have a wonderful sailing and thanks again for such great insight on Crystal!
  13. Question for all you experienced Crystal cruisers. The email we received on our cancelled Symphony sailing says this about the 115% FCC being offered: "Credits are valid on any Crystal experience (Ocean, River, Yacht or Expedition) embarking from July 2021 through December 31, 2023." Does "any" truly mean ANY? Could I apply it to an EXISTING booking? Or can they be applied ONLY to a NEW booking? The email from Crystal is vague and my TA is having trouble reaching Crystal today for an answer--hence, hoping someone here knows the answer. We may end up asking for the
  14. Well, this is all moot now that Crystal cancelled our Caribbean sailing on Symphony. And with the news on Crystal putting its river fleet up for sale, it appears our river cruise with Ravel in October is now iffy. Our chances of becoming "Crystalized" appear to be ebbing away... Thanks, however, to all who responded and added to my information bank!
  15. Presumably Crystal has taken final payments for the initial sailings in August of this itinerary. Or did they quietly change the final payment dates while they sorted out what to do?
  16. Thanks for the additional information, Keith. So, if I'm understanding this correctly--if our cruise on Symphony goes in September, we can ask to have the on-board discount applied to our river cruise in October? Even though we booked the river cruise before we booked the Caribbean itinerary? Is this something we'd ask the future cruise consultant on board the Symphony to do? Or ask our TA once we return home? Presumably the TA with whom we booked the river cruise (who happens to be different from the one with the ocean booking--just to complicate things more!) Take
  17. New to Crystal (well, hope to be--Symphony in Sep and Ravel in October!) Are those two separate discounts? So, x percentage for the on-board discount PLUS the Crystal Society discount? If not, what is the advantage of making an open booking while on board? Also, can these be booked only on-board? I know Regent has a window of 30 days before or after your sailing to take advantage of their book on-board discount. Many thanks as always! And best of luck to those of you on Serenity this weekend!!
  18. As Ladys Mom noted, the test on special for Prime Days claims to be approved by the United States. Which would mean it would have to include the monitoring required by the CDC. As Ladys Mom said, it would require more work on the part of the individual and the cost difference is negligible. I believe she posted in the best spirit of CruiseCritic's boards--offering information that cruisers can use (or not) depending on their individual circumstances. Thanks, Ladys Mom!
  19. So, if we order coffee from Room Service, will it be the "regular pouring coffee"? Or can you special order a Cafe Americano or a latte from Room Service? Or do I need to visit the Coffee Connection and carry them back to the stateroom? (Ah, to have the luxury of such "problems"!) Many thanks,
  20. Excellent news! We are also remaining in Munich for a few days. Will need to decide if we want to take Crystal's shuttle to the airport and then onto Munich city center or the train from Vilshofen directly into Munich. Let's hope this itinerary goes--Crystal has cancelled all its Bach and Mahler sailings for 2021--and we have this to worry about! Take care,
  21. Another option for folks may be to BYO COVID-19 antigen test. U.S. Customs and Border Protection now accepts certain home tests to meet the testing requirement for entry to the United States. There are at least two of these tests--you collect the sample, upload it to the lab website, and they send you results electronically you show as proof--available for purchase. The one I've seen used successfully (post on "The Points Guy") is the BinaxNOW COVID-19 Antigen Home Test. I've seen it advertised for sale for $150 for a pack of six; you can do an internet search for sellers. It is not much
  22. For any with the same question I had about Keith's post, here's a link to the vacation guide: https://online.fliphtml5.com/gwsfl/fvni/#p=2 We're booked on a Symphony Caribbean sailing, so there will likely be some differences from the Bahamas' sailings, but following what will be required by Crystal as a preview of what we should anticipate. When those on the initial sailing of the Caribbean cruises receive the version of the guide specific to those cruises, would greatly appreciate someone posting a link. Hoping everyone has a great cruise in the Bahamas (so cl
  23. We are booked on the Papeete to Auckland segment of the 2022 WC. Unlike BBWC, we have received NO communications from Regent reassuring us that the cruise is sailing, with or without changes in ports of call. So maybe BBWC's suspicions that it will sail with only those booked for the full WC has some merit? I'm beginning to get a complex, however. If the WC or just our sailing on our selected segment is cancelled, that will make us four time losers in the quest to sail with Regent for the first time. Maybe everyone should check with us on cruise plans first and then book someth
  24. Please post what Crystal says, J80crew. We are on that same itinerary only later. We planned to spend a few days in Munich after the cruise and it would be good to know options. Thanks,
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