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  1. Forgive me all you kind readers. This was meant for another thread.... I hate the old rabbit holes and did not mean to make a deep one.....
  2. In Georgia all vaccines given at any location are to be downloaded into the public health depts GRITS website. Parents of kids may be aware of this, most adults not. Any vaccination given to you since 2004 in Georgia anywhere is to be recorded on the website. You can request a copy of your record. I did this a few years back when curious if really up to date and it was. I suspected most if not all states have a record that is similar. A quick google search should give you the answer.m Private companies have been involved with your health choices for years. The hospital I retired from las
  3. Totally agree, if trying a cruise line I would pick no shorter then a two week cruise and not a back to back cruise. I also would have at least a few seas days. Taking a world cruise is a huge expense, you want to fine the one that matches the best for you. Use a travel agent who has booked world cruises on a variety of different types of cruise lines, mainstream to luxury and who knows the culture of the line. Classic example is Cunard, this line has a class system on board and the higher levels very formal. You might end up on a cruise you are very happy on or miserable. They also know which
  4. I am betting all passengers and crew will need to be vaccinated with very few exceptions. At this point no masks on ship. Crossing fingers.
  5. I just re-read my post. Note to self - do not post while sitting on the beach with a glass of wine. Spelling errors noted, hopefully my points came across😉.
  6. I would absolutely not rule out Seabourn and Regent. They are fabulous lines that I would cruise again with in a heartbeat and a huge step up from premium Oceania. I have never been on Viking though I have followed Heidi’s excellent blogs. We have many similar likes in picking a cruise. That being said we choose Regent for both our cancelled 2021WC and now WC 2022. our 2022 is a bit odd as more a Pacific Rim Cruise. (WC 2023 more traditional). Our cruise is 120 days, 76 days in a port with 18 overnights. This leaves 44 sea days. Regent is the most inclusive of all the cruises we
  7. So very happy for you!!! I have been to many of the places, not Russia. Stunning voyage. Better timing then WC22. For that we are cautiously optimistic. Only negative from my point of view is that we will not cruise with you and David. Btw, just booked Splendor Panama Canal 1/5/23. Care to add a second cruise? Ends in Florida😉.
  8. I struggle with this topic. I have spent much of the past year as a nurse on a Covid floor. I am now retired but now volunteering giving Covid vaccines. I have lost a friend to Covid last month, 1 more on week 5 on a vent, many friends sick with with various levels of healing. Covid is in my face right now and I have a real respect for the seriousness of this illness. I realize that my perspective is different then some. My gut is masks may be required. I have no real problem with wearing masks, (I am certainly a mask fan right now) if that lets me cruise again. I really, really want to cru
  9. Totally agree. As I am a recently retired hospital nurse I am thrilled to see and hear of my coworkers getting this vaccine the last 24 hours. Nurses and doctors are among the most trusted professionals and can influence the general population to take the vaccine. Way to go Rachel for posting this photo. The ability to get one of the first shots well deserved. One of many hero’s risking life at the moment.
  10. I agree. Also particularly in Asia mask wearing to prevent infection common place and unless this pandemic is totally eradicated we may be encouraged to wear masks when off the ship not only to protect ourselves but to be culturally aware and respectful.
  11. OrthoCruiser, As you are staying on the Mariner check out the WC 2022 Roll Call. You guys doing segments are welcome to join in the fun of planing your cruise. Lisa
  12. I do expect to see segments offered eventually. I know the day we booked WC 21 it was wait listed all the way down. We first booked a PH and changed mind 2 weeks later and got a deck 10 Horizon Suite with tub/shower combo. We waitlisted for a HS with shower on deck 8 or 9 and got it a few weeks later. There was obviously a lot of movement. I expect a lot of movement here too. We are now booked WC 22 on a deck 10 HS shower, waitlisted for deck 8 or 9. I would hope those that hung in for Regent to cancel would bump me further down on the wait list, that seems very fair. I am not expecting to ge
  13. I think few people will be ready to cruise under these guidelines today. These guidelines are set up for what we know today. I really am optimistic that cruising will go back to normal with an effective, world wide vaccine. I am hoping mid to last 2021. I remember my grandmother looking back saying that she thought her kids would “never” be able to swim in ponds or pools due to polio threat that was so devastating. Then effective vaccine and it made her idea of safety non applicable.
  14. I can not imagine cruising with these guidelines. Because of wording they seem to be guidelines. Regarding testing, A person can test negative on Monday, get exposed Tuesday, get negative results Wednesday, board Thursday and have symptoms Saturday. The minimal number of hospital beds not nearly enough is outbreak. I still do not think cruise lines will be sailing with passengers until there is a vaccine.
  15. The free medical care does not cover services off the ship. Of note, the ship is not set up to be a hospital and can treat only relatively minor injuries and illness. Even the most healthy can not predict an illness such as appendicitis that would get one dropped of at the nearest port. I would want insurance to cover that type of thing. I also would add Medjet to eventually get me to hospital of my choice(home) once stable. i am away from home for the next month and I can not remember the details of insuring our 21WC but I do know we had to insure our significant deposit that was signifi
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