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  1. Grandma, We started out cruising with Celebrity. We always had parents or kids. We did little interacting with fellow passengers as we had plenty of interaction with family. We then upgraded to Oceania, just DH and myself. The ship had 300 passengers and we did interact with people. You could eat with who you wanted and no assigned seatings. That was the first cruise that we joined a “roll call” and met people immediately who we still keep in contact with. It felt like Oceania was a big jump from the mainstream cruises. But, we wondered what we were missing not trying a luxury cruise. We also wondered if the luxury jump would be worth the price. Would we fit in? I am a nurse and DH an engineer. First experience was with Regent then Seabourn. Both great. Wow, what a jump in the experience. Huge basic rooms, over the top service and the passengers were really nice. The common comment is not what people do, trying to one up each other, but rather the feeling of pinching yourself that you are fortunate enough to to experience the cruise. Would we go back to mainstream? Absolutely, especially with our grandsons but never for the two of us. Probably not to return to the premiumLimes.. We have been surprised that when you add everything up, Regent Prices particularly are often equal to the price of premium and occasionally with the mainstream lines. This is especially true if you are going to pay extra for business airfare. We have found our home in the luxury market. We particularly love the passenger interaction with Regent. Regent encourages friendships among passengers. They have hall parties, Country Fairs, games with fellow passengers and included excursions. We like the “eat whenever and with whomever you want“. We are booked on the 2021 WC with Regent and I am confident we will meet many life-long friends. Our roll call has around 40 people and we are getting to know people already. You will never know whether the lux experience is for you unless you try it out!
  2. Bob, Wow, thanks for the recommendation. The beach looks beautiful. Was it hard to get a cab back to the ship? Lisa
  3. What excursion did you choose for St Lucia? Did you hear anyone talk of a better excursion? We will be there next January with Regent. We had a nice time 2 years ago on a Segway excursion with Seabourn. You are right about the poverty, we noticed the same.
  4. Correct, one death in Philippines, a man with underlining health issues according to NYTimes. Although CVirus a concern understandably to those traveling, flu has killed > 8000 In US . I am a nurse and see the havoc flu causes yet no one terribly worried and many won’t be vaccinated.
  5. I could not agree more. Of course a doctors waver for those few folks who can not get the vaccination.
  6. That sounds like fun. I can host if people can come!
  7. Hello you fellow 2021 cruisers. i am enjoying both the Regent WC blogs. Marsha responded to my gala questions on her blog. DH will have a sport coat for the cruise. Out son is being married in Tampa in July. For the wedding I actually bought a light weight long dress that will work for the cruise but probably too light weight for the gala. i tend to freeze in southern air condition restaurants. I was in Florida last week and thought about getting in touch with you Florida folks. I drove right by Wendy's town. Alabama, Georgia and Florida too close to not meet prior to the cruise if nearby. That being said if you all are in the North Atlanta area message me and we can meet. Norma, your trip sounds great. The overlands are quite expensive. As we are still working our trips are primarily to see children and the grands. Oh I do have a retirement date 10/26 and DH 12/31. This year is busy and flying by.
  8. We are booked on Regent’s 2021 WC. I have been following several 2020 WC blogs including two bloggers now on Regent. I am hoping there are several more people on the present Regent WC who can add their thoughts. I heard Regent hosted a fantastic gala. Can anyone give me highlights of the day prior to embarkation. Details of the gala would be appreciated including the percentage of men in suits verses sports coats etc. The only pictures I have seen of last years gala the women seemed quite dressy, did that hold true this year? Were there any special guests or highlights of the evening? How was breakfast. Were transfers from the hotel handled smoothly or would ubering for this cruise be recommended. For us the pre-Cruise hotel at the Ritz in Miami at the start of the 2021 WC will add to the excitement. We have high expectations for this once in a lifetime cruise. Regent seems to start the cruise right.
  9. You are correct, Wendy and her DH are on the WC. Super nice and often has same WC questions I do.
  10. Having been on all three lines you will have a good time on all. Many similarities between them. We have been on both the Seabourn Pride ( now Windstar) and the Odyssey. We did Asia on the Pride and had an amazing time. 300 guests, younger, once in a lifetime “Cavier in the Surf”in Thailand. We did B2B Caribbean on the Odyssey and leaned towards older crowd but still great, we had two “Cavalier in the Surfs”but spoilt by Thailand. Crystal Symphony Norway/Iceland was impacted by bad weather and a huge group on board. Not as laid back as the other 2 lines and standard balcony cabin so small and “tired”. Penthouses wonderful. Harder to get to know people but ship beautiful. We have been on Regent Navigator, the ship people either love or hate. We like the interaction between officers and with other passengers. Regent does a lot to encourage friendships between passengers, not important for some but a huge plus for us.We booked 2021 WC Regent but looked hard at Seabourn. We ruled out Crystal as it was a larger ship and for us not as laid back as the other two. A Crystal penthouse would have been a must and out priced us. Regardless everyone should try the other lines, it gives you three very good choices.
  11. You have been given very good advice. I would add to find an experienced, high volume travel agent who can hold your hand through the process. Ours knew we were planning a WC and we were able to book the specific category room we wanted three days before the public. She also helped us with insurance, not an insignificant challenge. We booked our 2021 WC in July 2018. Many ships fill up fast. i would say to narrow down your options to a few cruise lines. Then take a short cruise on the lines that appeal. You will find the true vibe of the ship in a longer then 7 day cruise. Every cruise line has its own culture. We personally found the luxury cruises gave us more bang for the buck. We chose Regent as it was resort casual, nearly all inclusive and the friendly vibe on board. Some cruise lines are much more formal such as Cunard. If you did not know what you were doing you might book a cruise that was not a good fit for you.
  12. Correct regarding cellphone. I needed to say ship’s phone service. Thanks for correcting. It does avoid confusion.
  13. Wendy, Thanks for your offer to use a phone minute or two. Generous but would never ask that of you. I have more research to do. Under our WC room description we get 15 minutes of cellphone. I believe we will automatically be gold at the start of the WC. So I guess more. For routine communication WhatsApp and text will be great. Now the challenge of teaching the 93 year old these applications.
  14. Wow, my computer genius husband totally missed this. He knew it was maybe possible but never tried it before. We just did a “test run” at home and it works like a charm. Thanks!
  15. We are leaving a 94 year old and two 85 year old parents (all with no health problems and living independently) while we are on the 2021 WC. Seriously considering buying a Satellite phone to keep in touch with parents, particularly during the long route from South America and Australia. We are of course going to contact Regent but wonder whether anyone else has done this. Looking at google it seems people have done it. Internet is so spotty and slow we thought this might be an acceptable work around.
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