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  1. I do expect to see segments offered eventually. I know the day we booked WC 21 it was wait listed all the way down. We first booked a PH and changed mind 2 weeks later and got a deck 10 Horizon Suite with tub/shower combo. We waitlisted for a HS with shower on deck 8 or 9 and got it a few weeks later. There was obviously a lot of movement. I expect a lot of movement here too. We are now booked WC 22 on a deck 10 HS shower, waitlisted for deck 8 or 9. I would hope those that hung in for Regent to cancel would bump me further down on the wait list, that seems very fair. I am not expecting to get our preferred HS.
  2. I think few people will be ready to cruise under these guidelines today. These guidelines are set up for what we know today. I really am optimistic that cruising will go back to normal with an effective, world wide vaccine. I am hoping mid to last 2021. I remember my grandmother looking back saying that she thought her kids would “never” be able to swim in ponds or pools due to polio threat that was so devastating. Then effective vaccine and it made her idea of safety non applicable.
  3. I can not imagine cruising with these guidelines. Because of wording they seem to be guidelines. Regarding testing, A person can test negative on Monday, get exposed Tuesday, get negative results Wednesday, board Thursday and have symptoms Saturday. The minimal number of hospital beds not nearly enough is outbreak. I still do not think cruise lines will be sailing with passengers until there is a vaccine.
  4. The free medical care does not cover services off the ship. Of note, the ship is not set up to be a hospital and can treat only relatively minor injuries and illness. Even the most healthy can not predict an illness such as appendicitis that would get one dropped of at the nearest port. I would want insurance to cover that type of thing. I also would add Medjet to eventually get me to hospital of my choice(home) once stable. i am away from home for the next month and I can not remember the details of insuring our 21WC but I do know we had to insure our significant deposit that was significant. I believe we had to purchase insurance within 2 weeks of booking to cover pre existing conditions. Pre existing conditions are tricky. An example I am a healthy, 60 year old. i exercise and have no pre existing conditions except borderline osteoporosis. I have not needed any treatment except weight bearing exercise and calcium . Say 3 weeks prior to cruise I fall and break a hip. Insurance could refuse to pay cancelation as had pre existing condition. This actually happen to a friend of mine. BTW our TA compared insurance policy’s at the time of booking and we ended up with Travelex. When we moved to WC22 the policy was moved with us.
  5. I will add that Regent prepares great fish. The chef buys locally caught. Overall food excellent, I love that you can ask for appetizer portions. We found there was a night and day difference in the cruise experience between Oceania and Regent. The main dining room on Oceania no better then Celebrity. I suggest you try a 12-14 day Regent cruise. Only you can really decide if the food meets your expectation. If you find the food not to your satisfaction you will still have a five star cruise experience elsewhere on the ship. Also if you overnight in a city or have a pre or post cruise experience you can reserve an evening at a Michelin star restaurant in town.
  6. We would love it! We can drive to Birmingham too when it gets safer. I am in lovely Gwinnett County that has the highest Covid in the state. Lisa
  7. Sadly it seems we were smart to change our itinerary last spring. Looking forward to meeting you in 17 months. Glad you were able to move your insurance also.
  8. Our insurance allowed us to moved with the policy from the 21 WC to the 22 WC.
  9. I am disappointed for those booked on WC 21. I know how sad we were moving to 2022 in April and it has to be worse having picked excursions. Perhaps many will move to 2023 or of course join me in 22.
  10. Interesting topic. Our age played into insurance when we booked 2021 WC. When we booked it in August 2018 we bought our insurance right away per TA recommendations. At time of booking I was 58 and husband 63. Apparently cost would have gone up at the magic numbers of 60 and 65. We ended up with Travelex covering just about everything, including pre-existing conditions. We will add Medjet so we can transfer to the hospital of our choice if needed. What was nice is when we moved the cruise from 21 to 22 Travelex allowed the change with no increase in price and the same terms.
  11. Long cruise. We are pushing it moving to 2022 from 2021In terms of family issues. Will be interested to see the itinerary. Regent seems to be delaying the announcement, they announced 2021 and 2022 the end of July I believe.
  12. The good news is that people are willing to volunteer to be on a Covid virus trial. It may be a bit of silver lining in the US as we have many opportunities for exposure and a high population with the virus. This is very good for a trial. I am on the list! No Covid injection for me... Like all of you I have high hopes of a Regent cruise in the future along with a lot of money invested in a cruise. The unknown is nerve racking not only for this but for the loses and risks and fears of this time. I think we all feel this way and I know this plays into the disagreements seen on this board. Though I have seen super kindness, ex WC 21 roll call. At the hospital back in April I was upset and a wee bit angry at the loss of WC, get together with friends, seeing grandboys, parents, children and the stress of very sick patients. The list goes on, anyone relate? We had a group of people around the desk at the hospital griping and the chaplain challenged us to do kind things outside self to others. Really?? I though to self, I already work on Covid unit but advice ended up great. Even husband noticed I was less stressed. So, I am going to highjack the thread for 2 sentences for every one with similar attitude that I had. Start with donating blood, platelets (or plasma if you have had Covid). Hospitals are desperate. Donated meals or trays of fruit or cookies to nursing units, ICUs and ERs really made us feel appreciated. Write and call single friends, bring dinner and sit outside 6 feet apart, we may regret not meeting up outside when the weather turns bad. Catch up with old friends, which has been great. Notice no mask talk but I bet you can guess....Now back to no sail orders....
  13. Regent and the CDC have a really tough decision. I am a RN who retired from a Covid unit last month. This is a very complex disease that presents in a variety of ways patient to patient. No one way treats all. Most patients on a ventilator die in spite of the best care. We can not predict who will get it and do ok. The 84 year old diabetic may live in spite of stastistics and the 34 year old with no comorbidities will die. The numbers of people who get sick can overwhelm a health care system fast. It is super contagious, we saw whole families sick, wedding parties and funerals. The nature of a cruise ship is close contact. Covid takes up a lot of resources both staff and PPE that cruise ships do not have. What about testing? Try to find a country that would help a ship load of Covid patients. Starting anything back too soon a price will be paid with deaths and overwhelmed ship hospitals (think Georgia and Florida). I think an effective vaccine is probably best thing to get cruise ships rolling. I am guessing( just a guess) mid 2021. Fingers crossed to make 2022 WC. Until then I am doing everything I can do to stay healthy to make it on the cruise.
  14. For cruise lines that decide to sail prior to a vaccine I think we will see protocols like this. They might even go further and require a rapid Covid 19 test priot to sailing. US citizens may have a problem as we have large numbers of Covid. The county in Georgia I live in has the highest number in the state. Our state is one of many having an uptick. I would not want me on your cruise right now. Our neighborhood pool just opened and many not open yet. Many people including myself wearing masks. These are tough times for the cruise line to decide the risk of sailing. I know Regent would love to be sailing if they felt it was safe.
  15. We first traveled Regent in our late 40's with our mid 20 year old, single adult kids. We had a ball. It was a summer 8 day cruise in the Med. No recollection of children on board (it would have been a negative for us if many) but there were several multi generational families with 20 year olds. Our kids had a ball and feel we have spoilt them for life. My children actually had 2 sets of quite elderly great grands alive at the time and very comfortable interacting with all ages. The did hang out with the entertainment crowd also. Regent a wonderful lux experience. We love the resort casual nature of the cruise line as did our 20 somethings.
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