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  1. Have one booked on horizon in aug 21. Really hope they dont kick us off the ship
  2. Bumping our review of the Horizon from last year......if someone was looking for something fun to read about! Pizza Line Check!
  3. Man we could go for some pizza and some pasta bar right now. We have 40 days until we board the Breeze! My wife adds a lot of parmesan cheese to her Alfredo and that helps with it being bland. Crazy on the salad size difference! Hope you are having a great time. Don’t forget to go check out sky billiards on deck 11! It’s really fun!
  4. Enjoy the trip, make sure to check the Pizza Line for us! We had a great time last April on the Horizon. You posted a few times in our “currently in the horizon” thread.
  5. Thank you for the reply. Will only have the car for about 3 weeks before we go on our cruise. Without the experience of how long it can hold a charge we will probably won't take it. The next trip we will once we have learned more.
  6. Hello, anyone have experience leaving their Tesla at Port Canaveral or Port of Miami in the Carnival Terminals? Have two cruises booked this year and wondering if there are EV stations in the port garages?
  7. Hanging out in the Red Frog Pub after comedy!
  8. Thanks for following along. Have not done a good job like we did on the Horizon first of the year with the review. We really like the sunshine. Glad it’s close to us and not the smaller older ships.
  9. They do have a display set up for the people in the weird seats to see the stage
  10. Comedy club is pretty full 15 minutes from showtime at 7! There is some weird seating locations on either side of the stage, you can not see the stage from the seats. We had dinner on lido again. It was elegant night but just was not feeling the MDR.
  11. We are trying it tomorrow night at 5:30 for the first time in 12 cruises! We are excited. We are getting a little tired of the normal food to be honest. Not that it is bad it’s just always the same each cruise.
  12. Enjoying a relaxing day at sea on our balcony today. If anyone has any questions please let us know!
  13. A few pictures around Bermuda. The day started out rainy but got better as the day went on.
  14. We plugged in the twizy in the old fort over night to charge. They have an app you can download and it shows you charging points. Would have never found this without watching a YouTube video. We took some footage and I will put together a video once we get home.
  15. Sorry for the long delay. We rented twizy electric cars in Bermuda. They were awesome! We got to keep them for 24 hours so parked them at the port over night. The cost was $130. Had to take the Ferry over time Hamilton to pick them up. $4.50 each way for the ferry ride. The color of the water around Bermuda is unlike anything we have seen around the other islands in the Caribbean.
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