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  1. Just love this topic you can guarantee lots of differing opinions, and all valid, 2BACRUISER the Gordon's gin is on the basic package but my OH enjoys a Tanquary which is not and I enjoy a nice beer and a VSOP brandy night cap😊
  2. Hi BJ sorry can't help with that but good wishes for your cruise, hope all goes well. 🍻
  3. Sorry we can't agree with ' well done Tui' as in March 2020 we had a cancellation and they promised a BACS refund, in writing, which was two days prior to them closing the TAs but after many months they only sent vouchers which run out this year. We have had great cruises with them, well over fifty, however I do believe they have now sorted themselves out and that it was, for us, probably the worst time to have a cancellation. But certainly not well done.
  4. We think yes for all the above reasons, plus craft beers and Prosecco Gold🍻will try to post menu!
  5. Hope all goes well for you, stay safe and have a good one 🎉
  6. Hi BJ we are OK unfortunately grandson just received a positive covid result, as have most of his school, its not over yet! We are still not ready to book anything still looking at the old phots and film's of past holidays, tonight after strictly & the match we found March 2013 Portafino unexpected fantastic holiday, if you like music look up Andrea Bocelli in Portafino, wow what a fantastic day.
  7. Good question, sounds like Tui are hoping to pick up more business. I would just suggest you contact your insurers for confirmation you have total cover. Good luck. Hope all well. 😉
  8. Unfortunately ours are the ones they issued at the very start and cannot be extended they can only be used for anything Tui. 🙄
  9. Only advice I can give is don't accept vouchers, I still have ours from March 2020 which are running out 😣
  10. Think she has the best idea, you can always rebook later 👌
  11. It's certainly not all over yet. We will be waiting a little longer before taking the risk, even though we have a cruise voucher that has to be used by Jan. Will probably book for 2023 and move again if not comfortable. 😕
  12. If this is true its very scary and in my opinion, irresponsible.
  13. Thanks for report just one question are they still charging for the WiFi?
  14. Thanks Dave was thinking more of the round UK cruise, thinking we would rather isolate at home and in a cabin.
  15. Lot's of what if’s, could you leave the ship to find you own way home, who would stop you, can you leave your cabin, no but if its not locked who knows, who cleans the cabins. 🤔 Bit negative I know.
  16. Wondering if they can order anything and how they entertain themselves 24/7 not really a holiday.
  17. Thanks for that, not something we would feel comfortable with so will wait a little longer before spending our vouchers.
  18. That's not good when you have the day onboard, but it's all changing just pleased I have the memories.
  19. You can also hire a cabin or if yours is available remain in it at a cost. They also have a cabin available, free, for a short time to have a shower and change. You can leave your hand luggage in a secure area for which they give you a ticket. 😊 Most important you can still use the AI.
  20. Thanks for posting your report. Could I just ask if anyone tested positive and if so what did they have to do also did they inform you of the protocol if the test was positive. 🙄
  21. Ditto, think the phrase 'regimented' did it for us. 🙄
  22. Interesting BJ learnt something today 👍
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