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  1. My opinion is that both are OK and much better than Corfu, but that was pre covid, good luck 🤞
  2. Think that will be resolved with the reduction in passengers projected down to 60%🙄
  3. Go on then, I was going to post that this is the first year that I can recall not taking a holiday of some sort, that's a lot of years🙄. Keep safe everyone and one day perhaps we will return to normality. 🤗
  4. Hi Jim think our count of cruises on her was 21and she is now the sixth Thomson/Tui cruise ship, that we have been on, that has now left the fleet. 😢
  5. That's sad news but not unexpected, remember when she replaced Destiny good memories.
  6. https://www.sunstartholidays.co.uk/no-deposit-holidays-2021/ Think I've done it😊
  7. Don't really know that, I assumed it was to cover them for just the one total payment at 12 weeks out😕 I am not good at posting links but I found it on Google under Tui no deposits. May help.
  8. Full payment is due 12 weeks prior to the holiday. It's not available on all holidays and you have to opt in and give them your bank details for a direct debit, if you cancel the holiday or the dd before the 12 weeks you have to pay normal deposit.
  9. Just a year ago this week was our last Captains Table. Good memories 🤗
  10. Perhaps he hasn't lost any money. Sorry I don't understand the snowflake quote but I am an oldie. Think we all need a pre covid cruise well I do🌞
  11. Wished I had that problem, we have a voucher from March which they refuse to repay in cash, just two days remaining until its esculated, but I'm not holding out for a positive response, no luck with insurance, cards etc next is small claims but that will cost😕
  12. Not been in any of those cabins but am fairly certain it's the studio for having your photo portraits.
  13. And today, Wed, Tui did a three day, go nowhere, cruise out from Germany.
  14. Just noted MSC starting to cruise again in the Med🙄
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