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  1. Yes we had the same problems with HSBC when I reached the golden age that's why we switched to Nationwide. Still struggling with Tui & ABTA for our refund, apparently I have to give them 54 days🤔 for the final reply before our solicitor will engage 🙄.
  2. Hi BJ hope you and yous are all ok. Ours is with Nationwide so don't know how yours will work. We were due to renew next month I informed them that I had not used the existing policy and didn't think I would require cover for sometime and had no bookings at the moment. They refunded our age/medical premium for the last twelve months 😉, £250, and said they would reinstate the policy when I had a booking. I would suggest you give your bank a call. Good luck 🤞
  3. Just a heads up for anyone who has a travel insurance upgrade through a bank account. Check if you are due a refund if you have not used the account and do not have a booking. Our bank has refunded our full twelve months premium. But you have to ask. 😉 Good luck.
  4. No, the port one we had, 8076, was ok with easy access to the shack and bars, think the overhangs are towards the front.
  5. No problems at all with overhang and its the largest balcony we have ever had, that's the stern one, two sun loungers, two chairs and a table with still plenty of room to walk round.
  6. We found JS on the Discoverys very spacious with lots of extras. Did 8076 & 8086 a couple of times on Discovery & 8086 on Discovery 2. We found the stern cabins much better than port or starboard. Unfortunately on D2 our last cruise we had a soot problem, as did most passengers, they did refund us and I believe have fixed the exhaust 'scrubbers' now. If we go on her again we would definitely go for 8086 any questions just ask.
  7. Hi sugarnuts1 have a look at my post #4 above, as you say they have a legal obligation to refund you but only after the cruise does not go ahead.
  8. As I have found from legal advice you can only lose your deposit if the cruise goes ahead they must refund if it is cancelled, think its something to do with if the cruise is not available it can not be sold. You should be OK with your refund unfortunately ours is complicated, voucher etc, prior to the Marella refund policy, looking like ours will be a court action 🙄
  9. Yes we did last March and they informed us as they have you about loss of deposit, which will happen if the cruise goes ahead, but if it doesn't they, legally, under the PTR 2018 sections 12,13 & 14 have to refund you and they cannot cite force majeure. We received our deposit but am still waiting a cash refund for a voucher. Good luck 🤞
  10. Lots of cruise ship movement at the moment in the chanel.?
  11. Totally agree with you, for us cruising was for the freedom and lots more. Extremely pleased and privileged to have experienced it but feel, for us, it will never return. Perhaps the next generation will get used to it, not having experienced the great times.
  12. Lucky you and congrats, still waiting from last March for ours, it was the voucher era, ABTA not working for us, still waiting a final response from Tui. WILL NOT GIVE UP.
  13. Only ever booked the junior suite. Suggest, if no one answer's you, you join a Marella group they helped me when booking a JS on Explorer. Good luck.
  14. That's disappointing and a little worrying, I have had a call from my doctor today asking me to have mine early next Tuesday instead of Friday, but will not cancel my Friday appointment until I've had my the Tuesday one, I would imagine it's a logistical nightmare for them at the moment but hopefully it will work out for us all in the end. Good luck. 🤞
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