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  1. Fellow NYS resident having difficulty finding Annual policy with limits more than $30K medical & $50K evac. Trips up to (or even over) 90 days. Will you share what coverage you have and by which company? Thanks!
  2. Ramasside Tours? I'm glad you asked because I've been itching to rave about the service I've received. After 60+ cruises and years of organizing private group tours, it takes an extreme experience to prompt me to post a review. My Ramasside experience so far has been EXCELLENT. I'm organizing an overnight tour for 32 people to Luxor, with lots of add-on activities. I'm working with Miss Nada Yehia and she is AWESOME. Nada is super quick to reply to emails, very thorough and efficient. I wish all the tour operators I deal with made it even half as easy as Nada has. Feel free to message me if you have any specific questions. Darla
  3. Also goes by the name Smith Transportation. Things go wrong and you have to flow with it. With 60+ cruises completed and years of land travel, I've experienced many missteps and learned long ago how to be adaptable. And it takes a great deal for me to write a negative review. However I expect to get what I pay for and to not get ripped off. I found Alborn Dilbert in the cruise port selling tours. After confirming that each person in our group of 6 would have a window seat we paid and dutifully went to the waiting van...which already had a family of 4 inside. Three of us ended up crammed in center seats. The boy in the other family was loud, obnoxious and kept encroaching on other's space. Our guide Nicky phoned Mr. Dilbert from our first stop. Mr. Dilbert offered another vehicle sent to retrieve us, go back to the port and pay him even more to get the experience we negotiated in the first place. Are you kidding? We'll tough it out. The others wanted to go to the monkey park. We'd visited there before so opted to skip that and go directly to West Bay Beach. Our driver, Mitchell, insisted we pay an entry fee to go to the beach. I told him we'd been here before and there is no fee to go to the beach, we don't need a chair or resort services. I told Mitchell to take us to one of the public walkways to the beach. He insisted that had changed and we MUST pay. So we are trapped in the van outside of Foster's, a resort on the beach which we have no need of, and have to pay or just sit in his van. I ended up paying. Of course while walking the beach I see the numerous public entries to the beach. Ugh. A different driver picked us up so I wasn't able to get my money back. Our guide called Mr. Dilbert and told him what happened, he said he'll talk to us when we get back to the port. Well talking to Mr. Dilbert was a waste of time as it was clear he would not stand behind the actions of his staff and refund me the money I was ripped off. I went to the port office and filed a written complaint. While I was in the port office Mr. Dilbert wouldn't answer the office's calls to his cell. I was told that he would not be allowed to sell his tours at the port for 2 weeks. He should have done the right thing and stood behind his staff.
  4. I'm in on doing this for Vuk in Sept. Doug, let us know what you wrote on the delivery card and I'll do the same.
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