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  1. I suggest you post on Gulf Coast Departures and, look at other posts as this is covered. There are several limo/transfer companies as well as Uber/Lyft who will provide transportation.
  2. The Port of Galveston charges a fee to all TNC's (Transportation Network Companies) . This includes taxis, Uber (Lyft), limo's, buses and shuttles. Some will show the fee as a separate line item; others will build into price. Either way, they all have to pay the fee.
  3. He also improves the bank account of his employees; most of whom are local. He also housed his employees after Hurricane Harvey; not only to keep his restaurants open but to provide shelter for those who had lost their homes. Is he disliked because he is wealthy? He is also a local who happens to be very successful as was George Mitchell. Galveston would not be where it is today without these men who invested heavily on the island.
  4. Sorry to disagree, but have had many great steaks at Salt Grass as well as "fall off the bone" ribs. I don't know of any restaurants on the island or even elsewhere that advertise "Texas beef". Majority of restaurants, if not all, purchase through a supplier as it would be cost prohibitive to purchase direct, if even available, with all the restrictions from the FDA. Quality of food depends on the kitchen.
  5. They are good, but chain restaurants. We have so many great restaurants in Galveston worth going to that are locally owned. You can watch the ships from Marina Bar & Grill.
  6. The tanker and the 81" fishing vessel collided at 3:30 PM Tuesday afternoon.
  7. Ship channels closed as search continues for missing mariners By KERI HEATH The Daily News Update, 2:10 p.m. Crews are assessing the amount of diesel fuel that has leaked into the water near the site of where the fishing vessel Pappy's Pride and 600-foot tanker Bow Fortune collided, Galveston County officials said. The county learned fuel from Pappy's Pride had leaked Wednesday morning, county spokesman Zach Davidson said.
  8. Ships come in with fog. This a search and recovery for two missing fishermen; has little to do with the boat. The channel has been closed since 3:30 yesterday when the accident occurred.
  9. Galveston recorded its millionth cruise passenger a few weeks ago. RCCL will continue to have at least two ships here, if not more. Princess, NCL and MSC has have voiced interest to home port in Galveston. As the 4th largest cruise port in the U.S.; Galveston will continue to expand the cruise business and commercial dockage.
  10. The new terminal will be at Pier 10 - 10th Street
  11. As suggested, don't drive Harborside. There is more than one way to get to the terminal. 22nd is the access to terminals. Take Broadway to 22nd or go past and take any street to Harborside and enter from east side.
  12. Great suggestions. Luggage can be stored at Cruise Stop at 2418 Strand. The American Undersea Warfare Center is now know as the Galveston Naval Museum located at Seawolf Park
  13. The toll roads in many areas are Easy Tag only. Check with Harris County Toll Road Authority which areas accept cash. Honestly, it is not the time it takes to get to the airport, but weather conditions that could possibly delay the ship. Our fog days are few and the pilots now bring ships to dock in fog conditions but it only takes once for someone to experience a delay. Living in Galveston we have always made it to IAH in less than 90 minutes no matter the time or day. But we know where we are going and which areas will be congested.
  14. Hotels nearest the Port are Harbor House and Tremont Hotel. All others are either on Hwy 45S on the island or Seawall Blvd. None are far from the Port once on the island.
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