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  1. I’m booked on radiance also October 29. Do you think they will move us to a different ship instead of cancelling us?
  2. Is cruise with confidence still an option? i have an 8 night cruise in May. They know they aren’t going to be sailing. My final payment is due February 21st. I looked into lift & shift, that won’t work for us. I don’t want to cruise on the explorer. I heard it really needs upgrades. So that is out. That seems to be our only option. Already have an fcc applied to the cruise in May. Have another cruise in August. 7 night. I’m hoping things will be better. I have a deposit on that one. Also, have one booked for October. Paid the taxes on that one and am supposed to apply an fcc that I have. The issue I have is I keep applying fcc’s. The cruises keep getting cancelled. Don’t want to lay anymore money out. Don’t want anymore Will royal give me a refund under cruise with confidence if i used an fcc? I also have onboard credit from switching my onboard credit over plus the extra 25%. What will happen with that?
  3. Thank you. I was wondering if I had to wait again for the money to go back in the cruise planner. And if I would’ve had to pay using another method. This is great to hear.
  4. I just received my onboard credit fcc. If I purchase a drink package and I see it cheaper how does it work using the fcc?
  5. I booked a cruise for March 14 2021 on harmony of the seas. I booked an ocean view balcony stateroom. The price with balcony savings, 30% savings and 2021 kicker. Comes out to $2833.46. i priced it out today and the price under the new sale is around $500 more. can someone explain to me why cruises from port canaveral are so expensive? every sale royal puts out the price keeps going up. And cruises from Miami and ft lauderdale have price drops and great deals. Im really trying to figure out why.
  6. thank you everyone! i booked the doubletree. was a little concerned about the reviews. saying the hotel was dirty and rooms needed upgrades. staff was rude. but seeing the pictures and getting great reviews from cruise critic friends helped make my decision. if anyone stays here before november 28 please come back and let us know how your stay was and post some pictures.
  7. Well that just confirmed for me that there will be some kind of announcement that they will stop cruising for 60 days. Was supposed to cruise March 29th from San Juan. Haven’t cancelled yet but I guess they will being doing that for me. Also, read Puerto Rico has enacted the national guard at the airport as will scan for coronavirus. and they will be around the area to monitor the situation. And will not have any activity with more then 100 people. I will I’ll just wait for the announcement and reschedule when things calm down.
  8. Sg65cg do you happen to remember the times you can pick from? We have a couple traveling with us who’s flight is 2:30. Also, if we don’t do the tour what time would you suggest heading to the airport with a 3:30 flight? I’m sure it’s going to be crazy traffic.
  9. Thank you so much for the information. This is what we will probably do. Did you book it on the ship or in advance?
  10. I was looking into doing the city tour before going to the airport. We we have a 3:30 flight. Which one did you do? The one that takes you sightseeing or the one that they let you walk around on your own? if you do the one where you walk on your own is anything open on a Sunday morning? Trying to figure out if it’s worth it. What time do you get off the ship for the tour? And do you have enough time to get to the airport to go through the agricultural scan?
  11. Will be flying Jetblue from ft Lauderdale to San Juan. Have a 5am flight. Will be parking the car at long term parking. Staying in Dania beach the night before. What time do we need to have the car parked and be in the airport by. Don’t anticipate any traffic driving in at that time. But you never know.
  12. We have the doubletree booked. Haven’t stayed there before. This is our first time leaving from San Juan. But the reviews were good. And I booked corner rooms. I was told they were bigger then the regular rooms. Very excited for our March 29th cruise on freedom of the seas.
  13. I hope that’s not the case. I’ve had reservations at the doubletree for months. For one night before our cruise in March. I booked through the 800 number and they never said anything about having to stay 3 nights.
  14. I am looking for a hotel for one night before my cruise November 28-29 2020. Has anybody stayed at the doubletree biscayne? What did you like about it or didn’t like. Was parking ok there? Was there restaurants or things to do in the area? stayed by the airport last time and while the homewood suites was great didn’t like how far we were. Want to stay close to the port this time. Looked at the intercontinental it was beautiful but very pricey and the parking was pricey too. Want a bay view to see the ships
  15. we are staying in a promenade room on freedom of the seas. is there a clothes line in the shower? if not how do you dry your clothes? usually have a balcony so it wasnt an issue.
  16. Thank you! This is my first time leaving from San Juan. Very excited! But trying to get as much information as I can.
  17. will be getting off freedom on sunday april 5. our flight isnt till 3:30. keep reading about how busy it is and people having a hard time getting taxi"s and ubers. trying to figure out what to do after we get off the ship we will have our luggage. want to allow ourselves enough time to get to the airport. how early should we get there? is there somewhere we can put our luggage so we can spend some time in old san juan before we have to leave? also what is an agricultural scan? keep reading about allowing enough time for it at the airport.
  18. i hope now that they put music halls on some of the ships we will be able to see more tribute bands. the last time i saw a tribute band was 5 years ago on freedom. it was the journey one. they were amazing. i have since been on oasis, harmony, symphony & navigator. i have seen savannah jack twice. not a tribute band. tony tillman numerous times. it seems anthem gets the most tribute bands
  19. We will be staying in the homewood suites blue lagoon by the airport before our cruise november 29 of 2020. we will have a car and would like to go downtown. i keep hearing about a market place. is there parking? any suggestions would be appreciated.
  20. I also heard back from royal. I have a cruise out of San Juan March of 2020. I read the articles and it says 30 cruises from San Juan will also be cancelled. So I sent a Facebook message to them asking why we aren’t being informed by royal. That I am booked and expected to make final payment December 30th. Have airfare & hotel reserved. They responded with my cruise isn’t cancelled i wouldnt bet on that. So I will be watching this and waiting to see if royal explains how it will impact those of us who are booked. They also said that after drydock freedom will be going back to San Juan where she will stay till going to cape liberty. We will see.
  21. When I was on symphony in September we had to leave our drinks on the side of the pool while we were in the water. If we were sitting by the pool with a drink that was fine. But couldn’t drain our drinks while in the pool. That was was the first time we were told that.
  22. Doing allure November 29, 2020. Will the ship be decorated for Christmas then?
  23. So what time do you suggest heading to the port? We are leaving from San Juan March 2020. This is our first time leaving from here. Usually we try to head to the ports here around 10:15.
  24. We are driving to ft lauderdale March 27 going to leave the car at the airport. And fly at 5am on the 28 to San Juan.Trying to find a hotel close to the airport. Have been looking and everything is so expensive. Is there something going on that weekend? Don’t want to spend too much since technically we only have a few hours before we have to leave for the airport. We are used to staying at embassy suites. Have stayed at Hilton garden inn. I can’t justify paying over $300 for the embassy and $240 for Hilton garden inn. also since we have a 5 am flight, what time should we leave for the airport? any help & suggestions would be appreciated.
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