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  1. Some aerial views of the upper deck... (Instagram: kolbsteffen)
  2. First view with all the lifeboats loaded? (Instagram wiret02)
  3. You may be understating the impact, as Getaway also has a smoking area on the upper decks. If you’ve seen the dedicated area in Spice on the Bliss, I agree that it’s rather undesirable to inject that into the middle of the Waterfront. Especially if those around the pool deck have to travel down through 6-7-8 inside areas each time they want to light up.
  4. No doubt - the Bliss is a great looking ship. I just think all of the changes killed the vibe.
  5. Nah... the track will always disqualify it. The other big negatives... no Howl, and the narrowing of the public spaces through the 6-7-8 corridor and the subsequent removal of entertainment in Manhattan Room. NCL peaked with the Escape. Not even close.
  6. I suppose from a marketing standpoint, “overexposed” is what they want. I think it’s a good, albeit safe, pick. Certainly better than a radio DJ.
  7. We’ve seen a 2nd mention on FB of Kelly Clarkson being named the Godmother of Encore, but still no official press release. Can anyone dig up any clues?
  8. “Room” is not in the currently-official policy other than “designated smoking room within the casino”.
  9. I suspect your NCL person added “Smoking room:“ accidentally, or misinterpreted the policy. It is not in the policy I was sent, and what I provided is a copy and paste from that.
  10. I was wondering about some of that wasted space under the speedway. There seemed to be a lot of green deckspace serving no purpose.
  11. I assume you’re referring to the cigar bar, which is cigars only.
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