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  1. We cancelled our September cruise 4 days ago and I was very happy to see our Cruise Next Certificate is already back in our account.
  2. Thinking of making reservation at Hotel Milano in San Juan for night before cruise. Any feedback on this hotel would be appreciated. TIA
  3. Looking for a pre cruise hotel in San Juan , Puerto Rico. Looking for safe, reasonably priced hotel with easy ride to port. TIA
  4. Anyone still waiting on their cruise history to be updated and latitude rewards added? Its been over 30 days. Have sent email to NCL with no response. Tried calling and hung up after over 30 minutes on hold. We have next cruise booked and should be platinum so getting frustrated.
  5. We were on the Star in June. At Cagney's we were told unlimited appetizers and sides, 1 entree and dessert. Same in the Bistro. I assume its same on other ships. Its a lot of food. They will bring you a bill at end of meal for $0.
  6. Just spoke to a customer service agent. I have seen folks post that NCL would get you to next port if you miss your embarkation when purchasing airline through NCL. She informed me that was not true. NCL is not responsible for any airline issues.
  7. Thankyou ljrfmr. That is good news. Were you able to get NCL transfers or your own?
  8. The cruise we are looking at is in January making it doubly scary.
  9. Thinking about taking advantage of reduced airfare for San Juan departure. I know that for coming in previous day there is $25 charge pp. Does that mean we would berequired to stay at hotel NCL associated? The one Im seeing on website is about $500 a night. That kind of defeats airline savings.Anyone had experience with this? TIA
  10. We were on the June 9 sailing. We had stayed in Venice the night before boarding and arrived at the ship around 11 am. We boarded almost immediately. We ate lunch in the main dining room (Versailles). It opened at noon so we had a drink waiting for it to open in the 5 o'clock Somewhere Bar which is right around the corner from the dining room. It was a very nice relaxed lunch.
  11. Not so. On every NCL cruise we've booked we were given the option of prepaying or paying at the end. We've always chosen to prepay . Every cruise line we've researched has a DSC so this should not come as a surprise. We just disembarked from a Greek Isles Cruise and our total bill was $30 for a shuttle we chose . We chose to tip a few of the crew who went above duty . You can spend as little or as much as you wish. We've never come across a "surprise "expense. I don't think I could enjoy cruising as much if I worried about where every little bit of gratuities was going. Whether or not you choose the UDP as a perk or pay for each drink you are going to pay 20%.
  12. I so agree. So many threads about how the gratuities are delved out. The drinks package has the gratuities added whether you purchase it or get it as a perk. You mention 5 drinks but the package is unlimited. NCL has no way of predicting how many drinks you will have in the course of any day. We have always gotten it as a perk and have only tipped when a particular bartender goes above and beyond . There are no mandatory tips to wait staff in any of the dining rooms or bars.You will have already paid that upfront. If however you feel you want to show more appreciation it is strictly on you. If that's the case you just need to carry around some bills to hand out as you wish. If you wish you need not spend one more penny once you get on board.
  13. As you mention, the gratuities for the drinks package makes it come to about $20pp per day. If you purchase 5 drinks as you say you would probably do you will be spending approximately $10/12 per drink and each drink will come with a 20% gratuity charge. When you do the math the "free" beverage package comes out the cheapest. We also like not to have to worry about how much each drink costs and have to sign for them each time and then have the bill at the end of the cruise. We find the drinks package makes our vacation much more freestyle and enjoyable.
  14. + FREE UNLIMITED OPEN BAR & MORE* + $50 SHORE EXCURSION BONUS PER PORT Those are the only 2 promos expired. If you search cruises all of the other promos are still listed . Just checked some out. Actually some of them still have those promos listed.I'm thinking the system outage for today is the issue.
  15. What I find most mind boggling is people who can afford multiple cruises -a year in many cases- as noted in their histories quibbling over a couple of hundred dollars.
  16. https://shipmonk.co.uk/2019/03/25/after-two-years-ncl-drops-premium-all-inclusive-programme-for-free-at-sea-offers/?fbclid=IwAR2vwSm1smAlbbaVoDR7_1UZfPUU1MmDELApx-Be0pmiqyJtdIOZREycb7Q Not British myself but thought this might be of some interest . Norwegian Cruise Line is dropping its Premium All Inclusive programme for Britons after announcing it in a fanfare two years ago.
  17. I enjoyed Lemon Drop Martinis in several bars including the MDR and specialty restaurants, in Observation Lounge etc.. I never had one by the pool so not sure but may not be available there. Definitely not in a martini glass.
  18. Make reservations for all 4. The server will ask for your cards and know that you all have the SDP.
  19. Wow! I'm amazed how so many people who are privileged enough to take numerous cruises will quibble over a few hundred dollars. I certainly would not be enjoying cruise if I worried about every little expense and who is getting it. Personally have never had experiences with staff on ship to make me want to take away any of their livelihood. Hard working folks are the majority. If I do have less than stellar service I will certainly report it but not penalize all other crew members.
  20. I'm able to see my status and points on account but like you got the" permanent vacation " message for rewards page.
  21. Saw it on the Bliss in November. It was just under 2 hours.
  22. Thanks. Looks like I’ll have to call that number. Only taking reservations for 2 or 4 for Teppinyaki. It’s my granddaughter’s birthday so don’t want to find ourselves not having reservations for her.
  23. There are 5 of us traveling.Trying to make reservations for specialty dining but only options are for 4 or 6. Do I need to make them with cruise consultant or would you go ahead and make them as either one of those options and modify onboard ship? Teppanyaki is difficult as the can’t just pull up another chair. On a side note I’ve left 2 messages with CC and still no call back over the course of a week.
  24. I believe you’re probably right. I thought the price had gone up but now see what happened . Thanks.
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