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  1. Just to add some extra thoughts on this thread. We have done the connecting rooms a few times and it has worked really well. One of the side benefits is that the balcony dividers can be opened up making the balcony feel even bigger for each cabin.
  2. It was my understanding that the NR deposit isn't really lost completely but that a portion of it can be used towards a future cruise. How much of a hit do you take?
  3. We had the same worry before our Anthem cruise 2 years ago. Reviews were absolutely horrible and we were worried that it was going to be bad. Despite the crappy weather out of NJ in March (who decided to cruise out of NJ in March anyway?) the ship and crew were great.
  4. The escape room activity is the only thing that was completely booked when we got on board. iFly was booked up solid but we waited until the second to last day to inquire (only one of us was under the weight limit and she wasn't that interested). We enjoyed just watching others do it. Tip: Make sure you stick around to watch one of the RCI workers demonstrate the iFly. Gives you a whole new perspective on what can be done compared to a novice.
  5. I think this great advice. We loved the land tour as much as the cruise but everything was on the cruise line's schedule. The tour description said we got two days in Denali but it was really like 22 hours, half of one day and half of the other. Couldn't even do the full tour in the park. We loved the train and I knew we would. The hard part was doing the train into the Denali area and then finding a rental car. That is why I bailed and went with the HAL land tour. Next time I will rent an SUV in Anchorage and go at our own pace.
  6. I know you asked about RCI vs Princess for Alaska but you may appreciate our experience when we asked the same question. We had really only experienced RCI ships to any degree but had read here that Glacier Bay was a deal breaker in Alaska so that meant looking at Princess or HAL. On this trip we were going with my Dad (75+) and my sister (50+) and their spouses. When our TA found out we were going with mature folks instead of the kids she pushed hard for HAL or Celebrity. With the Glacier Bay variable in play we chose HAL. Glacier Bay was very nice but we missed RCI and their type of cruise greatly. HAL was fine (we agreed the food was better) but it was a whole different vibe. To this day I regret no booking with RCI. Just food for thought.
  7. Is the seaweed issue seasonal or pretty much all year round?
  8. Thank goodness they didn't say Pinnacle. People would have assumed your were jerks that spend no money and live in Florida. 🙂 Sorry, couldn't resist.
  9. And there we have the reality of the situation. In my opinion.
  10. I didn't know that you could get free cruises to magically earn Pinnacle status. Maybe that is because you can't. Even using the bonus points and conversion calculations, a lot of $ were spent attaining that status. Why is that so easily dismissed? Bottom line is that RCI has a feature/benefit and they have decided to offer it to a valued customer (high $ suite or long term loyal customer) in a way they have determined benefits them. Not much different than how they have one or two flowriders on ship to attract any or all cruise passengers. If I show up and the flowrider has a huge line do I run to cruise critic and complain that my paid for attraction was unfairly monopolized by the people that got there ahead of me? No, it is what it is. Does it matter that I am in a JS and the people in front of me are in a deck 3 inside stateroom and live within walking distance of the port? No. I would really like to know how many times this precious piece of ship space has been so crowded that a eligible guest has been turned away and couldn't get their precious free drink. If the place was overflowing with people was there an attempt to try again after dinner (assuming the visit was combined with a trip to CK) and again get rebuffed? How big of an issue is this?
  11. I've not seen anyone deny anything happened. It is the broad generalizations and sense of entitlement that is being questioned
  12. Sorry should have looked for some white zin
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