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  1. I was able to find a 3 device Surf and Stream voom a week or so ago for $19.99. Keep checking. It seems every week or two there's some type of sale. For my Jan 3 sailing it shows: VOOM SURF Voyage Package - 4 Devices Get the fastest surfing internet at sea. From*$19.99USD Adult per day Price Shown Reflects Your Discount VOOM SURF + STREAM Voyage Package - 4 Devices Get the fastest streaming, sharing and surfing internet at sea. From*$22.99USD Adult per day Price Shown Reflects Your Discount
  2. We are on this sailing too and the price increase was crazy! However we did have about a $700 decrease during Covid we got back since we booked last Jan. Then it kept going up up up up.
  3. Everytime I check pricing i just go to the website and do a fake booking. If it's cheaper on the website I call and they've always given me the rate I see on the website. *edit. I didn't realize it said sold out rooms. I've never had anyone give me that price. I've had offered that they give you an upgrade if the next room up was a cheaper rate but that's it.
  4. Ok thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. I see dining reservations have opened in the cruise planner but I can’t figure out how to make them for our package. Can we use this tool or do we have to wait until we are on board? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. Honestly it's hope... We are booked Jan 3. We think most likely it will get cancelled. However it's the hope we are holding onto. We've been booked since January. We've been looking forward to it all year. Take that away and what's the point of anything anymore.
  7. We are booked on the Allure for Jan 3rd. We booked it because it was about to get the upgrades that the Oasis did. Unfortunately Covid killed the renovations 😞 Something to think about if you are wanting the escape room/slides/etc.
  8. Coco Cay isn't allowing cruise crew to go on the island now.
  9. I called in and tried the automated thing and then it transfered me to a rep when it couldn't but I couldn't hear the rep.
  10. Anyone else having issues making a payment? I'm trying to pay the balance and i get an error. I've tried Chrome/Firefox/IE/Edge even safari on my phone. The error I'm getting is: CONNECTION ERROR There Was An Error Processing Your Payment, Please Try Again Later Twitter rccl support suggested I call in so I tried that but I get an error there too that says the balance exceeds the amount due.
  11. We had quite a few price drops the last few months and now ours is $1000 more than what we paid. We sail Jan 3 🤞
  12. I don't mind the restrictions I just have no idea how to do the covid test withing 5 days when my mom has no access to a rapid test or anything. She's driving down to the city with the airport on New Years Eve which should have rapid tests in that city but who knows if htey are open new years eve. Or we wait til we get to Miami but again who's going to be open new years day? It's a conundrum.
  13. You must not be from the South! People here are whining sooooooo much about their precious football. They are restricting to 25% of capacity for stadium which still is 25,580k people. Edited to add: They also want to recall our governor for not opening more or fully.
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