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  1. we had 7174 on Serenade in Dec 2019 - no noise from the lounges on 6. No lounges on the balcony on boarding, we requested them from the D concierge and they were delivered the next day. I would definitely book deck 7 again!
  2. Oh so you use larger font than everyone else so your opinion stands out amongst all the other opinions? Is your opinion more important?
  3. Loving all the pre cruise adventure posts 😁, @MorganClark enjoy your beach time - Junkanoo is looking beautiful.
  4. Good grief, thx for your opinion. Also, perhaps try adjusting your font, ginormous letters are so yesterday.
  5. Yes of course, I have often taken one for the road
  6. Guavate! It is so good, we visited El Rancho Original in 2019. Seems like so long ago 😢
  7. Lanyards are cool, you never lose your card after a few too many drinks 😁
  8. The Vision F&B manager once enforced it by posting staff at the door 😳 It was a bit awkward to be busted 😁
  9. You are missing out, they are both wonderful countries to visit, especially Croatia. Same in Australia, $5 note is smallest. RE tipping, always an interesting thread to read 😁
  10. I edited my post as I am getting confused too! I am hoping for a L&S for Ovation TP April 22 to April 23 (have excellent deal from another L&S in 21), however with no offer for Quantum TP probably not happening. At least it is not cancelled yet!
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