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  1. Hoopster95 does an excellent review too 😁 Second @twangster plus @PCWalton1, @A&L_Ont, @John&LaLa, @Yorkvillain , @APDMOM, @CruiseLifeRick From a few years back: @KansCocoa @Familygoboston Thanks to all of them for taking us along on their adventures!
  2. I understand citizens of the US are sad and frustrated - in Australia we are saddened by the situation you are in and we sympathise. It is truly awful. I am not trying to cause offence, however it must be said that US citizens who continue to exhibit a selfish attitude, and who refuse to follow CDC health protection guidelines will cause further virus spread. The US will not be able to get ‘back on it’s feet’. Of course guidelines change and adapt as the virus is better understood, that is the nature of science. It would be detrimental to effort if the CDC wasn’t changing and adapting the response with research.
  3. That statement is not based in fact or any form of common sense. The CDC is an agency and cannot ‘hate’, the CDC’s mandate is public health protection in the US. Current conditions onboard cruise ships have been analysed by health protection professionals as an obvious threat to public health. Also, the CDC is the regulatory authority in the US only. Every other country has their own authority for public health, and each authority has made the same no sail decision.
  4. Bit more than speculation: “Australian borders likely to stay closed until next year, Tourism Minister says” https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/amp.abc.net.au/article/12365978
  5. This! We did these two last year - fantastic ports on the b2b, great stay in San Juan the week beforehand and so fun and vibrant with the people from PR!
  6. Beautiful photos Hoopster! I spent a week on Prince Edward Island in 2017 and visited the Anne of Green Gables sites (low season, not many tourists). As a committed fan of the books I adored them, so have to respectfully disagree with you that the historic ‘Anne’ spots are boring. carry on 😁
  7. Those corner afts on Voyager class are wonderful - we had 7388 last year on Explorer.
  8. Thanks Hoopster, this is great to relive!
  9. I love Royal, and I tried Carnival and loved it! Blue Iguana Mexican was great and Guy’s Burgers was good too. I want to try NCL next, however it is hard to find the same value as Royal without the balcony discounts, D drinks etc 😄
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