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  1. Yes for regular Izumi - although I think not the Hibachi
  2. Me too, I would love to see new routes Yes please! I hope you go on this one too!
  3. we are booked on Ovation 5th (NZ) and 15th April (TP) - fingers crossed!
  4. The included deluxe beverage package for 274 days would probably be the end of me 🤣
  5. Perhaps domestic cruises from December, fingers crossed! Thanks for asking after us Dani 😁
  6. wonderful review, thanks John! Hope your Dad is ok, and your condo sells quickly
  7. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/do-i-need-a-covid-vaccine-to-cruise-what-counts-as-proof
  8. Loving the review John, thanks so much for taking us with you!
  9. fantastic news! My Voyager cruises ex Singapore were of course cancelled, I would much rather sail Spectrum 😁
  10. My very favourite! Ask for a large serve, right @John&LaLa ? 😁
  11. I think she might need to download her playlist, if she uses wifi to access Spotify etc
  12. I wish they would keep the Tsingtao, I really like it 😁
  13. Those cabins don’t have a sofa right? Did you miss having one?
  14. Such great deals, wonderful you had such a great cruise! I really like reading this sort of good news/positive attitude, thank you for reporting back
  15. I have been on this tour at Costa Maya, it was great 👍
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