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  1. The US is not doing the most testing, South Korea is: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-51818627
  2. I love this York, thanks for taking us with you!! 😀
  3. I have been on both recently and I would choose Radiance over Spirit too
  4. I would rebook that flight to arrive much earlier, you probably won’t make it
  5. 8 in 2019. 1 from Australia (not really driving distance from home though) and 7 from US ports. Only have 1 booked for this year so far though......
  6. Beautiful images Twangster! Next time maybe try a different beer though - VB is not our best 😉
  7. You will be very welcome in Australia Twangster! If you can, catch the ferry from Sydney Harbour to Manly Beach and back too. Safe travels!
  8. Last time I flew Honolulu to Sydney it only cost $349 usd (Jetstar)
  9. I have always wanted to try one of these. Spent a few weeks in the one next door on Freedom and Adventure, and peeked around the divider a bit 😁
  10. This is incorrect, casinos on cruise ships out of Australia would not make more money if they allowed smoking. All casinos in Australia (and all public places) are non-smoking since 2004, this is part of our culture and our expectation.
  11. The information so far about Lelepa mentions ‘ecological sensitivity’ and ‘natural beauty’ frequently. Hopefully the the island doesn’t end up looking like Coco Cay - we were there 2 weeks ago and it is a theme park (I agree Labadee is nicer, however not much nature remains there either).
  12. And usually the first way to hear about an itinerary release.
  13. Explore by land only would be my choice, much more opportunity to experience lovely Italy. You would miss out on so much if you had to return to a ship every day.
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