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  1. It's pretty clear advice in the email. There's a little confusion, as I read it, on the new webpages relating to this - https://www.azamara.co.uk/booked-guests/before-you-board/explore-well-at-sea/explore-well-travel-requirements The 'preparing for your cruise' section always makes it clear that a PCR test is not required if you've been double vaccinated. But then you move down to the 'What to expect on boarding' section, and it repeatedly says you need to evidence a PCR test from within 72 hours, without any of the previous qualifiers.
  2. I sailed before the capacity increase, but it was like a ghost ship then so I struggle to believe the queues can be that bad. There were lots of staff around with nothing to do, so unless they've reduced the crew it shouldn't be a problem for you. The main pools were also open all day, although extras like the rope course did have a limited opening time, not sure about the water park.
  3. Actually, it's the Government advice which is poorly worded. The article has just copy pasted it. You have to read it carefully to pick up that it applies to cruising everywhere. The specific bits on gov.uk are: "International cruise ship travel means staying overnight for at least 1 night on a sea-going cruise ship with people from multiple households starting, calling or ending at ports outside of the UK. ...you should comply with the local restrictions in all the countries you will be travelling to or through, even if only for a short shore visit you can find up
  4. Does the lifting of the international cruise ship ban today change your decision? But it basically sounds like a mistake by the operative.
  5. In case anyone missed it, the UK government has announced that international cruises can restart, so we'll all be covered by insurance from now on. Still testing requirements in place, but no quarantine except for red list countries. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/uk-travel-update-government-waives-quarantine-for-arrivals-fully-vaccinated-from-europe-and-usa-while-also-confirming-international-cruise-restart
  6. I've been having that problem for a couple of days. Tried a couple of different browsers but it happened on all of them. I wonder if it's related to the pop-up on the UK site, since the issue wasn't happening before that appeared.
  7. Most lines accept astrazeneca outside of US sailings, so it might depend on where you are sailing from. That is also true for mixed vaccines - not sure about Azamara, but NCL won't accept a mix for US sailings, but will do so for non-US ports like the first sailings in Greece. Edit: Azamara says "Vaccines must be accepted by the World Health Organization" so that includes astrazeneca. https://www.azamara.co.uk/booked-guests/before-you-board/explore-well-at-sea
  8. It's funny how people's experiences can differ. On the 12 June cruise, I never saw any one of the 16 indoor bars/lounges at more than 15% capacity at most. Even the Horizon Bar with it's great views was usually mostly empty. You only saw a crowd at the theatre, but didn't fill half of it, and about a 15 minute period in the evening in the yacht club when people gathered either to go into dinner or after just finishing.
  9. It's a definite possibility, given that we've already seen a number of ships sold. However, the early sailings suggest there are still strong levels of demand; and MSC was commenting on the UK sailings that about half the passengers were cruising for the first time, which wasn't what anyone expected.
  10. Mine is one of the reviews - https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=681590 Happy to answer your questions. The difference between MSC and other lines is mainly in the 'experiences' they offer - Bella, Fantastica, Aurea, or Yacht Club. Yacht Club is the best and worth extra money, but Virtuosa is quite expensive right now. For these, just check the cost of the extra perks you get at each level and work out if they actually equal value. For instance, Aurea gets the basic drinks package, but can still be a higher price than adding the package
  11. Suit yourself. I've already done one cruise under those conditions and it wasn't an issue in the slightest. Very happy to have lower priced cabins from all those chosing not to sail at the moment.
  12. That wasn't the case on Virtuosa in June. I think whoever you spoke to was wrong.
  13. MSC has also avoided the Covid issues that other lines have had on start up, and has been sailing safely since last August with over 100 000 passengers. even though there weren't vaccines to start with. A testament to how much care they're taking. Just in case that was another worry.
  14. US protocols may differ, but for the UK Virtuosa sailing I did, they were also checking paper versions of that at the port. I doubt they would turn you away if you had the proof to hand to show them at check in. They'd also asked everyone to upload a photo to the app beforehand, but were redoing it for everyone that I saw, so while early online submission may be easier for them in some things, they still rely on manual checking at the port.
  15. It could be more that they haven't decided what proof of vaccination, insurance etc they need, and how to get it on to the system. Most of the sailing cruise lines have adapted their online checkins to take that information. Azamara may just be slower at doing it. I'm giving them until 30 days ahead and then chasing.
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