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  1. Consider those as percentages of the population though, and it's a far cry from the US situation. They're also being dealt with, in the UK, by local lockdowns, so there will be less risk of spreading - at least in terms of flying to another country.
  2. I was asking generally, and the two posts immediately before you both mentioned 2021. I also have it showing on a 2021 cruise.
  3. Yes, but that doesn't explain the 2021 cruises.
  4. You need it to recover. Many of those shore excursions are very long. I did an 11 day on Spirit a few years ago with only one sea day in the middle - overnight, literally every cabin sprouted a 'do not distrub' sign. Was very funny.
  5. Not the new post-covid cruises unfortunately. Going into Mycruises, I've seen a bit on the cruise page you have the detail of when the cruise is departing and where from etc. I've now noticed an extra line below which says 'Will be arriving soon' and a little anchor sign. Does anyone know what this is? Boarding time? Thanks
  6. One possible reason the cruise may have disappeared is that the initial Grandiosa cruises are only for passengers from Schengen countries, which unfortunately excludes the UK. However, I have a Splendida cruise on 25th Oct from Genoa which is unaffected, so not sure that's the reason (or they just may be planning to flat out cancel the Splendida cruise).
  7. That counts as a meaningful change and you'd be entitled to a refund under the terms and conditions. I'd suggest quoting the relevant passage at whatever representative you get through to. Most of them are clueless about the law. If they don't comply you can go to trading standards. 14.2 Most changes are minor but occasionally MSC Cruises or the Company must make a significant change. The following are examples of significant changes when made before you go on the Cruise: A change in the time Passengers are due to leave the UK to go on the Cruise or the time Passengers are due to come back to the UK after the Cruise of more than 12 hours. A change of UK airport from the Passengers were due to fly to or from, except where the change is between London airports (Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, London City or Luton) or where the new airport is within 50 miles of the original airport. A change of cabin accommodation to a significantly lesser grade. A significant change to the itinerary. i.e. when the itinerary has to be changed by more than 50% and may have to exclude an iconic highlight. All changes which are not significant are treated as minor changes and therefore there is no right to cancel or to claim compensation. Please note: MSC Cruises and the Company do not classify a change of air or sea port as a significant change where coach transfers between a UK town and the relevant air/sea port are included in the holiday. A change of flight from direct to indirect is not classified as a significant change. In the event of a significant alteration to an essential term of the Contract, MSC Cruises or the Company will inform the Passenger or his/her Agent of such change in writing as soon as reasonably possible. If there is time to do so before departure, we will offer you the choice of one of the following a) Accepting the alteration; or b) Booking another Holiday Package from the Company’s brochure and/or from the Official Website of equivalent or superior quality, if available; or c) Booking another Holiday Package from the Company’s brochure and/or from the Official Website of lower quality, if available, with a refund of the difference in price; or d) Cancelling and receiving a full refund of all monies paid.
  8. That moment when you clear security and take you first step on the gangway to the ship. Such an awesome feeling. The first cocktail on board, generally looking over the railings at the port - always take a deep breath, and relax. My life is now, briefly, about me and my enjoyment. I'm doing so much planning, with contingency plans for contingency plans. When we can go, I'll be ready.
  9. The UK one is showing that on the main page. I can still get into my booked cruises by searching for another page, such as NCL's ships, and then getting in through that. You can't seem to book new cruises though.
  10. Could it be affected by whether you'd paid in full or not?
  11. I'm sticking with my 2 Jan 2021 cruise for now. I can live with the quarantine on return to the UK, and I quite like the idea of fewer crowds on board. I've upgraded to a balcony and will take more books just in case we get stuck on board for longer than expected. I'm fortunate enough to be able to be quite relaxed about having money locked up in the cruise, and I'm not in an at risk health group. And the British Airways airfare is transferrable to a future date if necessary too. Things may significantly change - for better or worse - between now and then, so I can leave the actual decision about travelling until much closer to the date.
  12. It was actually an NCL tour called 'Volcano hiking'. I'm there again in September and the price is showing up as £57 per person (about $95 canadian dollars). There were less than a dozen of us, so it was a nice small group. I would definitely recommend it as a different, relaxing way to see Santorini. The ship leaves from the dock where you tender so you don't have to face the very long queue for the cable car, and it finishes relatively early (2.5 hours, which was long enough) so you can pop back to the ship for lunch and then head up to Fira to see the views from the top of the island, avoiding all the crowds of the morning.
  13. The Joy and Spirit definitely don't. The other Away Class ships, Epic, Jewel Class ships, and Star definitely do. Not sure about Sun, Sky or Pride of America.
  14. Just off the Epic and yes, La Cucina can be used. However, we found it full every time we tried! A more consistently quiet spot is the Great Outdoors, if weather permits. Always plenty of empty tables there.
  15. It varies, although the western Med is a stable route so they should have an easier time confirming everything. I booked a year ahead, and things started appearing around the 200 days mark, but not all the ports became available at the same time.
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