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  1. It varies, although the western Med is a stable route so they should have an easier time confirming everything. I booked a year ahead, and things started appearing around the 200 days mark, but not all the ports became available at the same time.
  2. There is a lot of advice on hotels you could book in the Ports of Call forum.
  3. We're getting that too! Very unsettling. I've downloaded and printed multiple copies of everything just in case.
  4. Both are stunning places to see. I'd heard of Sagrada Familia obviously, but the stained glass was something else. And I only found out about Sant Pau from a friend - it's a hidden jewel. It was so peaveful when I was there, and so beautiful. Really worth visiting.
  5. You'd have to cross a long bridge though, with limited space for pedestrians (actually, I don't even recall a pavement). Car is definitely the easier way to do it. eileeshb - It might be better to all meet at the foot of las ramblas, near where the cruise bus picks up and drops off. Your friends could use the luggage delivery service to have theirs taken to the station, and you can leave yours at the hotel. That way you'd be unencumbered, and could enjoy a comfy cafe. There's not much comfort at the terminal. Luggage service - https://www.barcelona-tourist-guide.com/en/transport/luggage-storage-and-transfer-service.html
  6. I was looking into booking them and found mixed reviews - the older ones all said that it was noisy due to the interconnecting door slamming. The most recent one said the door closing mechanism had been adjusted and no longer slammed. I personally would be surprised if it was very busy - it has never been so on my past cruises and, while I wasn't as close to the doors as those two, I was only a few cabins down and never noticed anything. I moved to 12517 instead, just in case. Virtually as close, but not on the same wall as the doors.
  7. I'm glad you think they look great, but compared to food on my regular line, and the restaurants I normally eat in, they look decidely lacklustre. And since I will try any food once, it's nothing to do with a reluctance to try other things- I'm just back from Peru where I had guinea pig and alpaca. Perhaps it's you who needs to broaden their horizons and try something different?
  8. I'm a bit late to the thread. Those don't actually look that great, especially the burger and whatever is above the wings. Is that the standard in the MDR?
  9. We're there a few days later than you on the Epic. The ships excursions and private providers all seem to be running trips to Oia, so I'd guess there will be at least a few places open to cater to those tourists. If you're worried about getting there and back, try a tour and book the restaurant in Fira. This company seems to be open, and I think they run the motorboat you're referring to. http://www.aegeantravellersantorini.com/transfer-to-oia-by-speedboat-private-bus-back-to-fira/ Last time I was there, the view from the ship was actually amazing, so don't feel you have to be on shore.
  10. It is different furniture from the buffet, and it didn't feel just like it was cordoned off from the buffet when I was there, even if they do use it for that in the middle of the day. At the times I was there (6.30-7.30ish), there was no spillover noise from the buffet either. Food was tasty, and hot, although perhaps not memorable quality. Worth doing if you have the dining package with enough days to get a decent discount. I'm not sure I'd go a la carte. Edit: Raffles Terrace at the end of the ship, and the observation lounge at the front are excellent - I really enjoyed those. I did miss having access to a thermal suite, so I'd only sail on Spirit in a balcony and above to compensate.
  11. I thoroughly enjoyed the visit to the Alhambra and thought it was definitely worth it. I used Shorefox, who got us access to bits not normally seen by visitors (and certainly not by those on NCL's ship tour, who all complained about their experience). Be careful when reading descriptions of the tours - a number of people found themselves driving by rather than actually going round the Alhambra. Not quite the same thing!
  12. Thank you for this great review. I'm doing this in 30 days and hadn't realised you could put the $50 shore excursion credit towards the shuttle in Palma - that's going to be much better than walking! Can you remember how much the horse and carriage cost? And where you picked it up? It sounds like fun. I shall have to try a grapefruit mimosa too.
  13. I'm just setting one up at the moment. It's a simple as nominating one person to email SpecialEvents[INSERTSHIPNAME]@ncl.com with the rough numbers and suggested time/day for the event, and they'll get back to you with confirmation of the booking and the name of someone to speak to when actually on the ship. Anything else you want to take place as part of the meet and greet - gift exchange, card games, tour matching etc - is down to you to arrange amongst yourselves. I confirmed the event about 50 days out. I'll reconfirm numbers a week before sailing, because there's been a bit of change, and e-mail everyone a reminder with time, date and location at the same time. But you can be as flexible as you want, although I wouldn't give less than 3 weeks notice if avoidable.
  14. It was on the Getaway too, but very unlikely it will be on one of the Jewel Class like the Pearl. They tend to have a rotation of guest acts, alongside their dance troupe.
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