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  1. I searched but can't find it. I think I read that suites received through the royalup bid do NOT come with the standard suite perks except the double points. Correct?
  2. Fly in sunday, 7-12, cruise leaves Wednesday, 7-15 so most sightseeing will be Monday and Tuesday.
  3. Flying into EWR 2-3 days early. Would like to see SoL, 911 memorial and whatever else I can manage. Doubletree Penn Station has been recommended. Good choice for an older couple from a small rural area???? This seems soooo confusing.
  4. We always line the inside with garbage bags like others have said. If rain is expected we wrap the whole suitcase in that big plastic wrap and cut slits for the handle.
  5. After our snorkel and walking back to the pier there is a whole row of canopies for different tours and their times listed. We found one that we liked that was about to start and jumped in. One of the best tours we've had on any island. Think we paid about $25pp.
  6. We did just what you're wanting to do. We did woodwind in the am and then as we were walking around after they dropped us off there was a line of canopies for different tours/tour companies. Found one that was just about to leave and grabbed it. One of the best excursions we've done.
  7. We chose to forgo the MDR on our last cruise. First time in over 20 cruises. Actually liked it and will do it again on our next one. We liked being about to eat early..at 6 when it opened and still make it to the early show in the theater. After the show we'd go back to the wj for dessert.
  8. Anyone done this? The one in Grand Cayman is only an hour long. Time for this one is 6 hours???? Couldn't get any other explanation of excursion.
  9. Itinerary is-- Portland, Maine----Boston, Mass----Bar Harbor, Maine----St John, NB----Hallifax, NS mid July. Whale watching is on my bucket list. Have never been to this area. If I look into an excursion...what port would be best? From everything I've read all these ports are great so I'm a little hesitant because that's all we'd be able to do at that port so miss out on seeing any other sights (but that's par for cruising). We've done 20+ cruises but all been to somewhere in the Caribbean, so feel out of my element!!!!
  10. If booking refundable flight through air2sea when payment is not due until cruise final payment date when are seats chosen?
  11. Looks like we'll be one of 5 ships in port when we are there. Ship is not getting in till 10 so everywhere is going sooooo crowded. Is there a beach that might not be shoulder to shoulder? Don't need anything fancy just need chair/umbrella rental and restrooms.
  12. Just used it to Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Jamaica. Just put on airplane mode and wifi on. Some connections were clearer than others, don't really understand why (not techy).
  13. We just returned from cruise to GC where the water temperature was just about perfect. Will be going again in early Dec and was wondering how the water temps compare? I looked up water temp averages and did a comparison, but really didn't get a true understanding. So, I guess, my question is....will I feel a difference when going into the water in December compared to when I did in august? I know I could just go to the beach and enjoy the beauty without getting into the water, but I'm wanting to do the helmet dive.
  14. Went to Royal Palms last week. There were 4 ships in port and we were the last ship to arrive. Sooooooooo many people that we had trouble finding loungers. In fact, we were up against the boundary rope. Won't go again unless only 1 or 2 ships in port and we're the first ship to arrive. We've been to Royal Palms several times and this was the first time it was so crowded.
  15. Just submitted a bid. How long is the usual wait before hearing anything? The email said I'd be notified by 24 hours before sailing. Is that usually the case or is it sooner? Will we receive something if it's denied or just not hear anything?
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