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  1. I just looked at the confirmation from the canceled cruise and the FCC certificates X sent in May is exactly 125% of the cruise fare before taxes or insurance or anything else.
  2. The FCC in the certificate sent was 125% of the fare. We received the taxes back right before the certificate was issued in May and then the mystery refund of $202 in October.
  3. I am glad you brought this up. My TA got back to me on what X has in their system for FCC and it is about $1,200 less than the certificate I got from them in an email. The $202.60 mystery credit I received back in October also doesn't seem to add up...
  4. Good question. I have been trying to find that as well. The Celebrity website is horrible. We received an email from Celebrity indicating our FCC last summer but no updates if they had in fact refunded some of that credit. I have asked our TA to look into it.
  5. Maybe this is the reason I received an unexpected credit on my credit card back in October. I asked my TA about it and she had no idea but I don't think she dug very deep into it.
  6. This was before the flavored butter and hummus trays (agree, they are delicious). This gentleman was eating the butter pats, regular butter.
  7. On our first X cruise on Summit years ago we were placed at an 8 person table with three other couples that were all strangers. After awhile at that first dinner, we noticed that one gentleman was eating the pats of butter right out of the bowl with a fork. He ate all the butter at the table and asked for more. He was trying to be sneaky about it but I am sure everyone at the table caught on.
  8. I suspect X wants to get back to cruising as much as the rest of us. I doubt their process is as sinister as suggested and they are waiting until the last minute to cancel with the hope that they can sail. Things are changing daily.
  9. It would seem that if you are willing to make a non-refundable deposit on anything then you have already decided that you are willing to forfeit that money. We are fortunate to even be talking about taking a vacation where so many can not.
  10. They are allowing up to 48 hours before sailing to cancel and get a refund or FCC. Or cancel before final payment and get your deposit back.
  11. It seems strange that if people are convinced that their cruise will be canceled, why are you still booked? Just cancel your booking and be done with it. We have a Europe 21 cruise booked and if it sails then we will likely be on it, if not then we will book something next year. I feel privileged to be able to take vacations like a cruise and I feel like the cruise lines are doing their best, under the quickly changing circumstances, to adapt.
  12. Hi there, We are booked on the 28 Aug 21 Apex sailing and did not get any emails regarding this sailing. I am curious if you booked directly with Celebrity or through a TA?
  13. We are booked on Apex for August 21, really looking forward to it since our last cruise was canceled as well. Hoping that should be plenty of time for vaccines to be distributed and lifting the ban on US travelers to Europe! We have not been on the Edge so looking forward to trying out this class, the 4 mdr's seems like a good idea. We are trying an IV cabin, we also read the mixed reviews but decided to try it and decide for ourselves!
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