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  1. You should check with your TA or Celebrity, we were in the same boat and our FCC has been extended to 31 DEC 21.
  2. Thank you for your responses!
  3. Hello, I see that Equinox went through a refurbishment in 2019. Can anyone tell me what has changed? We sailed on this ship a few years ago and will be sailing on it again in March 2022. Thanks!
  4. 2B cabins should not be obscured. 2D are obscured and 2C are "partially obscured". From deck 7, you may see the lifeboats if you are looking down but I don't believe you will have any obscurity looking out over the ocean. There is a "S class" cabin information thread here where you can look up the cabin number:
  5. We also have been having a hard time getting straight answers about why our FCC has changed, now twice, since the original FCC certificates were sent. There is another thread about this entitled, "Watch your FCC".
  6. I know to what you are referring. It would seem unlikely that X would sail Apex all the way to Greece from the Caribbean just to float around empty when they could easily stay put and do the same. To me it indicates a plan to restart cruising in the med and Greece is a welcoming host.
  7. It seems like this deserves its own thread. Documents showing port traffic in Pireas shows Apex there every Saturday. Cruise_PDF_2021_23-03-2021_1.pdf
  8. Just an update, after contacting my TA, they suggested I email X about my FCC. I did and after a number of days without a response (not surprised), I called the Captain's Club. They looked into it, determined that the original FCC was wrong, the second FCC was wrong and now I have a 3rd number which is still about $750 below what it should be. She then said that she can't discuss financials and to contact the TA. I have reached out to the TA and have not heard anything back yet.
  9. I hope they are on Apex as well! I loved the waffle stations on the M and C class ships!
  10. A lot can happen in 3 months. Three months ago there were no vaccines being administered and now TX has lifted all restrictions! Ha! If I was too concerned about my well being, losing $100 from canceling would be the least of my concerns. Frankly it doesn't matter to me if they sail or not, I will either be on Apex in August or I won't. I am humbled by my privilege to even think about going on vacation in these times!
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