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  1. On 2/26/2020 at 10:19 PM, madster66 said:

    We sail in 3 weeks and will be going unless P&O say no.... In fact very excited to be boarding Ventura. 😍😍😍

    our first cruise was with Ventura to the caneries. we absolutely loved it. I was like a little girl (72 )!!!! that was 3 yrs ago. our second was to the Caribbean for 2 weeks, for our 70th birthday and our golden wedding. our third was to Norwegian fjords last june, but I have to say we wernt really bothred about that one. I think the weather could have been better. anyhow I am sure you will enjoy Ventura, have a lovely time.   lynn

  2. I think the first cruise we did to the canarys on ventura will always be special to us. it was our very first cruise, cant explain enough, of how excited I was, could not get over the size of the ship. it was absolutely brill. that was 2016, then 2017/18 we did our second, to the Caribbean for 2 weeks. we went the 15 to the 29 dec. my hubby was 70 on the 16 dec I was 70 on the 19 dec, and then on the 23 it was our Golden Wedding anniversary, we truly had a wonderfull time, we even got to swim with the dolphins, which was amazing. I really hope we can go again to the Caribbean, but to different islands. we have a cruise booked on Brittania to the fjords on the 8 june 2018. we started late at cruising. we both gave up smoking 4 years ago, and have saved that money every month, so that goes to our cruises. we love it. really hope our health continues to be good, so that we might get away to the Caribbean again.

  3. I have just got out travel ins. its with FREE SPIRIT I had a heart attack 4 yrs ago, also have AF. my hubby as INTERMITANT CLAUDICATION. also DIABETES 2 and he was in hospital last year with heart probs. I have declared everything, and the price was £ 287 for both of us. that's a week to the FJORDS in june. hope that helps. lynn

  4. many thanks for your info. I think we will be taking our cc and a bit of krone. looking forward to the trip, but we are also moving house, I do not know which will come first!!!!!!!! we are almost packed up, but there is a hold up with the seller, shes waiting for power of attorney!!! so who knows how long it will be.  thanks again.

  5. hi

    hubby and I are going to the fjords on the 8 june 2019 for one week. we are on BRITTANIA. what we would like to know is, how much Kroner does one take, as I have heard it is expensive. we only would spend on coffees fridge magnets!!!!! maybe a sandwich or two. we have booked the FLAM railway thro P/O. many thanks. lynn

  6. these photos were taken on our caribbean cruise in december 2017, we were celebrating our 70th birthdays and our golden wedding anniversary. we was on AZURA for 2 weeks it was only our second cruise. the first cruise was on VENTURA to the caneries for 2 weeks, absolutly loved it, and the caribbean, well that was amazing. we also swam with dolphins. i would not have missed that for the world. our third cruise is booked for the NORWEGIAN FJORDS next june for a week on BRITTANIA.



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  7. hi to all

    my hubby and i have a cruise booked for the fjords next june (2019). i booked and paid the deposit on the 2 feb this year (2018). my question is, that if i do not get our insurance untill later, will it effect our in any way, by that, i mean if we had to claim for anything. ( god forbid we dont ). thanks. lynn.

  8. thanks all for your replys. i am off to see the dr tommorrow. i might a swell say what it is ,we are all open mined these days. i have cysitus, but losing blood with it. i have drank quite a few bottles of water today. its just to see if i need antibiotics, i will not be cancelling the cruise, waited far too long for this. it will a special cruise for us. 70ths and golden wedding.thanks once again, if i have to let the ins know, i will.

  9. hi

    my hubby and i fly to the caribbean this friday 15 dec, we have everything sorted, packing , money, insuramce i now have a ladies problem!!!! which i think i will need antibiotics. my question is will i need to inform my ins. thanks. lynn:(

  10. hi

    many thanks for your reply. yes it is a 63xzoom h400. i will take your advice and use auto, and it does have a scene selection. once again thankyou. when i return from my cruise i will try and put some photos on here. lynn

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