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  1. hi

    i have a sony cyber shot 64x zoom. could i ask someones advise. i love to take sunrise and sunset, but which would i be better with.......auto or manual?. i am only amateur, but i do love taking photos. i am going on our caribbean cruise in 9 days, 15 dec from manchester to barbados. ( cant wait ) thanks. lynn

  2. I have no style sense what so ever so I googled it...... no gold dresses with wraps showed but a black dress with a gold dress came up and looked nice. There was a gold dress with cream wrap that I didn't think looked good . Sorry no help You might have better luck posting a separate question about this.

    hi, many thanks for your reply. thanks a lot for the thought. lynn:)

  3. I would put black or cream shawl around the shoulders....m & s have a sparkly cream shawl ...was £15 I think! I have both colours and they are really useful.....

    hi many thanks for that, i will pop to M/S tommorrow to see if they have some.cheers.:)

  4. i have put this question on fashion/beauty, but i am running out of time. (cruise in 10 days) i have a gold dress and i would like to know what color would one put to it in the shape of a shawl or bolero. the dress is a long evening gown, sleeveless. thanks. lynn

  5. can someone please advise!!!! i have a long gold evening dress which i will be wearing for our golden wedding on the cruise ship AZURA 15 to 30 dec 2017, i am not sure what color to have for a wrap/ bolero jjust to cover my shoulders in case the aircon is cold i would welcome any ideas. many thanks. lynn

  6. hi

    i am lynn and DH is dave we have 10 days to go for our cruise to the caribbean for 2 weeks. we fly to barbados from manchester airport england. so looking forward to it. the first time to the caribbean, but this will be special for us as it is our 70th birthdays and our GOLDEN WEDDING anniversary while we are on the ship, and also celebrating christmas too.this is only our second cruise, but i love it and god willing we may have a few more.

  7. We just got back from a fabulous cruise onboard the NCL Escape. Typically I bring my more expensive gear to shoot photos and video with, but this time I wanted to keep things simple. All I had was a GoPro Hero 5, Karma Grip, Jaws Clamp, Suction Cup and a 3 way mount. Take a look and let me know what you think! :)


    hi chesney girl. good video. i have bought a look a like go pro. its a APEMAN. i would like to ask you if you were holding it in the hand or did you strap it to the chest? many thanks. lynn

  8. Question: How do you store your jewelry at home? I need to organize my jewelry so I can see it better in my drawer. Little boxes that I can't just see into are a pain to find something. Any ideas from my fashion minded friends?


    i have a jewerly holder that hangs above my dressing table it has hooks which you hang all your necklaces, braclets. its a bit chabby chic looking. its about 12in/14ins long. but i cant remember where i bought it from!!!. i cant even put a pic on, because i dont know how. lynn

  9. hi

    i too have atrial fibrilation. have had it for a few years now, also i had a heart attack nearly 3 years ago. i am on medication.we went on our first cruise jan2016, and we are going to the caribbean 15 december this year. i am insured with WORLD FIRST. i declared all to them and our insurance including my hubby too was £645. but i would not go without it. hope this helps and it does not put you off going. there is alot of people with this condition. BON VOYAGE!!!!! lynn

  10. hi

    not sure if this is the right page, but could anyone tell me if P/O AZURA laundry does steam cleaning. i have a gown which will be very creased when we arrive in the caribbean and i am a bit nervous of ironing myself!!!!. many thanks. lynn

  11. HI

    MY HUBBY AND I ARE GOING TO THE CARIBBEAN ON THE 15 DEC. sorry about the caps!!!!!! we will be flying from manchester and we have paid £100 for both of us there and back. we are at the back but it does not worry us. hope you enjoy your cruise. we cant wait , but lets not forget what has just happened. i pray for them. god bless , i do hope thing will get back to some normality soon

  12. hi to all

    i feel a bit embaressed putting my camera on here, when you all have a lot more than i. i hope i have not misread something. anyhow i have a SONY H400 CYBOR SHOT 63X ZOOM I am only a amateur but i do enjoy it, but also i have a lot to learn.:o

  13. so sorry to learn you have relapsed, dont worry, you can try again when the time is right. my hubby and i stopped for 4 months a long time ago , but then started again. then on the 3 october 2014 we stopped again. we saved the money of what we spent on giggies every month, and it payed for our very first cruise to the caneries for 2 weeks, that was in jan 2016. we now are going to the caribbean on dec 15 for 2 weeks, as it is both our 70th birthdays and our golden wedding all in that week. i hope never to smoke again, as i do like cruising, i love it, so i hope you make it when the time is right and maybe you will get more cruises. please do not think i am being patronising, far from it. i wish you well . enjoy your cruise.

  14. my hubby and i travelled on Ventura 2016 jan. to the caneries. it was our first ever cruise and we went thro a force 12 storm and my did it rock and roll, but i took Sturgeon tablets two hours before we left southamton and i can honestly say i was absolutly fine and i am not a good sea traveller, ( or so i thought) it as not put us off. we have our second cruise booked for the caribbean 15 december 2017 for 2 weeks. cannot wait. its our 70ths and our golden wedding whilst we are on the ship. its our treat to ourselves.

  15. hi to everyone

    just thought i would like to say that i am awaiting delivery of a NIKON D3200. i have bought it off ebay. the guy said he bought a year ago ,but never used it much. i had a SAMSUNG WB1100 DSLR, but i fancied a change. i am only a ameteur just like to take pics on my walks and holidays. we are sailing to the caribbean in dec, all being well, its our 70ths and golden wedding, so i shall be taking it with us, once i have read the manual!!!!.

  16. in reply to chris, ref the one about aldi/ m/s. we shop at aldi, and yes we also can afford to shop at marks/spencer but we chose not to we are quite happy with the food we buy at aldi, never had a problem, and yes we are cruising with p/o azura to the caribbean in dec. also sailed on ventura last year. no problems. also we could afford to sail with celebrity etc. but we are not snobs and we spend our money as we wish. if we can get a bargain we will.

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