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  1. hi all

    I have a Samsung WB1100F camera, but what I was wondering, does anyone think I should buy a small video camera to take on the cruise. 2/1/2016 VENTURA around the caneries,( our first one). my camera videos, but, I don't know why, but I thought a video camera might be better. thanks. lynn

  2. hi

    I do not know if I have the right thread for my question, as I am quite new on here. I would like to know how to attach a pic to a message. I have tried, but it was saying something about not having a token!!! I am on P/O ROLL CALL and was wanting to send a pic of hubby and I to a member who are going on the same cruise, and we would like to meet up once we get settled on the ship.(VENTURA) can someone please help. thankyou

  3. hi to you

    I am lynn from uk. and I have a samsungWB1100F. 16.4 MEGAPIXELS. 35X WIDE OPTICAL ZOOM. the lens is 4.5-157.5mm 1;3.0-5.9 25mm. its got a speed control at the side of the lens, but I don't know what to do with that yet. I love taking pics ,but to be honest I do not know everything about my camera. I just aim and shoot, bit I do have some good pics. is it a good camera?. i also have a LUMIX PANASONIC DMC-FS15 which i keep in my handbag, also had some good pics from that. thanks. lynn. i just don't understand about altering the shutter speed, when taking the sunrise and sunsets.

  4. hello

    just another question. as we are going to the canaries on the 2 January, iwas thinking, (I have read that some cruisers take a change of clothes for when they get to the ship) seeing that it will not be summer weather!!! most likely cold, I would not take a change of clothes, ( apart from undies!!) cos it will be somewhat cool on the prom. what is your thoughts on this?. thankyou.lynn

  5. hi steve and wendy

    many thanks for your reply. you too enjoy your cruise. yes, my only concern now, is, the BOB. I have not been very good on FERRIES years ago, so I do realise they ships are a lot bigger, so hopefull I will not get sea sick. my husband and I went on a NATIONAL COACH TRIP to ITALY and LAKE COMO so we had to cross on a ferry, and I was fine, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. I am so getting excited, I have never done so much SHOPPING!!!!!! LOL. well it is our first cruise!!! bought some lovely dresses, probably will not wear them all, but not to worrt, at least I have them now. hopefully for moere cruises.xx

  6. hi to you both. many thanks for your replys. we are sailing from southamton on the 2 jan. we do not expect the weather to be good, I am dreading around the BAY OF BISCAY!!!! hope its not too rough, but I shall take my seasick tablets. the ports of call are LISBON,LANZAROTE, GRAN CANERIA,SANTA CRUZ, LA PALMA, MADERIA, AND CORUNA. we upgraded to a balcony, which is deck A MID SHIP. it looks about the 5 deck down from the top. we also have £175 each spending money, and we got the coach price in with the deal too. I have just about got everything sorted, just got to enter the passport details in, and the MAIN thing I have had the pleasure of buying myself some lovely new clothes!!!!!! we have our euros sorted, so shall not be using the machines abroad. I need to find out what percentige the VENTURA charges for the TIPS.

  7. hi to you all

    my husband and I are going on our very first cruise on the 2 January for 2 weeks. we are off to the canary islands, and if we like it, we then would like to carribean. I am sure I will get some ideas about packing etc on here. well hope to speak to anyone later. thankyou.

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