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  1. I have used cc OBC both as individual and shared and have always had no issues. I travel with my wife and son and all 3 of us are linked to my cc for payment, so it doesn't really matter. The credit shows as available until it is used. Any purchases that my wife or son make get transferred to my account because of the link to my cc.
  2. Our experience with the CC OBC is that they told us 1-2 weeks before we cruise it would be there and both times I called to ask why it had not yet appeared and it was there in hours after my call. Maybe coincidence...
  3. I also do not purchase a beverage package for alcohol. ( We do each get a soda beverage package, my caffeine source). I utilize the free drinks in the casino when I am there (ie. when it is openπŸ˜‰) and use the 3 drinks on the diamond happy hours occasionally. I will buy a drink during a show once or twice during a week. The C&A status also offers some deals like a bogo draft and/or a discount. Wife and son do not drink alcohol, so the "everyone in the room" would also preclude me from buying an alcohol package.
  4. I seem to remember that someone suggested a way to determine your points for the current "program period". I am master from the previous period, but am curious as to where I am this period. Anyone know how to find that out?
  5. We were on the Noordam for an Alaska cruise last month. We had a corner aft suite and we loved it. There was lots or room in the suite and the balcony was huge. Costly, but worth it for us. We have a sig suite on Zuiderdam in the spring for a Panama Canal trip.
  6. We were on Anthem and they knew at guest services where to safely punch the card.
  7. hole punching has been available at guest services on any RCI ship that we asked for it. We have not been on Harmony (until Dec 2019), but hope it will be available. Perhaps it is just another way that RCI is managing income. I guess I might need to buy a landyard (or a hole punch)πŸ˜‰
  8. We always pay something for a 3rd guest on our comped cruises. It is usually our son (25 yo) but we are often allowed to apply casino comps for the third person when available. Our cruises cost us less than $1000 including 3 each of: port fees, taxes, pre-paid gratuities and the additional 3rd person charge on a 7 or 8 day cruise.
  9. I go to the guest services and they are punch ready. They have a electronic punch that puts a rectangular slot is a safe area for the strip.
  10. 2 6-pks of Pepsi Zero would last me 2-3 days at home. It is my source of caffeine and I often have brought 2 6-pks on board the Royal ships. I do have the soda package on every cruise, but need some Coke relief daily. I always carry them on in a cloth shopping bag. Never an issue. If only I could say the same with my watch, belt, wallet. I seem to often be trying to walk away after clearing security with one hand holding up my pants and the other hand holding my bags, watch, wallet, and sometimes shoes. That is the moment where the 2 6-pks seem a bit weighty.😞
  11. They will gladly sell you as many as you needπŸ˜‰ Having gambled enough at the casino to enjoy free beverages, I always try to bring a few bottles of water on my trips back to the room. But Royal being a Coke products only entity, I always try to bring my 12 bottle limit of Pepsi Zero.
  12. We have cruised Alaska twice, both on Holland America. We did a B2B on the Veendam Vancouver-Seward-Vancouver (14 days) in 2009 in an inside cabin. Loved the trip, enjoyed the Glacier Bay from the upper deck, and had 2 weeks of 80 degree temps. (Late June -> early July. We did our second Alaska trip last month on the Noordam. This time we decided to to do a land-sea trip, flying into Anchorage, a 3-day trip to Denali, & a 7-day Neptune suite from Seward to Vancouver. The balcony was a wrap-around aft/port and the views were awesome! We are probably now spoiled re: balcony on an Alaska cruise. The weather this trip was also in the 80s temps. The Denali land part was a great experience and I recommend it if you can make it work.
  13. My Wife and I did our ROV on our 25yr anniversary on a Veendam b2b to Alaska in 2008. We had my mother, our son, and the 2 gentlemen who shared Best man duties at our wedding on the cruise with us. All were welcome at the ceremony. The event was memorable and the HAL Captain and folks were Awesome! We celebrated our 35th on Royal's Anthem otS (no ROV). We are returning to Alaska next month on the Noordam to visit Denali. Congrats on your ROV and keep the great attitude, it makes it work!
  14. We just received our OBC on our upcoming July 12 Adventure. Like our March/April Visa OBC, It came less than 24 hours after we contacted the redemption folks. Maybe a coincidence? Once it shows up on our cruise, we get an email with an updated invoice that shows the OBC. And then it appears on the cruise planner as available OBC.
  15. I tried it one time on each of my 2 Anthem cruises. On the first cruise, the robot set the drink down at an angle and the glass came out to me empty (and a mess in the track). The second time, my bacardi and rum came out half full and clear. It took me about 10 minutes to find a human to address the issue and bring me a hand made drink. I never saw a crowd there. I will not likely try it next week on our Bermuda cruise.
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