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  1. We (3) are also booked for :N Statendam - 03-Aug-22 - 24 day Canada, New England & Iceland R/T Boston
  2. We have been booking cruises as they are offered by club Royale. We have had 10 RCL cruises cancelled since last March and have 6 or 7 upcoming booked. We always request full refund when cancelled. Haven't had or needed the L&S since these were all Club Royal deals that L&S did not apply for us. Wife is now twice vaccinated and I believe that Son and I will each be qualified to request Vaccines starting tomorrow. We will be signing up asap.
  3. We got ours 9 days after cancellation. It was split 6 or 7 ways, but, with my march cruise folder in front of me, I was able to figure what went where. It was the 10th cruise refunded, so I am getting better at keeping track of what was spent and what the multiple refund amounts mean. Not quite the experience I was hoping to acquire last spring.😒
  4. We did a B2B on Harmony out of PC. Royal provided a special meeting near the end of the first half whe4re they explained in detail the procedures. There were also crew available to book shows, dining, etc for the second half. We all then were told to meet on debark/embark morning in a vlounge where they escorted us to the passport folks and back to the ship. Very efficient. Our other experience was in FLL. We had a 5 day on Independence followed by a 6 day on Adventure a day later. We get a hotel and did our laundry on the day between.
  5. Our Mar Rhapsody was cancelled on Jan 12th and full refunds received on 1/21. 9 days!
  6. Many of the closed land casinos have chips for sale at the Gamblers store in Vegas. I have seen many different RCCL ship chips at Royal Casinos. I imagine that they just get spread out to other ships in the line. I have a $5 chip from each ship that I have been on and several that I have collected from onboard from other ships.
  7. We are booking new cruises as each one gets cancelled. It is easier for us since most of the cruises we book are mainly Casino funded. So the $ at risk is usually minimal with 3 of us travelling. Our last cruises were Feb'20 on Zuiderdam and Jan'20 on Grandeur. Cancelled since then are 10 on Royal, 1 on HAL. Currently booked 7 between May'21 and Feb'22.
  8. We have been on Oasis, Harmony and Allure. We enjoyed all three. We are booked on Oasis Amped in July and September and Symphony in November and January,22. There were some differences on the 3 we were on, but we liked the ice shows, stage shows and aqua shows on all 3.
  9. I bought in on the original rum runners and used them on the first few cruises. They are still fully functional, but now I only use them for land cruising. Makes an easy nightcap after checking in to a hotel after a long day in the car. It helps me through a night on a hotel bed before getting back on the road the next morning.
  10. I admit that I have not read all 43 pages of this thread. Our concern reguarding a vaccine requirement for cruising is that there are 3 of us that travel together and DW and I are 61 and our Son is 27. We have no control over when each of us gets vaccinated. How will the cruise line deal with bookings that have some vaccinated and others not due to circumstances not under their control? We would be willing to cancel as long as they are willing to give a full refund. All of our booked cruises are fully paid and only refundable with cruiseline cancellation.
  11. Our Feb 2021 Eurodam cancellation (by HAL) refund arrived ~36 days from our request.
  12. We just received our refund for our cancelled Feb '21 Eurodam cruise on Dec. 26 2020. Pleasantly surprised. Now one less cc account to watch for refunds. (Until the next cancellations... March, May, ...)
  13. I made a booking with my Visa late Nov with no issues.
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