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  1. Thanks Sunshine3601. I must have been confusing RCL with HAL again. Now I will have to negotiate with DW to get my Pepsi Zero instead of her seltzer!
  2. On a semi-related soda question, I can only seem to find a 2018 FAQ re: bringing soda onboard. That mentions 12 cans or bottles of <17oz per stateroom. I can't find anything more current. I seem to remember reading 12 cans (only) per person (not stateroom) is the post-covid rule. I may be confusing it with a new HAL rule. Can anyone point me to an official RCL policy for bringing soda on board? I do buy the beverage package, but I need my morning Pepsi Zero!
  3. We have several booked at $6.49/day (+grats) = $53.61 for 7-day cruise. It was booked at a sale date I am sure.
  4. We have a couple of plug splitters that come with us in our travel suitcases. it makes the desk outlet into 3-6 outlets.
  5. It may be because of us adding a 3rd person requires an upgrade to the cabin. Combining two usually allows us to cover the upgrade charge for Guest 1&2 and the added cost for the 3rd guest is all we end up paying (+ port fees and taxes). We have done it on RCL many times.
  6. The other thing you may need to consider. The person/persons booked in a stateroom are the only ones with cards that open the door to that stateroom. Booking & checking into a stateroom and then switching rooms could make life difficult. If you trade your cards amongst each other, you are also trading Identities. A flag will go up quickly!
  7. Yes they are not allowed. We have taken 1 or two on the last 15+ cruises we have sailed. Unfortunately, the last cruise we were on ended in early March, 2020. It has not been allowed for quite a while. You definitely do not want anything with surge protection. Due to the ship wiring it would be a fire hazard. We have brought a cord to make use of the sometimes single outlet in some ships. If they take it away, we make due during the cruise without and get the cord back when disembarking. (Only happened once)
  8. We sure hope that booked 3-person rooms are still going to be there. We have 10 RCL and 4 HAL cruises booked and paid for for the 3 of us. It would not be a happy message if they changed any of them to 2 person only, particularly the one we are getting on Sunday. All three of us are fully vaccinated adults.
  9. We did a semi-S2S at FLL with a day between the 2 ships. We left the port, checked in to a hotel overnight and did laundry. Drove back to the port and boarded the the other ship. Only with the extra day between would I consider doing laundry off ship. The B2Bs we have done (pre-Covid) have required us to be escorted off the ship as a group and briefly visit the passport folks and return to the ship fairly smoothly. Not sure how post Covid will run, but we will be doing one in November, one on HAL in December, another semi-S2S in January, A B2B in February and one more in March. Did I mention we have missed cruising? You will love B2Bs. Most of ours are either the same stateroom or nextdoor.
  10. We get upgraded each time we accept an offer since the offers are for two and we travel with 3. Often it is the same type of room, just a different code for the third person. We have also had them combine offers received by 2 of us to change category. The difference is usually a small upgrade cost (<$100) for DW & I and a 3rd person charge for DS ($100-$300) depending on the cruise.
  11. We will be on Oasis next week Here are the current specialty prices for next week: Chops Grille $55pp Giavannis Table $55pp Izumi $35pp 150 Central Park $50pp Izumi Hibachi $46pp 3-nt dining package $109pp All of the above have great food, but so does the Main Dining Room.
  12. We have 14 days on Symphony otS in November, followed by a 10- day break covering Thanksgiving followed by 21 days on the Rotterdam. Even I might need a break for Christmas! We will rest up then for 2022 lineup. We got off the Zuiderdam in March 2020.
  13. We won't be on a ship until September 26th. We will be at the tables as soon as Oasis opens them and likely until they close them. I have been longing to cruise and the casino is my hangout when open.
  14. I typically drink either Bacardi & diet or Yuengling or Blue Moon in the casino. I have seen folks drinking many more exotic drinks at the tables, but I would not be able to list them. My son got a frozen Daquari occasionally and I witnessed several folks drinking manhattans & white russians.
  15. I just verified ours on the app and scrolling sideways showed each of our setsail passes with each of our names.
  16. We keep getting free Balcony and Junior Suite rooms for 2 from the casino folks. Since we normally travel as 3, there is an upcharge for the 3 per room + the 3rd person. Still a good deal. We decided to use our free jr suite for 2 on the Odyssey and our son will be staying in a inside nearby using his tier free inside. He will have more space than he does in his room at home. Until he spreads out😨.
  17. We are also in a Junior Suite on the Oasis in September and our Set Sail Pass does not mention suite. I wonder if Bayonne and Miami treat it differently? I just checked our Nov Symphony Set Sail Pass for those Junior suites and they do not mention suite either.
  18. The last thing I saw was 12 - 12 oz CANS of soda or water is allowed per person. No Plastic!
  19. Our Nov Symphony just notified that they were not stopping at Labadee and they also dropped San Juan stop and replaced it with St Martin. The change for Labadee was explained as issues with Haiti (no surprise) the San Juan change was unexplained.
  20. I have been able to charge chips bought at a table to me room with no extra fees. (tier based) But with $3000 OBC, I would have to start owing by day 4😆
  21. This week it is ~65-75 in the house, Last week it was in the upper 80's Global warming? We have air conditioning, but only in the bedrooms. Since we plan to use 3 of the tests in 2 weeks and the other 3 in early November, I prefer to keep them at the fridge temp.
  22. I ordered 6-pk from emed Saturday and was told when I ordered that it would be delayed due to the long weekend. Was notified Tuesday when it shipped with tracking #. It arrived Wednesday afternoon. It was handed to me directly by a fedex driver and I put it right into the fridge.
  23. I do not see our beverage package either, but I do see the "pre-paid crew incentives" when I go to the itinerary page. That is what HAL has now named gratuities. No sign of drink package that I can see.
  24. I usually search the net for park and cruise. There will be several options based on your dates. Some have shuttles to/from cruise port, some do not. I have not done one from FLL, but have from various other ports.
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