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  1. The one time I was upgraded it was from a forward balcony to a midship cabin with a larger balcony. We accepted the change to get the larger balcony even though we prefer to be at the front being that we both enjoy the added up and down sea action. So we now tend to book one of the larger balconies at the front of the ship. I was recently offered an upgrade to a midship balcony (same size) for an upcoming cruise, but I turned that down and my Princess cruise guy ended up getting me a reduced price for my existing cabin.
  2. Just took a look at a marine traffic site (https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/centerx:-118.5/centery:33.7/zoom:7) which not only shows the Grand at Puerto Vallarta, but looking around I also spotted the Majestic at La Paz, The Ruby off the coast near the U.S./Mexico border and the Royal cruising North about halfway between Cabo and Ensenada with a destination listed as L.A. And based on a post from another thread, the Caribbean is currently docked at Ft. Lauderdale
  3. I have taken this cruise once before and am booked again in November 2021 (fingers crossed) As noted previously, there are more sea days than port days. Personally, I enjoy these, but some folks do not. One suggestion for an excursion on Oahu, if you are a little adventurous, is the shark encounter. You take a van across the island to the North Shore. Then a short boat trip to a shark cage that is permanently anchored offshore. You then climb into the shark cage and get to see the sharks up close. If you can climb up and down a short ladder, this is not a strenuous act
  4. I think you're really asking why the stock is not going up. It's not really declining at this point. It has closed at or above $20 pretty much since Thanksgiving and hovering right near $20 for for all of January .
  5. Since hitting bottom at $7.80 in April, the stock has rebounded somewhat and has been hovering around $20 for the last few months. While this is still well below where it was prior to covid, it has been fairly stable of late.
  6. If you dislike smoke, you should avoid the Regal/Royal. Many people have noted the the small promenade area, which is also where smoking is allowed. Also, the casino area (Fiesta Deck 6) has a spiral staircase in the middle which allows the smoke to rise up to the Promenade Deck 7, which my wife mentioned (i.e., complained about) every time we walked through.
  7. Looks like they still have Majestic and Pacific with a couple ANZ cruises scheduled in February and April 2021... Also looks like a number of them starting back up in the Fall
  8. Currently booked in late January... Will decide when payment is due on December 1.... But if they are cruising, I will probably go.
  9. The apostrophe in "man's" is correct.... It's possessive, not plural.
  10. I have not sailed on the Grand but have been on the Star and Golden...My last cruise was on the Royal. As noted before, there is only a partial promenade deck and portions of this are designated for smoking. The other thing I disliked about the Royal was the placement/design of the casino area. The casino has an open ceiling area with a staircase up to the next deck. The problem with this is that it allows the cigarette smoke to waft up to the next (promenade) deck. People who are sensitive to/annoyed by smoke will find this to be irritating.
  11. I was on the Royal in February, which I believe is the same layout as the Royal, and I also disliked the spiral staircase from the casino up to the promenade deck which the tobacco odors to waft up to another deck.
  12. I was on the Royal in February, which I believe is the same layout as the Royal, and I also disliked the spiral staircase from the casino up to the promenade deck which the tobacco odors to waft up to another deck.
  13. I also could not get the passports to scan, but there is an option to type in the information manually. This form is also a bit finicky in that if you accidentally page back it will lose the information that was typed in. But it does eventually work.
  14. Yes... You provide the flight information when you purchase the transfer
  15. While I would also say "why chance it?" the departure time at the start of the cruise is typically not cast in stone and I have been on cruises that have departed 2 hours after the scheduled time. If your flight is booked through EZ air and/or if you have scheduled airport transfers through Princess, I believe that Princess will track these incoming flights that have been delayed and will hold the ship if the delay is within a few hours either way.
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