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  1. Could you add Great Aunt Mildred (GAM) as an extra guest in your room? If BF goes then you cancel GAM as the 4th in the cabin, if not cancel the extra room and change GAM to DD. To be fair I may have confused myself here
  2. From the UK were flying Emirates Airline to Singapore and taking advantage of their stop over package where they will put you up in a hotel in Dubai for a night for little extra cost. This breaks up the journey and lets us have some sightseeing time in a new place. When we flew to New Zealand we did a similar thing with Singapore Airlines except broke the journey for a night in Singapore.
  3. During a sail away on the Jade out of a UK port one of our fellow passengers pointed out the barrel shaped inflatable life rafts on another ship and told his girlfriend they were bombs. When it was gently pointed out that they were life rafts and the Jade also had them he was devastated - apparently as a kid he had a toy boat with bombs which looked just like the life rafts and had gone through his entire life confident that most ships carried bombs!
  4. What the heck is wrong with a deck 4 porthole? We choose our cabin midship on the lowest deck - and decline any and all offers of upgrade when we book. Next trip is on the Jade porthole midship deck 4. You get to feel like you are on ship, you get a little extra exercise walking up the stairs to the buffet and if the seas are rough you get the excitement of a blue out. OK so don't want a sleeps 4 or connecting cabin (I assume they have these in all categories we only look at OV) but that is why we choose our cabin number before handing over a penny.
  5. On our land tour to China we ordered some Chinese currency before we left then topped up at atms which are readily available in cities and were reliable.
  6. We feel much the same, the cabins (both size and fixtures), entertainment and lack of a casino are all big negatives for us, the food is good but the service in the MDR too slow for us to eat their regularly and our experience in the specialty restaurants was not good. The included wine is a horrible mess, on a mass market line, if you find a wine you like in the package you have, then you can get it when you like from any bar you please, on Azamara unless you are one of the chosen then you simply can't have what you had yesterday. I know others will say differently but I have been told point blank that if I want the Merlot from yesterday I will have to pay for it. Nice to have a small ship, friendly officers and not have to pay for coffee but really for us it is not worth paying any more for, than an inclusive package on a midsize ship, with a well equipped cabin, decent entertainment, a casino and a reliable supply of wine. In short we will only consider a fourth Azamara if it is no more expensive then a main line competitor when all factors are added together.
  7. Having read other stories about the wrong suitcases being grabbed at the terminal ours now look this. It may not be classy but no one is going to grab it in error.
  8. For socks and smalls they go into the sink or the bathroom bin, (if the sink plug is not a good fit) with lots of hot water and a couple of big squirts of shower gel swirl them around a bit go to breakfast (do not disturb notice up), return rinse well and ring out - lay towel on bed - lay items flat on towel - roll up towel - put one person on each end and wring for all you are worth, peg on line in shower - I always pack a few clothes pegs. For outer wear honestly have you ever remembered what your fellow cruisers wore from one day to the next? Wearing things multiple times is OK.
  9. Just finished online check in and I was given the option to upgrade for £411 each on a 15 night cruise - which would increase the cost of the cruise by about 20%. Not for us thank you.
  10. Hello fellow travelers Some information to help anyone else having an issue with adding a credit card during on line check in. I was trying to complete on line check in, put in my card details and got a message to say "there is an issue with the payment method please contact Norwegian" So I did, I spoke to the reservation department and apparently there is problem at their end - just choose cash as the option and give your credit card when you get to the pier was the advice I received.
  11. Looking at the link in post 4 the storage is at the terminal large bags are 18 SGD and small ones 10 SGD so a cost of less than $70 USD. Once you have dropped your bags you can get the MRT to anywhere in Singapore you want to go. Our experience is that 4 hours in a lounge is actually plenty long enough though possibly because just one more one glass of wine is calling to us. In fact I have never been asked to leave a lounge even when we have overstayed a little.
  12. Changi Airport is a destination in its own right with a cinema, fountains, tropical gardens, butterfly garden plus some very nice lounges. we had a 6 hour layover one trip and the time flew by.
  13. It entirely depends on what the port is and your plans, a place with lots to pack in like Oslo off as they lower the gang plank back for lunch then off until 30 minutes to all aboard. A laid back place like Picton in New Zealand no point getting off until the locals have woken up.
  14. This is from the review I posed after our Transatlantic last year on the Jade. Obviously if you are on a bigger ship things will be a little different. The main thing is to relax into what ever routine you choose. "Doing a Transatlantic - this may obvious, though apparently it took some passengers by surprise, you spend a lot of time at sea and the point of the cruise is to cross the Atlantic Ocean not see fabulous sights on land. There was plenty to do but you need to check your Freestyle Daily carefully to get the most out of your day. We are not into blood sports so did not participate in the trivia but there were numerous opportunities to do so. We enjoyed a number of afternoon movies in the stardust theatre, walked five or six miles on the promenade deck lost a little in the casino and spent happy hours tucked away in a quite spot with a book. We generally caught the show and toddled off to bed early because the elephant in the room on a transatlantic is not a cute towelling animal but the the dreaded time change cards. Five nights during the trip you lose an hours sleep, I think it is better than a doing the whole thing in one go but it means that early mornings were something which happened to other people. Nothing new there My DH would point out! If you are happy to entertain yourself or seek out activities you will be fine. Some passengers had a UDP themed cruise - mimosas at breakfast, followed by beer at lunch, and afternoon nap and then cocktails for the rest of the day. We looked on with admiration at their stamina and recalled occasions in the past when we had done the same, but multiple time changes, rough seas and a hangover is not a combination I want to repeat. Yes we did have some choppy seas and it was fun watching the audience in the theatre swaying in time with the waves rather than the music, nothing too dramatic, but I did skip dinner one night. A transatlantic is not a good cruise if you need medical attention. One passenger didn’t make it out of US waters as almost as soon as we left the coast we turned round and they were taken off the ship by the coastguard, A second was put ashore during an unscheduled late night pause near Bermuda, after this the captain respectfully asked that all remaining passengers to stay fit and well as there were no other opportunities to leave the vessel until the Azores! However we did gain some passengers the captain announced in his daily update that we picked up seven stranded fishermen off the coast of Ponta Delgada at 2am and delivered them safely to their home port. Immigration is never a happy time and US passport holders did have a long wait to clear immigration on the ship when we were at our first UK port. In fact the ship docked at 8am in torrential rain and it was about 10.30 before it was fit enough to step outside by which time I believe most passengers had been processed."
  15. Humm have you been to London, Broadway or Las Vegas? They have shows that have been running for years. The shows cost $$$$ to produce and people enjoy seeing them multiple times I am sorry that you feel this will spoil your vacation.
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